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  1. I'm kissing new production Trinis goodbye. Unless I find fundies for reasonable price, but I'm not going to hold my breath, they were tough enough to find before.
  2. Seriously though, The guys there will be more curmudgeon than Ray if you show your preference for CCs and not sucking down a Nicaraguan stuffed full of ligero to the point you will not be able to taste another cigar until tomorrow.
  3. Exactly. Europe messed the entire market with their weight costs. It was easy to see short production on the rise when they announced it.
  4. I remember when people were freaking out when CoRos hit 600 a box. Glad I snatched up a couple red stickers back then.
  5. OK 😕. I thought that I explained that there is two explanations of chemical reactions for white ash, before the flavor comment. I only added that because NC forums tend to think white ash is indicative of higher quality, and I wanted to squash that shit... I know you, we have had conversations before... I'm not an idiot. Cheers bud
  6. Ash color has little to do with anything, in my humble opinion. The more heat, the whiter the ash, the more minerals, the whiter the ash. Minerals are not indicative of flavor. Some of my biggest cherry bombs on RyJ Churchills have historically been dark.
  7. Belly-coss-oh... Having trouble taking photos apparently.
  8. It's a heated topic that will get you tons of different opinions. I personally think aging does wonders for some and can be ignored for others, but it comes down to personal preference which requires experimentation. It can also vary box to box. I have some 19/20 RyJ Churchill's that I have no problem smoking ROTT, but some of those boxes need some downtime. I think it may be heavily dependent has on how early they took it out of the cure hut.
  9. Nice. I love that Paul and John couldn't even read music. They called it just dots on a page, and describes notes as just sounds that has a relationship to each other. They would just play, and if they forgot the song, it wasn't worth recording. I recently found out this is pretty common among great rock bands. Dave Grohl admitted the same. "None of us could read music… None of us can write it.” John Lennon admitted this about the band in a 1980 Playboy interview, “but as pure musicians, as inspired humans to make the noise, they [Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr] are as good as anybody.”
  10. It is a bit weird when looking at it. Taking boats doesn't seem to accomplish anything on the surface, but I think the idea is that they have so much power and are hemogeneous with Putin, military, government and disinformation efforts. If the oligarchs are unhappy, they can effectively stage a coup with their money and influence.
  11. Mike was just full of life and love. Accepting of anyone and open minded to any conversation. A jokester at any opportunity. I was supposed to go to Savannah, to a conference, in February and was going to meet up with him on my way back home. I am now in tears that I backed out. Bless you Mike. Best wishes and prayers to him and his family.
  12. Seat belted in Marlin fishing. Endurance battle, for a wall trophy in my bar. In the Bahamas rather than the gulf, ideally.
  13. 2017 sig 2. My god, what a beauty. So light, and so rich. Grass is still there a little, but pound cake is coming through. Yum. Paired with seltzer water.
  14. Come on down to Colorado rocky mountains Jean. Can get a 650 lb (295 kg) elk while doing it.
  15. Brewing beer, but I haven't done it since the little squirt was born. I have 4 empty kegs, a whole propane set-up and tons of stuff packed away in the garage. I'll probably take it up again this summer. I'll post pics. Fantastic hobby to pair with cigars. A lot of sitting around and waiting.
  16. Those were special editions from 1986. I have 10 boxes. I got them in Cabo for $20 a box from a guy who has a brother in law's cousin that works at a factory (which is why it was such a deal). What's the problem here?
  17. Holy Monkeys. That's going to be a costly clean up. Hope your homes aren't harmed. Stay safe.
  18. This is some stupid stuff. No one drinks 40s. I drank 40s in the 90s but drinking a 40 now is worthles
  19. Ken, I'm like Mike. I like bonded whiskey. I can old grandad bonded for $23 I can get buffalo trace for $35. Old grandad is a better whiskey, anyone who says different is under a spell..
  20. I weigh 225#/102kg. I could lose a couple, but I chose burgers and tacos.
  21. They let you smoke in the humidor? Is it ventilated? You'd think they would need to pump in a ton of humidity if they are venting it out.
  22. Too cold. I'm only having 1 or 2 sticks a month. Yeah, the end fell in my coffee while setting up the shot. It's fine though 👍
  23. Darker flavors when the weather gets cold. Bolivars, montes, RG, Sancho's. Something about the cold makes them delightful, where as when it's warmer I don't tend to grab from those marcas very often.

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