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  1. BoliDan

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    RyJ Cazzie from FoHs current singles stash. The reddish hue on this rosado wrapper is insane, I cant find enough light to do it any justice because of the snowy day... in late may. Needs some years but still, Cherries jubilee.
  2. BoliDan

    Upmann Connie A V's Connie B

    Never had the B. Hate the rg, but doesnt matter when it comes to Connies. They are always welcome to my humidor. The A is currently my favorite cigar, so if the B is lighter but also more refined, I'm in.
  3. Rodents are pretty smart and can be affectionate. Had pet mice as kid. Mother said no to rats. Wanted them though.
  4. Tough subject, lots of contention... conclusion is always do what you enjoy. If you want to taste the flavor of both, you should do it separately. Some people like to say how cigars change the profile of whisky. To me, it is a tragedy to alter or lose the flavor of a good whisky and good cigar. That being said, whisky tasting and cigar tasting do not really go together. I do still have a nice whisky with a cigar, but I tend to space out a sip an entire minute from a puff in order to mitigate interference. On the other hand drinking and smoking go together great! I usually pair a cheaper whisky/beer/wine etc... with a Cigar that I don't have to think much about (and a bit on the strong side).
  5. BoliDan

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Start the morning off with an HdM Epi 2. Ma sœur @canadianbeaver made me drool with her 12 y/o RG coronas, so I had to grab a less interesting 1 y/o RGPC. Still delicious. 😉
  6. BoliDan

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Connie 1 and black coffee Fantastic stick. Graham cracker, coffee, cinnamon, nutmeg, touch of ginger, nuttiness, citrus and cream. Add a siglo II to end the day
  7. BoliDan

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Psd4 and a good girl
  8. Late morning, kid woke me up at 5am. Already had too much coffee so I'm pairing with the next best thing, A&W Cream Soda. Kept at 60%rh 70F. This had 4 months humidor time in my humi. This bolivar looks good, light wrapper shade and not very briny. Very hard to the touch, like a brick. During the cold draw I can tell this will give me some trouble, so I preemptively give it a perfect draw poke up to the band. Try cold draw again, much better. Flavor is light cocoa and leather. 1st third: brilliant start. The aroma of antique books come to mind. Leather screams through the retrohale. Top soil when it is wet and earth worm come out to play. A little white pepper dances on my tounge. 2nd third. Wife keeps texting me about switching our son to whole milk. Trying to stay focused. Flavors starting to move around a bit, but remain similar in notes. I cant taste the cocoa trying to say hello, but earth and leather keep screaming over it. Final third: flavors really balanced out now. Rich and refined, staying at medium-full. Top soil gone, but there is still an earthiness lurking. Cocoa was obviously just stopping by because he left completely. But what's this? A hint of peanuts and citrus. Hell yeah, I'll take it! 88/100 Great little smoke. Will probably be 90 with another year on it, and leather top soil calms a bit to let creamy cocoa say hello. Smoke time: 49 minutes.
  9. BoliDan

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Morning Cappuchino and Monte PE. I'm a stubborn man. I try not support rg over 50 (other than connie A's) as trend keeps killing my favorite vitolas. But the short robusto lines make it really difficult. Annoyingly, even the format is growing on me. I do still prefer a 40-42rg No. 1,3,4,5 if it is on, but these are pretty damn good all the time.
  10. BoliDan

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Punch Petit Coronation. Got it from Rob's singles, mostly so I have the nice dark green tubo for perlas. Oak that had some cooking spices dumped on it, floral citrus sitting in the background, classy cuban flavor. No real changes in this one, but that's OK when it's good, and this was very good!
  11. Wow, this article is extremely long to read for something not about cigars... however it is interesting read about the ironic idiocy that comes from state led business, and even more interesting that they are entertaining an acceptance of privatization here. Just need a foot in.
  12. 1-2 years: HU Connie A RASCC Monte PE 3 year+ Partagas Lusi Bolivar PC Monte no. 4/5
  13. BoliDan

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Morning BCJ.

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