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  1. I have been trying since 2014 to get SSD with an attorney. They say I’m to young , even with the doctors stating that I’m 100% disabled. Unfortunately I’m 46 years old. Thanks for your input Wineguy
  2. Thanks all again. I lowered the humidity. lesson learned .
  3. Well I didn’t expect all those replies so quick. Thank you all for the replies. I will definitely lower the humidity from now on. The ring band lossen by its self about half way down so I broke the band and just placed it on for the photo. I Initially sent the photo to Diana to ask her opinion. She told me to post it on here. I wasn’t trying to deceive anyone by putting the band on. Sorry. You guys are good. Haha. I bought the cigar as a single to try with others in January 2019. I let it calm down a couple weeks before lightning it. On a different note, I’m a disabled person from a work injury and my government won’t grant me Social Security. Therefore, I can only buy small quantities at a time. If anyone has suggestions on how to be able to buy and smoke as I go that would be wonderful. Thanks, Jake
  4. I had my first Ramon Allones SPECIALLY SELECTED and had a serious bad burn issue. I keep my humidor between 65/70% humidity. Are these cigars known to have burn issues or is this my doing? Any help would be appreciated.
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    Nice collection
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    Hey Y’all from Charleston SC

    Thanks for the welcome.
  7. Hello y’all !! My name is Jake. I’m New to this forum however, I have been watching FOH on YouTube for years. Love the Springsteen Ken has playing in the background:) Kens the man. My forever home is in New Jersey. Once The taxes got out of control, my wife and I moved to Bushkill PA . After ten long years of more winter than summer, we packed our bags and headed down to Charleston, South Carolina.

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