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  1. For me, a cigar without retrohale is a lost cigar experience. It is part of the whole experience when it comes to tasting. That is why I don't smoke super strong peppery NC.. Sometimes when a cigar burns too much when retrohaling I simply blow out some smoke through the mouth, then I take in some fresh air to dilute the smoke before retrohaling. Works good
  2. Solid construction on my first ever cohiba behike. Beautiful cigar in all ways
  3. Ohh, i thought veranda was a 100% swedish word
  4. Most useless photo ever... It is a Sancho Panza- non plus. First time to try it and wow what a surprise. Unique profile. Totally full box worthy.. Before that I had my favourite cigar. An aged Montecristo Especial. Perfection
  5. An aged montecristo especial.... The definition of perfection.
  6. Hoyo du gourmet-98 Gourmandish desert indeed Honey, flowers, vanilla, wood and some leather. Eid Mubarak everyone! 😍
  7. It is one of my favourites. Actually my first ever full box purchase. Ended up buying 3 boxes of them. One to smoke now and the rest to age. They are great fresh, however if you have the stamina to age them. They become "great slow sex" good.
  8. If that is true, are the 2018 from the old or newer blend?
  9. Can someone compare the two of them? Taste wise, what is similar and what is different?
  10. Last day before Ramadan = had to smoke something special before the fasting begins = 1 month without cigars:D Montecristo tubos - 2001 Por Larranaga Petit coronas - 1998 First third: like smoking cotton candy. Later got a bit disappointing and "dull". Woodsy tobacco. Ramadan Mubarak for everyone who celebrates and for all the rest: keep the cigars smoking buddies see you soon.
  11. Monte 1, 3 and 4. Beautiful boxes from our host Partagas Maduro no. 1, 2016 Some singles to motivate future purchases. Is it even possible to finish theese?!

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