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  1. cbenham73

    Travel restrictions?

    I wanted to visit Cuba in October, but hesitant to finalize plans.
  2. @Piligrim do you know the name of that artist?
  3. I am relatively young in the cigar aficionado arena. From day one I noticed that is customary to keep your bands. What is the significance of keeping the bands of the cigars you smoke? Is it to have a history of the cigars you have smoked?
  4. cbenham73

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Giving this H.Upmann a try! It was an excellent short smoke. Smooth dry, solid ash, good smoke output, and smooth mild taste. Will definitely smoke again.
  5. Just received these 24:24 goodies today!
  6. Very nice and relaxing review!
  7. cbenham73

    A “Newbie’s” Guide to Habanos Vendors

    Very good Post. I appreciate the info provided.
  8. cbenham73

    HSA Price Increases

    The non-Cubans I always keep in my humidor are alittle pricey, but excellent sticks IMHO. Padron 1964 Anniversary Maduro $14 A.Fuente Anejo $15
  9. Do you have to use a brand new cooler or can I use an old cooler that has been thoroughly washed out to setup a Coolidor for my boxes of CC? Thanks FOH
  10. Received these sticks today. What should I rest and which should I smoke right away?
  11. cbenham73

    1st Box Purchase

    @BTWheezy...I have already looked at my Amex & Mastercard, wondering what happen. I started out buying a qtr box for 3 weeks straight, then bought a box 2 weeks in a row. @MD Puffer...yes sir I am headed down the Rabbit Hole!
  12. cbenham73

    1st Box Purchase

    As another option, I guess I could just remove them from the box and place them in my 50ct humidor to rest? Then put them back in the box once I have a larger humidor to hold the box.
  13. Today I received my first box of cuban cigars from an online vendor. It is a 10ct box of the Quai D'Orsay 50. How long should I let them sit before smoking one? At the moment, I do not have a humidor to hold the entire box. Should I put a small Boveda pack in the box? I appreciate your feedback!
  14. These arrived today. First time using this online vendor and buying Quai D’orsay.
  15. Today, received these Partagas Maduro #1 & Monte #2s. These smell wonderful.
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