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  1. AbasCigar

    FOH Fishing International

    I'm easily in I'm waiting for the sea trout and salmon season that begins in April here in Sweden:) already prepared a Montecristo especial no 1 to be enjoyed on that evening. Hopefully after a nice catch
  2. Wow what a forum.... thank you everyone for your advices. I was hesitant on posting the question and now I've learned so much. I wish I could meet you all and share this box with you guys haha. It's a bit hard tho and you'll have to come to Sweden 😂 Thank you again and again for your warm welcoming. Best forum I've been on.
  3. AbasCigar

    FOH Auctions Update

    Great initiative! Can't wait
  4. Just got theese pics haha I must say they look beautiful! 😎
  5. As a student, $750 is alot of money but I loved them so I found them to be worth it. I've never purchased anything for myself for this amount before haha. Problem is that I'll have to buy blindly and that's not smart. Thanks to all you guys here I've saved alot and will use half of the money I collected (by selling other stuff) on sampling all the cigars that I've been recommended to and the rest I'll just save until I find a box of something I want really bad.. Like montecristo especial no 1
  6. Wow! Wish that I found this place earlier I have a few Trinidad fundadores on the way already. Now I really can't wait to try them out :D Yesterday I tried a partagas d 4.... Loved it. It felt very "serious" and not messing around. I guess this is a cigar that the godfather would like 😂 Now I'll be checking the 24:24 (thanks for the heads up!) on a daily basis. And I'll keep trying new ones.. Thanks for making my "to try list" even longer with all suggestions :D... It literally grows by the day and I love it
  7. Thank you so much for your answers!! It means alot to me. All I have been doing (except work and university) is to read about and smoke cigars. And already got burned a few times already :') but I guess it's part of learning anything. This time I'll not be in a hurry thanks to you guys. Hopefully I'll be able to find a 2016-2018 box for a good price. That would be perfect for me. The search continues Can you recommend any other cigar that have the same "profile" to it? Thanks again for your warm welcoming
  8. Hello everyone! First and foremost I want to apologize if this thread is put on the wrong forum. This is my first post so hope you're patient with me A few months ago I tried my first cigar. It was a quintero and I didn't like it very much. I guess that's because I was a total rookie + it was very fresh + it was stored in a overly humid environment. So I started sampling all cigars I could.. Mostly non Cubans. I enjoyed many but then I bought an aged montecristo especiales no1 from 2011 and WOW. It got me so hooked.. After that I started buying only CC cigars with some age. One of the best decisions I've made nothing gives me the same satisfaction. So now I'm looking for a box of montecristo especiales no 1 but they are sold out everywhere. I've emailed every store and no one knows when they'll be getting them in Stock again. Today I found a guy who have a box from 2001. He want to sell it for $750 is that a good price? I worry that they are "too old" is that even possible? If someone have tried such an aged montecristo especial no 1 I would be very thankful for your thoughts about it thanks!

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