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  1. I just noticed these get distributed here, and couldn't decide. Almost went for the single malt, but was a bit pricey. How is this one?
  2. These are just factory codes. They tend to change around every 18 months. So, we are kept on our toes trying to figure out which factory our cigars are coming from. We will eventually figure out which factory some these codes belong to, and BAM! Habanos releases new codes. Prez sees a lot of boxes so he is telling us, generally*, what new codes are producing quality cigars from the samples that he has seen. It's helpful because we have not smoked enough 2019 to have a productive discussion and educate each other yet. Why is factory important? Factories just have different experience levels in rollers and quality control levels from management. You can still get high quality from other codes, but knowing which factories are consistently producing good sticks helps you make your decision at LCDH (or even 24:24) a little easier.
  3. I was in a conference yesterday, and decided to visit a local B&M for a smoke. Customarily bought some sticks prior to heading to the lounge area. I paid $26 for two stick (Tabernacle #124 and an Avo Domaine #10 tubo) I consider these good smokes, but for the price I paid for them I could have purchased a single Connie A and a BBF... If that was available in this B&M, it would not have been a contest. Complete mismatch at that price. I'd actually have trouble picking them over an Epi or JL#2. I know some people here are saying that they find cheap NCs that are good. I've tried to find them, but the NC world is so hard to navigate. decently priced NCs never works out for me, and I feel really led astray by other's opinions or reviews. Really unmotivated to try more when there's a ton of wasted hours and money on so many dog rocket experiences. So, for NC I tend to stay well above $8 per stick (online prices), just because I know what I enjoy at that range (even though they don't blow me away). How many CCs under $8 (also online prices) per stick would I be happy to buy boxes of? I'd honestly be OK if my entire collection was made up of CCs under $8 per stick. $8 per stick is $200 per 25 box, for reference.
  4. Congrats! I hope you got some edmundos! Welcome to sleep deprivation dad-dom. Embrace it! Cheers
  5. Ha, also not a fan of "YOLO"... but us new dads are in for a world of hurt. Just try to predict the ridiculous slang15 years from now... My son is only a year ahead of yours, so I will be doing the eye rolling with you in the future... Best thing we have done with our lives is right now and the years to come in supporting and encouraging our sons to do well/right. Nothing could possibly compare. God Bless.
  6. So govt introduces ridiculous sin tax. Grey and black market profits go through the roof. No taxes paid, increased crime. I honesty dont get it. We know from history this doesnt work. So what is the game? Tax lightly... profit. Tax heavily, increased crime and revenue due to less volume. Do they really think they can eradicate it from society or is this insensible greed?
  7. It's all a cycle, and it's horrible. We've had 50 years of sanctions which proved a complete failure and actually perpetuated communism. Subsequently, we had 6 years of released tensions. Since these six years, private business has begun to show up in major cities Now that sanctions restarted, these private enterprises are closing down and justifying the crappy communism to continue. I visit Florida often and It's funny to see even ex Patriots want sanctions citing "no progress" from the past six years, but then watching the past 50 years and asking for "more of that". Free trade leads to private business, and capitalism. That is a fact and supported by real data from around the world. It is Austrian/Chicago school principle, and one that transcends... (I'm leaving it at "transcends" because if I finish that thought, I'm breaking forum rules). In the years before renewed sanctions, we saw more free market progress in the country than ever. Some cities and villages did not enjoy this, but that's because it never was given a chance to spread. Economics does not just happen instantly. If you see free market tendencies in a country stay the course, it will happen with more time. To go back to a policy that led to nothing but more of the same is ridiculous.
  8. That 2016 FDA study, that claims 1-2 cigars nearly no health effects also happens to end their study with this garbage conclusion: "In summary, cigar smoking carries many of the same health risks as cigarette smoking. Mortality risks from cigar smoking vary by level of exposure as measured by cigars per day and inhalation level and can be as high as or exceed those of cigarette smoking." I've read the entire thing before and don't remember exactly what conditions allowed them to quantify/qualify possible equality of cigarette risks, but I think it was around inhaling five cigars daily. Never-the-less it is convincing enough to non-smokers that do not care about methodology/results. The amount of an average cigar smoker carrying nearly zero risk is not actually mentioned in the entire study. That was an extraction of the data rewriting by a tobacco lobby When a large population has been convinced to demonize an act, they are more likely to approve punishment to the perpetrators, of said act. Especially if that punishment is "voluntary". (Ex: "You don't want to pay the tax, don't buy X, it doesn't affect me either way..."). I'd say that people's anger is certainly directed at cigarette smokers, however there is no difference to a non-smoker. They don't even need to include these isleading or spurious statistics in order to demonize cigars. We will always be collateral damage, unfortunately. There is also the misconception that increased tax revenue from the sin tax will relieve pressure on them. I don't think anyone has ever proposed an increase of consumer based sin taxes will coincide with decrease in state taxes. But the people voting these taxes in do not partake, and do not like your smoke or care about pleasure from it (regardless the source).
  9. Wikipedia states: A cocktail is an alcoholic mixed drink, which is either a combination of spirits, or one or more spirits mixed with other ingredients such as fruit juice, flavored syrup, or cream. Oxford dictionary is a little more lenient. I agree with wikipedia. There should be any "mixology" other than water, IMHO. Something sweet not necessary. Straight out of the bottle neat or with an ice cube is just a Bourbon, Rum, Scotch or whatever. If I was at a bar and someone called my Talisker 10 year a cocktail, I don't think if I'd give an F... So whatever I suppose.
  10. Hot day, figured I'd splurge on citrus. Margarita: - 2 oz Blanco Tequilla - 0.5 oz Triple Sec - Half a lime squeezed - One ice cube Juan lopez no. 2 Good draw and construction. Pepper, coca on the pre-light 1st third: orange citrus blast, coffee, toasted tobacco, Paprika, clove. Margarita changes: Not much change from the Marg at this point. Tucks away some of the orange and brings out more roasted flavors. Second third: Not much change. Coffee subsides, more of a baking chocolate. Doesnt bother me, the reason I love JL is for citrus and interplay with darker flavors. Wish they made a minuto. Margarita changes: yeah it's not doing th no. 2 any favors. I lose more flavors than altering any of the smoke. I slow down on my sips. Final 3rd: citrus is becoming more floral, but still up front. Roasted pine nuts, some slight leather. Spices kick up, but only slightly. Margarita changes: really flattens it still. Toasted tobacco leather are really the only thing I can taste after a sip. Bummer. Overall: Good cigar, good drink. Terrible pairing. Score for the JL: 91 Score for the pair: 69 Smoke time: 87 minutes
  11. Exactly this. The better the smoke the easier it is to savor and slow down.
  12. It is ridiculous, especially when when such a good time and view can be had by watching on the television with friends. My buddy drops 2 grand on broncos games every year. He likes to "be there: and around the energy of the crowd. Me, an introvert, prefers a small gathering with freedom to smoke cigars craft beer under $10 ea. And bbqing. I do go to games, but I have more fun at a pub or a get together at someone's place.

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