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  1. SIG 2 AMO 2015 grassiness is still strong in these. The pound cake sweetness is there. Decent Friday ender.
  2. Rob, I bet you are cataloging these box codes for data. If you're not collecting, would it be inappropriate to request them posted with the picture. I already see your reply in my head. "Dan, how the hell are you? No, it would not be inappropriate, and also No, that's more work than this thread intended". 😂
  3. First Party#1 Its pretty good. I avoided them because I figured they were just expensive #4s. But the blend is certainly more ballsy. Not a fan of Maduros, but I could see myself grabbing these on sale. Ashtray was custom machined from a transmission drum by out own @BuzzArd
  4. As nonchalant as Mike is about his stash, I wouldn't be surprised if he posted a box of dunhill monte's in reply to this.
  5. Mike. The monte #4 has been a gem since 2016. I haven't been very fond of them before that. know you are still working through you '76 stock, but I assure you a good Monte #4 in current production is a fantastic stick, but very mass produced so you get f'ed a lot. I have some goodies in stock and your email. Look for subject Monte 4 in the next couple days.
  6. Been so busy with utter BS lately. I know you all are like, "where the hell is BoliDan"? (No, none of you care 🥺...) QdO 54. Top 3 production of 2020+ reg production, for sure.
  7. Brohamski.. Your back area is amazing. Do you stock the pond? The woman and I are coming over.
  8. It changes every month to be honest... I can't keep track but more variety is best. I can probably do top three at the moment which is: Partagas D4 Punch short de punch Trinada coloniales Monte espeaciales #2. Top 4 apparently..
  9. Check out the cheap and cheerful forum. Lots of good resources reviews for the quintero line. The pantelas can be good, but I think it is worth the extra coin for long filler.
  10. Sir Winnies are certainly a benefit of stay at home orders from work.
  11. Neighborsare having a bash. Had to go to the front because if they see billowing smoke they will yell "Dan! Get over here!". Yoda-Dan: lonely smoke, this was intended to be. Hrmmmph. Enjoy, quiet, I do. Hmmm. 18 HdM Seco
  12. That is the funny part. Alloy means a mix a metals. So it is super easy to make a "rare alloy" maybe he added 1.54766% zinc ,which would make the alloy unique. Or heck, toss some smelted bottlecaps in and you got and there you go.
  13. I have a masters in economics. Never tried to get a job. Really, the degree is worthless, but banks like to hire us folks. Crunching analysis numbers for a bank made me want to poke my eyes out with spoons. So now I I'm a developer, in RMDBS a couple of control languags (php, ruby, C++, python) and very proficient in user views (html, css, js, jquery) I could probably make a little more with job in my degree but who wants to hate life? I liked it for the academic side, the practical side never interested me.
  14. Def top of non-UAO for the 17-19 codes, and the amount of time REG Siglo II shows up on 24:24 as PSP/HQ at least gives some support... Or it details my bias, because I buy the PSP.

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