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  1. I know this isn't the traditional Thanksgiving dinner but thats how we roll:) I pray you all had a great day with family and friends.
  2. I know you going to think I’m crazy but Montecristo #2 Is my nemesis cigar. My first experience was from a 25 count box from 2005. The most recent purchase was In September. I decided to give it one more try and bought a three pack from France. The problem I had is the inconsistent taste. They are either plugged or have burning issues. The problem could with be me, haha , but the five times that I smoked them it ended poorly.
  3. your alright Capt. didn’t come across that way to me. Thanks for replying
  4. Hello and welcome to FOH. I can tell you from my little time here is everyone has been welcoming, friendly and Knowledgeable.
  5. Thanks for replying. Yea i know a couple hours is better than nothing. A friend has business therefore so lucky me gets a free ride along. I go my way until he is done and off we go back home.
  6. If one has the option to visit Havana Cuba for the first time and only for a couple hours, what to do? Other than the Obvious buying cigars and rum what else should one do and see? Is there a particular cigar brand, size or deals that are better in Havana? I understand there a lot of fakes so no sidewalk or backdoor sales. Where is the best place to purchases cigars and rum?
  7. Well I finally got 24:24 on time. And oddly enough the one box that was still available was the BBF . I guess It was meant to be. So many people suggested these, I had to get them. I never had a BBF I hope they are good with no lay down time. I have to agree with you that one box of the same brand is boarding. I think this was a great topic. I have learned alot. Thanks everyone
  8. BBF will be the one I get. So many opinions now I want them all. Guess my wife needs to get another job;)

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