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  1. Anyone heading to Berlin for these?
  2. For casual reviews, try concentrating on the basic four S’s: spicy, salty, sweet, sour. Those flavors are elemental and the most relatable. After awhile, see if you can get more specific than that. As for people saying things like “classic Montecristo taste,” that’s useless commentary. Too many variables for that statement to have any consistent definition. Your idea of a classic marca profile will depend on which decade you started smoking. Marca profiles change drastically about every 10 years and are never anything like their previous profile. Better to say something like "tastes like
  3. I think I'm going to order one of these tomorrow and then re-sell it on Bond Roberts in five years at even higher, piss-in-your-face prices.
  5. You always get a sore loser who acts like you're the a-hole for winning. Same thing happens in the squash world. Chances are, he's the one with the bad reputation in the club. Pay it no mind and play on.
  6. Two brief mentions from 2005. Here Fuente talks about using them: And here it's mentioned from Benji Menendez...a guy who got a machine gun pointed in his face by Cuban militia when Castro nationalized his family's H. Upmann factory:
  7. One of many examples showing why HW’s assessments on Cuban cigars are throwaways. When it comes to Cuban tobacco, HW's facility for analysis is just not there. Not my cup of tea.
  8. I should have put a laughy face next to my sentence. Yes, it's a fake. And, if you remember, it caused a simultaneous uproar on three or four forums when everyone had a collective conniption over it. I met Bahama Adam shortly after and asked him about the case. He stuck to his guns insisting that they were what he said they were. So he's either a fraud or a fool. In any case, not my cup of tea. But how about those Jubilaums?
  9. I see. Well, here’s what I heard…Some of those big-shot bidders at the festival turned out to be empty-suit deadbeats and Habanos still has a backlog of humidors from past auctions because some people never paid up. Has anyone else heard this? Pres?
  10. Robaina Jubilaums. Or those special extended production of overrun Behikes in the leather case made just for the rollers and employees. I heard they were actually much better than the ones that came in the Ellie Blue humidor.
  11. In a large haul of vintage cigars I bought about 15 years ago, there was a box of Dunhill Davidoffs in the mix. Oddbird SLB with Spanish handwriting on the box. The guy I bought the cigars from told me they were prototype cigars for a collaboration between Zino and Alfred Dunhill Ltd. that never came to fruition. Probably a BS story but this guy had long ties with Cubatabaco but left Cuba once Habanos was put in place. The box was from the Briones Montoto factory, (I was told from 1986) so legit Cubans but probably not what they were purported to be. I've never heard or read of such a collabor
  12. Mickey D is right. Most beers make most cigars bitter. The pairing is tricky with more failures than successes. I smoked that RP corona and didn't have a bad experience at all. A little color-by-numbers in the flavor maybe, but it was still an enjoyable, solid Honduran.
  13. The Bad: Any of those original LCDH specials...Oficios, Murallas, Mercaderes. Avoid them. The fact that they're all aged now means nothing. The stink can never be aged out of those turds. Rodolfos, disgusting. The Good: Regular line is fine. Kind of generic, but you won't have many complaints from the Fuerza, Punta, or Principe. Solid. The Better: Old El Morros. Those are aging very well. Really came out of nowhere and have been showing great maturity for the last few years. While everyone else is smoking Lusies and HDM DC's, light up an El Morro if you can find them.

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