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  1. Yeah Dip and LGC sound perfect. PL Magnum a close third.
  2. Look, I don't know you personally so I'll take what you say here in good faith, but with comments of "they seem like they're retarded" along with you patting people on the back when they comment that the reviewers are wankers, I'm sure you can understand how most people viewing the thread might come away with the impression that this wasn't the intention of your post at all.
  3. Look, feel free to tell me to get off my high horse, but posting a thread on a public forum about cigar reviewers you don't like just so you can feel justified in calling them retards and wankers as soon as you find others who also hold your opinion seems to me to go against the spirit of this forum. By all means be critical of them, but when it comes down to name calling of people, particularly of people who are not here to reply themselves, then I think its gone too far.
  4. Also as a UK northerner and having watched their reviews before, I don't mind them. Yeah, I think they play up their poshness a bit and they should focus a bit more on the actual cigar during the review, but I don't get the vibe they're being totally fake or anything. They just seem to be a father and son both enjoying a passion of theirs - cigars. Which is why we're all here for on this forum. Honestly, I can't stand this stereotypical northern attitude of posh southerner = wanker.
  5. Prize pack from the 'Who Said That?' competition. Big thankyou to FOH - thrilled to get such lovely sticks.
  6. ?Thought I'd voted incorrectly after I chose Jimi - What a nice surprise! Thankyou FoH
  7. Nope, not seen any articles or anything on this, just what I've found from my personal experience since I started using the punch cut at the beginning of the year for larger gauges. But hey, maybe I've just gotten lucky and not had any significant tar build up on my cigars for a long time and I'm incorrectly attributing this to the punch cut. YMMV.

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