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  1. your alright Capt. didn’t come across that way to me. Thanks for replying
  2. Hello and welcome to FOH. I can tell you from my little time here is everyone has been welcoming, friendly and Knowledgeable.
  3. Thanks for replying. Yea i know a couple hours is better than nothing. A friend has business therefore so lucky me gets a free ride along. I go my way until he is done and off we go back home.
  4. If one has the option to visit Havana Cuba for the first time and only for a couple hours, what to do? Other than the Obvious buying cigars and rum what else should one do and see? Is there a particular cigar brand, size or deals that are better in Havana? I understand there a lot of fakes so no sidewalk or backdoor sales. Where is the best place to purchases cigars and rum?
  5. Well I finally got 24:24 on time. And oddly enough the one box that was still available was the BBF . I guess It was meant to be. So many people suggested these, I had to get them. I never had a BBF I hope they are good with no lay down time. I have to agree with you that one box of the same brand is boarding. I think this was a great topic. I have learned alot. Thanks everyone
  6. BBF will be the one I get. So many opinions now I want them all. Guess my wife needs to get another job;)
  7. I would have dissect them but I didn’t waste my time and gave them away. I also emailed the people that I got it from but got no response to my situation. Also , the bottom of the box lettering was not indented like normal Cubans. Just inked on. Thats why I thought It was odd. Yea the black market has alot of its downs. However as crazy as cuba is I have never not had a box without the Habanos paper and The bottom of the box let during recess. However, after finding FOH there is no reason to buy anywhere else. This community is great bunch of people and the cigars are the best.
  8. Have the counterfeiters up their game ? If this is not appropriate please delete I apologize. I purchase this box of RYJ wide Churchill last year. I can tell you that it wasn’t from our community or FOH. You guys now your sh!! so I thought this would be a great place to seek wisdom. With attached photos you will see the outside box the scratched off barcodes. The odd bottom of the box. And finally no cedar or Habanos paper inside of the box . The wood grain dose not look normal and the lettering is larger than normal. The lettering is not and burned into the wood. So my thought is, are they taking the bottoms out of a real box and switching out the reals for fakes and replacing with look alikes ? No pics of cigars I smoked them and gave some to friends. If this is true I hope this will help the people that order their cigars online.
  9. First I wanna thank all of you for your time and input. I was really lost at to get with my budget. What I mean about a lasting long is a stick that will smoke for 1.25 hours. Unfortunately, I cant buy and age cigars due to me unable to work. I cant buy one or two CC for the weekend. It takes me months to save up for a box. I do smoke NC but would not waste money on a box. Therefore, I smoke what I buy. With all these suggestions helped me narrowed down which brand/ size and helped me immensely. I appreciate all of your suggestions. I would have never thought of some of these suggestions. Im glad that I asked. I would have most likely made a bad decision. Ill get back with my decision. Thanks again y’all My source is FOH, so thats where ill be getting them. Ill keep my eye on 24:24 but you guys are so fast I don't have a chance.
  10. I am only able to afford one box of CC and they have to last. My budget is around 300 USD. What brand is a must have this year is probably a better question? Im a big fan of RYJ but not loyal to any brand. I enjoy long lasting cigars so small one are out. What would be your choice? I only buy from our community:)
  11. I have been trying since 2014 to get SSD with an attorney. They say I’m to young , even with the doctors stating that I’m 100% disabled. Unfortunately I’m 46 years old. Thanks for your input Wineguy
  12. Thanks all again. I lowered the humidity. lesson learned .
  13. Well I didn’t expect all those replies so quick. Thank you all for the replies. I will definitely lower the humidity from now on. The ring band lossen by its self about half way down so I broke the band and just placed it on for the photo. I Initially sent the photo to Diana to ask her opinion. She told me to post it on here. I wasn’t trying to deceive anyone by putting the band on. Sorry. You guys are good. Haha. I bought the cigar as a single to try with others in January 2019. I let it calm down a couple weeks before lightning it. On a different note, I’m a disabled person from a work injury and my government won’t grant me Social Security. Therefore, I can only buy small quantities at a time. If anyone has suggestions on how to be able to buy and smoke as I go that would be wonderful. Thanks, Jake

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