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  1. Partagas 898 in a Laguito Especial (Fundadores) format would be spot on.
  2. Awful news. Always enjoyed his contributions to the forum. Condolences to his friends and family.
  3. Fonseca No.1 - UTL MAY 18 First one from this PSP box in almost a year and easily the best example of a Fonseca No.1 I've had.
  4. H Upmann Royal Coronas 2002 Shortbread, nuts, coffee, cream, a little bit of fruitiness every now and then. Really good. 95 points Smoke time - 1hr 30m Never seen 'London Conditioned' on a tubo before 🧐
  5. Sorry to hear that. Mine was a clearance box - great construction, but some dog turd wrappers amongst them. Such is life.
  6. El Principe - LGR DIC 17 Hit and miss box so far, but this one was a hit.
  7. Yeah Dip and LGC sound perfect. PL Magnum a close third.
  8. Look, I don't know you personally so I'll take what you say here in good faith, but with comments of "they seem like they're retarded" along with you patting people on the back when they comment that the reviewers are wankers, I'm sure you can understand how most people viewing the thread might come away with the impression that this wasn't the intention of your post at all.

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