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  1. So your “Cohibas” taste like artificial butter flavor and palm oil warmed over with a hint of vomit? Remind me to never use your sources.
  2. Diplomatic Trinidads are 38 RG. Commercial Fundadores have a 40 RG. Is one of yours thicker than the other? I can't tell from the picture and it might be difficult to ascertain after years of expansion and contraction. I'm guessing the pigtails have dried and fallen off. But I urge you all to meet any "diplomatic" cigars with a great degree of skepticism, especially when they are sold as singles with no box and bands that look like they were printed yesterday. I know everyone wants a bit of the magic, but I can't overstate just how rare that magic is.
  3. After the first 2010 release, Behikes became f**k-all. Nothing more than pigtailed versions of the siglo series with an extra half-leaf of ligero for the 52, another full leaf for the 54, and another leaf and a half for the 56. And don’t even get me started on “medio tiempo.” There was no medio tiempo grown in all of Remedios y Partidos last year. Zero. Nothing. The strains weren’t cultivated to produce it. Robaina didn’t grow any either…not what he gave to the state…and Prieto will tell you himself that he’s “strongly encouraged” by Tabacuba to classify smaller ligero leaf as med
  4. El Prez you getting these this year? Anyone had the Year of the Rat from last year?
  5. Just read the article.
  6. Bestseller list is different from the hottest brands list. Two different lists. They explain this and show the findings. And this was a retailer survey. Advertising is not involved. Just a reporting of the numbers. Pretty straightforward. They do it every year for as long as I can remember.
  7. Here's a story from CA all about the cigars of The 21 Club.
  8. 1984 Audi 5000. You name what could got wrong and it did. Only owned it for a year and a half.
  9. I thought the CA scoring takes into account the quality and construction in all their blind tastings including the Top 25. In their scorings throughout the the year quality AND construction are part of their scoring.
  10. I respect CA as they rate on consistency through several repeated tastings throughout the year. I’ve smoked many fine Habanos in my 20+ years of smoking however if I smoked all of those they listed over the year I’d probably be surprised as well as to which remained a constant. That coupled with the fact I’m blind tasting with a group consensus would probably yield similar results. It’s hard to judge as I know no other group anywhere that smokes as much or as consistent as CA. I have my own opinions however I couldn’t complete with the amount, scrutiny and efforts they put in. It’s subjective
  11. RyJ Wide Churchills have no aging potential. They are to be smoked out of the box. I've been aging every release from every year since 2010, and revisiting each box once a year. They've only been flat and disappointing after a year. If you're looking for better, more refined tobacco in a Montesco size, then buy the Gran Reserva.
  12. Anyone attend the party or try cigar yet? t? This release makes no cultural sense seeing how sheiks and sultans have no idea what a herf even is, nor do they care..
  13. Sadly getting so common lack of fact or research in so many articles. You really need to scrutinized your resources these days.
  14. No Cubans on the so-called "Consensus" award. Only two Cubans on HW's list and they're a GR and a regional? And one lousy Cuban on Cigar Journal's. They're supposed to be the Euro guys! Since when does the European palate make Rocky Patel cigar of the year? No Cubans on Cigar Dojo or Cigars & Spirits. Funny, CA gets the most sh** on forums and this year they actually have the most Cubans out of all the major lists floating around.

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