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  1. Cohiba 50 Aniversario. Not the 1966 release but the big golden cabinet. They were bought before they even left Havana and weren't even put on display. Some of these humidors have already been resold for absolute pi$$-in-your-face prices. Maybe one will show up on Bond Roberts.
  2. Judging by these verbose responses, it seems that the mods have been offended. Not me.
  3. How magnanimous of you. It’s called a joke. Has cancel culture rendered you completely humorless? Sigh.
  4. Min Ron Nee will have him assassinated. Or at the very least, sued.
  5. Why don't we start with a Cuban cigar that's actually been released. By the criteria you stated, the cigar had to be a "new release in the last 12 months." Your words but actually not theirs. According to them, they have a larger window. From their website: "Only the cigars that were released less than two years ago were eligible for selection." See for yourself: And after all this blubbering about not reading their rules or ignoring your comments, it turns out that the lone Cuban on the list doesn't even meet their own criteria LOL!!!! Coprova didn't release it yet. So fail and fail.
  6. That list looks like it was put together by Thompson or Cigars International. And to make matters worse, the one Cuban hasn't even been released yet. Bravo.
  7. Body is a measure of flavor. Strength is a measure of nicotine level.
  8. Zero interest in this. Did anyone read the comments about the JL from the CEO of Dominque London on Cigar Aficionado? He said it was "very flowery in the beginning." Do you know what that means? All these Cubans that are flowery perfume bombs...and there are a lot...are made of the generic Habanos blend. The basic liga has become two parts perfumey volado, one part mediocre seco, a perfumey volado binder and a half leaf of ligero for anything over 50...when the rollers actually have the ligero to roll. That's the current basic "Habanos" recipe, and it's a problem. A bit of floral character is fine, but I can't tell you how many Monty Petit No. 2's, Cohibas and even Ramon Allones cigars have come in as soapy, floral perfume bombs. The generic blends used to lean earthy, and I had no problem with that because aging can unlock cocoa and coffee from youthful earth. Now, they are intensely floral and stay that way, regardless of rest time or age, and it's very off-putting. For this reason, we're forced to shop factory, not brand, if we want anything that resembles a good Cuban cigar. I'm sure at least some of you here have noticed this. Anyway, this casa exclusive is a hard pass for me.
  10. When you're all ready to take it to the next level: SWISS ALPS: Vacherin Fribourgeois. Either classic or extra, for more age. The specific alpine grass diet and cow breed makes this cheese absolutely irreplicable. FRENCH ALPS: Reblochon. It's illegal in the states, but do NOT accept substitutes. Either get it or don't, but an ersatz Reblochon misses the point. Its complexity makes raclette look like a retarded cousin. ITALIAN ALPS: Strachitunt, a cross between blue cheese and taleggio that is far more successful and complex than creamy gorgonzola dolce. NEW KID ON THE BLOCK: Gabietou. French Pyrenees cheese that's only been around for 20 years or so. Short history and still has something to prove, but great blend of cow and Bernaise sheep milk.
  11. Just a Sr. Henry with a different band. But I'd still like to charter a flight down to one of those islands and light one up anyway. Probably goes great with a Pina Colada.
  12. Anyone heading to Berlin for these?
  13. For casual reviews, try concentrating on the basic four S’s: spicy, salty, sweet, sour. Those flavors are elemental and the most relatable. After awhile, see if you can get more specific than that. As for people saying things like “classic Montecristo taste,” that’s useless commentary. Too many variables for that statement to have any consistent definition. Your idea of a classic marca profile will depend on which decade you started smoking. Marca profiles change drastically about every 10 years and are never anything like their previous profile. Better to say something like "tastes like a a Monty from the 80s" or something along those lines, so there's at least a more specific reference.

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