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  1. Last night's smoke. Hector Prieto custom roll from @Lrabold89. Hector claims his leaves are in the behike blend. This was very much reminiscent of a high end Hoyo to me. Delicious and a perfect roll.
  2. CoRo and Balviene Double Wood 12 to ease the mind
  3. Dark wrappers either mean top leaf or some sort of modification. NC Maduro wrappers go through chemical treatment, and I hate them. I much prefer light wrappers or rosados. Even on a monte.
  4. You sold me on the remote control... My three year old would shit a brick. I'm getting that.
  5. Let's go with old trusty Overholt Rye. What happy fellow.
  6. SIG 2 AMO 2015 grassiness is still strong in these. The pound cake sweetness is there. Decent Friday ender.
  7. Rob, I bet you are cataloging these box codes for data. If you're not collecting, would it be inappropriate to request them posted with the picture. I already see your reply in my head. "Dan, how the hell are you? No, it would not be inappropriate, and also No, that's more work than this thread intended". 😂
  8. First Party#1 Its pretty good. I avoided them because I figured they were just expensive #4s. But the blend is certainly more ballsy. Not a fan of Maduros, but I could see myself grabbing these on sale. Ashtray was custom machined from a transmission drum by out own @BuzzArd
  9. As nonchalant as Mike is about his stash, I wouldn't be surprised if he posted a box of dunhill monte's in reply to this.
  10. Mike. The monte #4 has been a gem since 2016. I haven't been very fond of them before that. know you are still working through you '76 stock, but I assure you a good Monte #4 in current production is a fantastic stick, but very mass produced so you get f'ed a lot. I have some goodies in stock and your email. Look for subject Monte 4 in the next couple days.
  11. Been so busy with utter BS lately. I know you all are like, "where the hell is BoliDan"? (No, none of you care 🥺...) QdO 54. Top 3 production of 2020+ reg production, for sure.
  12. Brohamski.. Your back area is amazing. Do you stock the pond? The woman and I are coming over.
  13. It changes every month to be honest... I can't keep track but more variety is best. I can probably do top three at the moment which is: Partagas D4 Punch short de punch Trinada coloniales Monte espeaciales #2. Top 4 apparently..
  14. Check out the cheap and cheerful forum. Lots of good resources reviews for the quintero line. The pantelas can be good, but I think it is worth the extra coin for long filler.

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