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  1. OK... I didn't even think this was argument, I always thought everyone believed cow to be the superior meat. After talking to a friend, (from St. Louis) last week, he told me pig was the most magical animal. We compared cuts, and preferred pig every time. I went to a stag this week and there was another conversation that pig was superior to cow. Now, my father was from Texas. A rib eye is a standard and a smoked brisket is the ultimate art. Any BBQ artists want to chime in on your favorite animal?
  2. Ride the lightning. My brother was a big brother influence on this. He was an 80s rocker. Loved Ozzie and Metallica. But I did my first 30 second long burn out in his 77 Chevy Nova while blasting for whom the bell tolls. Carried over into my teen years. Went to a lot of Oz Fests, and black Sabbath is a true legend. But the nostalgia...
  3. Noone can get rid of gurkhas. Just toss them in the fireplace on Christma-hanna-kwanzaa and make a wish that that you can replace with anything that isnt gurkha.
  4. Tolkien has the creative edge, but I chose Flemming simply because fantasy does less for me. I'm sure @Ken Gargett will be here to admonish us philistines that voted in a disappointing manner.😉
  5. Prez, you are the king of customer service. Hoyo epi 1, HQ or lower?
  6. There has been talk about the need to adopt rugby style tackling rules. The problem is, each team needs to adopt it, seeing there is no rule for it. Here is a 2016 article illustrating that here has been some adoption. However, there is no rule to adopt the style. There is some sick warrior-love in American football, and a rules to thwart hard hits would be met with boycotts and anger. In pubs, I've seen on multiple occasions, opposing fans cheering an injury of players. Truly disgusting behavior... but it is part of the mentality that makes them money. Pete Carol of the Seattle Seahawks adopted Rugby style tackling. Unfortunately, with out a rule, most coaches prefer that extra yard and potential game/career ending hit...
  7. I see this sub forum is more geared towards int'l club sports. But, I've been abroad a lot and answered this question a lot. "Why all the armor?" Rugby certainly doesnt need it, they are tougher, obviously. First some quick history. Football is a offshoot of rugby. It has more stop and go. The play starts and then ends when a tackle occurs. This means all players reset and prepare to hit eachother again every time the a tackle occurs. This becomes a chess match between coaches.."what is the likely play, what set up will counter that move". This chess match results in a lot of hits per play. The front line is thought to take an average of 200 blows per game. Let us also keep in mind, these front lines people average weight is 312 lbs (23 stone). They are head to head blows and hand to head blows, often both... every play. First American football year played. 1905. This was an ivy league only sport (Harvard, yale, Brown etc..) there was zero armor used. 18 people died that year playing the sport. (Maybe that should have been an indication to stop the sport, but were american and must find alternatives to British sport.) Fast forward present day: yes we still see deaths from this sport. Most are workout related. Because of the armor, traumatic death is very rare. CTE is still a major problem. Aaron Hernandez had it, and I grew up 2 miles from him. I Knew his brother DJ, good dude. Coach at my high school, cared deeply about his students. He was forced to move to TX, because of the controversy his brother caused in our town. But I hear he is doing well. Armor is not a weakness but a necessity, one they need to improve on. Every play, the front line is involved in a scrum, bit even more violence. On the other hand, runners and receivers probably get hit harder because the armor protects the defender. I love the chess aspect. Guessing what the offense will do for a certain situation, and how the the defense set up for the those possibilities. It is a much more cerebral driven sport, that coach decisions/predictions (each play) sometimes outmatch other team's player abilities. But you can decide. Is the armor needed or part of a problem? Is this sport too dangerous or are you more interested?
  8. Congrats Hazy! Same for me. I remember those hospital moments very well. My boy is 16 months now. Welcome to the club, good sir.
  9. My dad was a biker from houston. He always was smoking unbanded gas station cigars with a Budweiser. To this day, I admire his ability to find things that he enjoyed with very little investment. I just cant live that simple man life with my consumption. Once I try something i like, I need to have more. I want to explore options, see what I like, understand it on deeper level. So, I started smoking cigars pretty young. Never really understood them, It was more of a thing I grew up seeing my pops do for enjoyment, so I also did it, even though I didn't have the palete for it. Fast forward to my late 20s in graduate school. I needed a getaway so started frequenting a cigar lounge. The patrons were friendly and did not want to have cerebral conversations, which is exactly what I needed after being surrounded by ambitious economists all week long. Just unwind, and shoot the poop. Well, I worked full time through grad school so I used any excess to buy cigars. When you're only buying 2 cigars per week, anything is on the table. I started off buying budget cigars. If they were good enough for my father, they have to be food enough for me! Nope, sorry pop. So many dog rockets, so many disappointments. I still liked them though. So I moved to premiums and boutiques. Opusx, tatuaje, illusione, warped, foundation, davidoff, padron. I thought, OK this is what I will smoke. At a minimum of $14 for a robusto I found myself to be a cigar snob and proud. My father would have rolled his eyes at me. One day, a patron and I hung out and played trivial pursuit(genus edition #1). He only smoked NCs at the lounge, but his stash... all cubans. He offered me a week kept 05 BBF, and that was it! Over! No more $30 NCs for me. I started exploring how to get cubans and was blown away at the prices. The enjoyment to cost ratio is through the roof. I started buying boxes. And have been blown away. I can find boxes of cubans for $100 that I enjoy more than NCs that cost $250+ a box. I have not been blown away by construction, and throw away some cigars with every box. None-the-less, minutos go for $4 per stick and blow away any NC I have. I classify minutos as, RASCC, BCJ, PartyShorts and El principes. I can drag these out to almost 50 minute smoke. They make you wonder if any NC is better (I think not) I'll even take mille fluers (partagas or RyJ) over a box of premium ncs. My father died of brain cancer two weeks after I got accepted to graduate school. I wish he was alive today so that I could share some experiences with him. They would have been new to him and, something to bond over, which was rare for us. Alas.
  10. Had a QP today, myself. This box is particularly strong. I'm convinced they are using some RyJ ligero crop scraps. That greasiness and sweetness is just always there. And they get my head spinning unlike a lot of my long fillers. I been calling the B@!$% Cazzies...
  11. Films aside, killing off Ian Flemming's written works in favor of comic books makes me gag a bit. As far as the movies go sans literature concerns... Really the only marvel movies that are dear to me are Iron Man (the first) and Guardians of the Galaxy (the first one, again). Deadpool and the Punisher series were fine, I suppose. But, I can live without these. I'd cry a bit if the old Pun-filled Sean Connery films vanished. Sorry Stan Lee/Disney.
  12. Trying out Bluff Springs. The mash bill caught my interest. 70% corn, 20% rye 10% barley. Pretty smooth, banana bread with a burn. Good budget bourbon.
  13. Illusione Epernay + JL1 Both coming in at medium, Epernay should tame the JLs coffee and orange and toss in some sweet spices, bread and honey. I'm thinking The mandarin orange spiced tea from Celestial Seasons.
  14. John, I'm surprised. Do Aussies typically watch American Baseball or are you an any-sportsphile?

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