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  1. Neighborsare having a bash. Had to go to the front because if they see billowing smoke they will yell "Dan! Get over here!". Yoda-Dan: lonely smoke, this was intended to be. Hrmmmph. Enjoy, quiet, I do. Hmmm. 18 HdM Seco
  2. That is the funny part. Alloy means a mix a metals. So it is super easy to make a "rare alloy" maybe he added 1.54766% zinc ,which would make the alloy unique. Or heck, toss some smelted bottlecaps in and you got and there you go.
  3. I have a masters in economics. Never tried to get a job. Really, the degree is worthless, but banks like to hire us folks. Crunching analysis numbers for a bank made me want to poke my eyes out with spoons. So now I I'm a developer, in RMDBS a couple of control languags (php, ruby, C++, python) and very proficient in user views (html, css, js, jquery) I could probably make a little more with job in my degree but who wants to hate life? I liked it for the academic side, the practical side never interested me.
  4. Def top of non-UAO for the 17-19 codes, and the amount of time REG Siglo II shows up on 24:24 as PSP/HQ at least gives some support... Or it details my bias, because I buy the PSP.
  5. But we still say "give me, give me". As the the infinite black hole of desire consumes our bank accounts, we have the fire to be resilient, regardless of cost amounts.
  6. We did this at one of our local B&Ms with NCs. It's fun watch everyone else compete as you give up and light a CC because they are competing with dog rockets. .
  7. Huh, interesting. I always heard it used to specify a cigar that filler, wrapper, and binder were sourced 100% the same region. Lazy day at "work".
  8. WTF!? I figured there would be an Arnold, Governator action figure, with red eye. Nope. How was this opportunity missed? who wants to invest in my new product idea? Arnold, governing while also smoking cigars and being a robot? We will make millions (off of insurance fire I create when no one buys our product). Who is in????
  9. Ken, I love your published works. You're a good writer, yet somehow your grammar, punctuation and capitalization, on posts, makes me curious if you hire University students to write the articles that you post. Kidding aside,that looks like a lovely time. You have spectacular friends.
  10. Especial #2 2019. Also very good. I don't think I'll let these sit for 24 years though.
  11. Holy crap. Being an analyst (computer nerd) means never going anywhere for work during covid. I walked outside and had no idea we just had a severe snow storm. There are broken trees everywhere.well... I don't need to deal with it, so here is my favorite new release. Punch short de punch. I have like 500 of these. 2020 bitches. So good.
  12. #4. If you have your ring finger extended, that is holding the cigar while lighting it, you're an idiot. P.S. I am an idiot. These torches are no joke. ouch. Cigar is great. Nutty. Floral, slight cocao. I don't know how to describe that partagas flavor because os synonymous with a mouthfeel. I honestly want to say potpourri. Like the salad of "smelly things" in the 80s that everyone had. Why waste a giant bowl when you can fill it with infused wood shavings and acorns?
  13. 2018-2020 RyJ churchills. Blowing Sir Winnies out the water, in my humble and "wrong" opinion.
  14. I appologize for not making it last night to the zoom. I was there in spirit.punch short de punch. absloutely fantastic no matter rhe box code. Buy buy buy. I'm not worried about you knowing. I already have 600.
  15. Most honest New England fans, like myself, are critical on belichick(BB) for much more than letting Brady go. For me it is quite redeeming that Brady left and took a.major under dog to the superbowl. Because he has been subject to the cheating, or BB leadership, or. A superior O-line or whatever excuse to negate his actual ability. I'm just glad I can say my years saying these 'nay sayers' are idiots is now justified.

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