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  1. cbenham73

    New Cuba Travel Restrictions - June 2019

    @Mandalehow was it coming back through customs?
  2. Which 4 LCDH locations would you recommend to visit for the best selection during a visit to Havana?
  3. cbenham73

    FoH group trip?

    Is there a set date?
  4. Does anyone have information on buying authentic Cubans in Colombia? I am thinking about a trip to Medellin or Cartagena.
  5. A box Trinidad Reyes arrived today.
  6. cbenham73

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Gave this a try today. It was a nice smoke with some coffee.
  7. @MaxwellM I too at one time wanted to try the NC Fuente Opus X, until my cigar shop owner told me the Opus X was a little overrated and that the Fuente Anejo was just as good at half the price. The Anejo is now one of my staples in my humidor. Another under the radar CC is the Vegas Robaina Famosa that I tried and now is another staple in my humidor. Not as popular as some of the other CC brands.
  8. Would any of you buy another box of 50's or 54"s, if you already have a box?
  9. @99call I was thinking reasons #4 and 5 were the main culprits. I was unaware of the history with the Coronas Claro & Imperiales. Thanks!
  10. I am new to the QD brand. Why is this brand so popular now? Almost everywhere you look they have been out of stock. I was fortunate enough to pick up a box of 10 QD 50 a few months ago.
  11. cbenham73

    LCDH Grand Cayman

    @VRATJV07 Old Havana Cigars is the shop i was actually trying to reference. I follow them on IG and have seen some nice product. Just wanted to hear some first hand experiences.
  12. I am looking to make a trip to the Cayman Islands. Has anyone ever visited the LCDH in Grand Cayman? If so, how was the inventory & service?
  13. I forgot I ordered these Saint Luis Rey on 24:24. Never had one, but I need to let them rest for a few weeks.
  14. I was hoping to go in October, but with all the tension it may be wise to postpone that excursion.
  15. cbenham73

    Travel restrictions?

    I wanted to visit Cuba in October, but hesitant to finalize plans.

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