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  1. Do I really need more mag 46s? Yes... Always yes
  2. At what threshold is it safe to increase rh at higher temps. Using Ray's formula of keeping moisture content constant, by the time we hit 80F or higher, increasing moisture now takes us to mold-town. 70/70 is already known threat to CCs, 80/69 must be a breeding ground. Also, maybe I'm not understanding Ray's video because I admittingly skimmed it. But rH is the equilibrium of adsorption and desorption at a given temperature. Giving a constant % of water vapor in the "environment". As temperatures increase, there is a need for more water vapor in order to achieve equilibrium, yes? When we have a conrroled rH device like gives boveda, it is releasing more vapor in order to achieve equilibrium? It is a question mark because I dont know. I know hygroscopic material humidity will always be less than environmental rH, and that staemwnt alone is where the Rays data illustrates truth. But if increasing humidity at untenable temperature is the solution, in order to maintain water then we need to think about controling temps before worrying abour rH. Ive never had my cigars past 72 so I may be full of poop here. So is there an ideal threashold, is % water content of a material also relative to a point we see dimishing returns (Of cigar quality) at increased temperature? I just know from my empirical evidence (given constant rH @ 62) in journals that when my cigar environment is hotter, I have harder times with draws and flavor, when it is cooler I have exceptional draws and taste. Maube that is just a personal preference to drier cigars. I invite @PigFish to tear me apart here. But I stand by dropping rh in a 80F constant temp. Be nice Ray...
  3. What a cool way to cut your cigar... and get your neck broken by a 300 lb. security guard that is tackling you at the same time.
  4. 65rh at 80F would be way too wet for me. More like 65rh 65F for CCs. At 80F I would actually drop down to 58rh... Maybe even lower (not kidding). Stick it out and you be the judge... I bet they'll be better.
  5. Hard no. I have enough airline credits that at risk of becoming lost forever.
  6. Rio Seco while hanging with wife and neighbors We all know I close out the night with a siglo 2. Pretty much a tradition. God bless, good night.
  7. Its not quite a corona gorda, but close. Its a hermoso #3. (Slightly less comfortable, imo). It's really a toss up for me. I'd say a good box of punch punch can get the edge over these, for my taste. These tend to be lighter and have more rounded flavors.
  8. I would not hesitate. Plenty of good fuente, oliva, tatuaje, my father, padron, illusione, warped, lfd, davidoff, crowned heads, foundation, diamond crown, la aurora, etc... I probably only have 1 NC a week. My humidor has piss all of them (maybe 10 sticks or so) and that will continue as long as I have access to CCs. I still like to go to the lounge and buy stuff that i never tried.
  9. 48. In front of the garage tonight. Wife usurped the back patio
  10. Well if anyone here deserves it... I still will profess bitter jealously. Enjoy Elliot. 🍻

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