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  1. You guys are funny. Enjoyed this bid because I was wondering about which regionals to pursue.
  2. HDM because I was not impressed by the flavors, smell, and burn of the HDM E2.
  3. I have 1 box of Trinidad Reyes with a May 18 box code and 1 box of R y J Short Churchills with a code of Mar 18. Which should I continue to sit untouched? Or should allow both to continue to rest? I have had both boxes for about 8 months and never tried either cigar. Your advise is appreciated!
  4. I have been into CC about a year & half, so kind of a newbie compared to the seasoned Vets here on FoH. I didn’t buy my first of CC until Jan of this year, and before you know it I had bought 4...lol. Like many on here have stated try the quarter boxes of 24:24 to sample and find what you like, then take the next step to buy a box of what you like. That is how I discovered and developed my preferred flavor preference through trial n error. Also, read as much as you can to learn more about quality marcas that are not as wildly known as the Cohiba and Montecristo. This forum has a wealth of info and the members are very helpful as you can see.
  5. @Outdoorguy84I plan to travel to Havana October 17-20 from Miami. I am curious to see the answer to your question.
  6. @99call..I received it in this condition. No others in my humidor have any plum/mold.
  7. I am a little new to identifying Plum or Mold on my sticks. Can the Forum tell if this Plum or not? Thanks
  8. The Regional Exclusivos are very popular of late. I would like to try some myself. Which Regional Exclusivos would FoH recommend? And are the Exclusivos available at LCDHs in Havana?
  9. Personally, I agree with many of the other members. It is all about your flavor preference, but there are several other CC out their such as the Partage SE2 or SD4, HYDM E2, or VA Famasos that are very good at a much lower price point.
  10. Yep...1st step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Lol...
  11. @Whisky91how much were they asking for the Behikes?
  12. @Mandalehow was it coming back through customs?

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