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  1. @Outdoorguy84I plan to travel to Havana October 17-20 from Miami. I am curious to see the answer to your question.
  2. @99call..I received it in this condition. No others in my humidor have any plum/mold.
  3. I am a little new to identifying Plum or Mold on my sticks. Can the Forum tell if this Plum or not? Thanks
  4. The Regional Exclusivos are very popular of late. I would like to try some myself. Which Regional Exclusivos would FoH recommend? And are the Exclusivos available at LCDHs in Havana?
  5. Personally, I agree with many of the other members. It is all about your flavor preference, but there are several other CC out their such as the Partage SE2 or SD4, HYDM E2, or VA Famasos that are very good at a much lower price point.
  6. Yep...1st step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Lol...
  7. @Whisky91how much were they asking for the Behikes?
  8. @Mandalehow was it coming back through customs?
  9. Which 4 LCDH locations would you recommend to visit for the best selection during a visit to Havana?
  10. Is there a set date?
  11. Does anyone have information on buying authentic Cubans in Colombia? I am thinking about a trip to Medellin or Cartagena.
  12. Gave this a try today. It was a nice smoke with some coffee.

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