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  1. They let you smoke in the humidor? Is it ventilated? You'd think they would need to pump in a ton of humidity if they are venting it out.
  2. Too cold. I'm only having 1 or 2 sticks a month. Yeah, the end fell in my coffee while setting up the shot. It's fine though 👍
  3. Darker flavors when the weather gets cold. Bolivars, montes, RG, Sancho's. Something about the cold makes them delightful, where as when it's warmer I don't tend to grab from those marcas very often.
  4. Mag 46. Delightful. Fyi. These ziplock freezer bags work pretty well. I've forgotten about these sticks in my laptop bag, for over 6 months, and the boveda inside is still fully plump with water.
  5. Dry Colorado Winters have my wrappers cracking 🙁
  6. I have a weird thing for buildings on cliffsides. They seem so dangerous, but at the same time... Imagine looking out that window everyday. A stick at that view would be priceless... Provided it not too high in elevation and you actually can smoke it.
  7. Already left town. Went south where it's warm and away from my in-laws (Whatever, they're annoying). Cheers, \ Dan EDIT: I'm pointing at a butterfly that landed right in front of us. Yes, my kid is clearly amazed.
  8. As a connecticut native, New Haven is a really crap town. We have world class pizza and night clubs, but anywhere you go is quite dangerous. People don't think CT cities are like NJ or NY cities. I'm glad to see classy joints and cigar friendly bars growing there. Cheers, I'll check it out when I visit family.
  9. Last night's smoke. Hector Prieto custom roll from @Lrabold89. Hector claims his leaves are in the behike blend. This was very much reminiscent of a high end Hoyo to me. Delicious and a perfect roll.
  10. CoRo and Balviene Double Wood 12 to ease the mind
  11. Dark wrappers either mean top leaf or some sort of modification. NC Maduro wrappers go through chemical treatment, and I hate them. I much prefer light wrappers or rosados. Even on a monte.
  12. You sold me on the remote control... My three year old would shit a brick. I'm getting that.
  13. Let's go with old trusty Overholt Rye. What happy fellow.

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