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  1. Prize pack from the 'Who Said That?' competition. Big thankyou to FOH - thrilled to get such lovely sticks.
  2. ?Thought I'd voted incorrectly after I chose Jimi - What a nice surprise! Thankyou FoH
  3. Nope, not seen any articles or anything on this, just what I've found from my personal experience since I started using the punch cut at the beginning of the year for larger gauges. But hey, maybe I've just gotten lucky and not had any significant tar build up on my cigars for a long time and I'm incorrectly attributing this to the punch cut. YMMV.
  4. Haven't had an issue yet with tar build up when using the punch cut. If anything I think it probably helps to have a punch cut when tar builds up at the head because your lips aren't in contact with the tar like they would be had you used a straight cut.
  5. Straight cut for anything <=46RG. Punch cut for anything >46RG.
  6. Read 2, so managed to whittle it down to 50/50 - looks like I got lucky ☺️
  7. RyJ Churchill tubo (MSA OCT 18), fruity, creamy, complex - 2 and a bit hours of joy. Close runner up was a Bolivar PC (MSU MAY 19)
  8. Great review! Got some from the same box code, glad to hear they're smoking well.

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