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  1. Cut, test for draw and if tight, toss it in a dry mason jar. In a year or two you will be glad you didn't throw them away. I'll give it a shot. Would suggest a low rh boveda. It gets about 5%rh here in the winter with forced air going.
  2. Yeah, save money on rock pile seats so I dont feel as bad buying $8 Coors. I'll go with baseball as well. It's like cubans. The games are usually good, but when it's on, it's the best.
  3. Perfect draw doesnt work on tent pegs, completely overfilled cigars the perfect draw just makes it burst open. Binder and wrapper crack. I inspect and throw out major tent pegs. It is not worth it. I just got a box ryj mille fluers, and tossed 4 immediately.
  4. New charred oak for bourbon and it stored at higher temperatures is why it is ready faster. The charred wood brings the sugars to the charred parts of the wood, it also colors the whiskey faster. Then storing at higher temps speeds up the maturation process. Typically why you see bourbon aged at two years when scotch is scoffed at anything under 8. I'm not the biggest bourbon fan. But I'd be curious what a single malt scotch would taste like if they adopted this speedy process.
  5. Ken, you showed this preveiw a few months ago. How much did you get coaxed into investing in this this movie, and can we help you in other way than watch this shite?
  6. 99% of the time. Cigars are aromatic. Adding the olfactory is will result in increase of flavors, period. Ignoring the olfactory in any tasting is a huge disservice. That said it take awhile to get used to, and I understand why people are turned off by it. Keep at it, it becomes zero pain, and all flavor. I dont think I'd bother with cigars without retrohaling.
  7. Its consistent and delicious. It is probably one that a most of us have in our regular rotation. It's my goto upmann. Brioche, sweet spice and coffee. I dont think they are ever cigar of the year worthy, but if I'm close to running out, I buy another box. Always have them stocked
  8. A few. Bought the lore because every where is sold out of cask strength as soon as it ships.they gave 10% because they could tell I was bummed.
  9. I like PCs in the morning with coffee. Probably a ryj mille fluers or siglo II. Depends on weather and mood.
  10. JL 1. About to be 20 degrees. Last cigar for the week. 🙁

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