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  1. Gorgeous Mike.I thought you said "Alfist" which made me think of 80s furry alien that enjoyed to eat cats. So, I thought you were savagely eating a cat in this post. I must say, slightly disappointed. But that is beauty!
  2. B hasn't been out long enough for an aging comparision, but I doubt you could go wrong. Someone that enjoys complexity and balance would opt for the A or B. Find the B on light side but both are full flavor. Just go with the vitola you most enjoy. I prefer the 1s of recent to both currently.
  3. I don't keep my NCs separate from my CCs. The flavor marrying is a myth (but if your afraid of that toss then in freezer bag, leave it open for a day and then shut it 80% of the way).The temperature/rH isn't a big deal. CCs are sensitive and like small range but NCs are petty forgiving. As long as you aren't keeping wind tunnel NCs like padron aniversarios @ 65/65 shouldn't be a noticeable difference.
  4. old people's health cost money. Communist party member's can't steal enough money if they need to support this unproductive demographic. What is even more sad is Cuba is big on respecting elders. So, letting them die on the streets is an extra slap in the face. I don't think we will ever see Cubans rise up.
  5. 2017 CoRo. Kind of weak. Decent flavor, but I feel it's losing flavor with time. Guess I'll smoke the whole thing now. Poor me.
  6. We should have commentators for BR replays.i say Chris Berman and Clive Tyldesley.
  7. Last day off until going back to work. Smoking a @Lrabold89 favorite. BUA NOV 11. Mini review: oh these classic RGs never dissapoint. Very rich. All of the choclate I normally get out of RG is gone. This is why I smoke my montes in under 3-5 years. It just goes away for some reason. I'm not finding that to a problem though. I consider RG to be light on chocolate anyway 10 years old (almost) and still ballsy full-medium.. Something I expect from cohiba, but not RG. What flavors stayed you asked? Definetely a woody character up front. Cinnamon stick with the spiciness half way. Very much a winter treat. This would pair well with a hot tea, coffee or cocoa. I'm pairing with some EH Taylor small batch I picked up. Does fine with that as well. 93/100 Edit: right. That is a nasty cut on my finger that hit the bone with a box cutter. I am so dumb. I shouldn't handle anything sharper than a spoon. Its been 17 days and I think I'm safe...
  8. Micro economic adjustments always increases poverty rates. It is a statement given by the IMF prior to giving loan when they tell you the terms of their loan. Basically they are trying to create long term stability, but at the cost of short term increased poverty (for the already improvished as well as some skilled labor). They are getting ahead of this by asking families to eat their children's Guinea pigs for sustanence. Its a pretty bad time to implement this strategy with the already big loss of foreign spending. Maybe the cubans will finally be fed up with the avarice of their state and act? I doubt the violent solution will ever foment, but i'm open to it... ❤ you cubans. Hope shit gets better
  9. Happy b-day Kim. May the donkey dick dog rocket gods shower you with cigars.

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