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  1. In a large haul of vintage cigars I bought about 15 years ago, there was a box of Dunhill Davidoffs in the mix. Oddbird SLB with Spanish handwriting on the box. The guy I bought the cigars from told me they were prototype cigars for a collaboration between Zino and Alfred Dunhill Ltd. that never came to fruition. Probably a BS story but this guy had long ties with Cubatabaco but left Cuba once Habanos was put in place. The box was from the Briones Montoto factory, (I was told from 1986) so legit Cubans but probably not what they were purported to be. I've never heard or read of such a collabor
  2. Mickey D is right. Most beers make most cigars bitter. The pairing is tricky with more failures than successes. I smoked that RP corona and didn't have a bad experience at all. A little color-by-numbers in the flavor maybe, but it was still an enjoyable, solid Honduran.
  3. The Bad: Any of those original LCDH specials...Oficios, Murallas, Mercaderes. Avoid them. The fact that they're all aged now means nothing. The stink can never be aged out of those turds. Rodolfos, disgusting. The Good: Regular line is fine. Kind of generic, but you won't have many complaints from the Fuerza, Punta, or Principe. Solid. The Better: Old El Morros. Those are aging very well. Really came out of nowhere and have been showing great maturity for the last few years. While everyone else is smoking Lusies and HDM DC's, light up an El Morro if you can find them.
  4. Gross. Not my cup of tea. The only thing less Cuban tasting than Cohiba Maduro is the Partagas Maduro. Both have the same weird aftertaste you get from a steamed wrapper and a pretty generic-tasting blend. But they’d probably sell. Anything Cohiba sells. Cohiba chewing tobacco would sell.
  5. Even among the most die-hard NC smokers, non-Cuban Cohibas are considered a joke, so Bijan and everyone here are fully justified in meeting them with strong skepticism because NC Cohibas have a proven track record of being consistently trash. The only NC Cohibas that are even semi-decent cost $95 and look like stage props from the movie Tron, LOL!!!. And that Cohiba M trying to be a Behike is yet another example of over-priced mediocrity, yet HW appears to love these cigars that even the NC community rejects. It tells you something about the HW palate and how incompatible it is with probably t
  6. Check biases at the door as much as possible? LOL! That's pretty much impossible if you're not rating blind. That's one of two reasons why HW's scores are throwaways. The other reason was stated in my last post...they don't understand Cuban cigars because their palates are just too inexperienced. And you can tell by the language they use whenever they struggle to sound knowledgeable in this department. Like I said before, their 2019 top 25 didn't have a single Cuban cigar, yet had two NC Cohibas...that should tell you everything you need to know about their perception and understandi
  7. Consider this…Last year, there was only one Cuban on their top 25 list. The year before, there were no Cubans on the list at all. Zero. Nothing for 2019, yet there were two non-Cuban Cohibas on the list. Sit on that for a moment. Furthermore, the most recent reviews they’ve done of Cubans have been terribly inaccurate. Here’s my take-away: they penalize Cubans because they don’t taste like the Nicaraguans they’re mostly used to. Just like some wine drinkers will penalize a Burgundy for not tasting like a California Cab. It has nothing to do with advertisi
  8. I guess Habanos had to do something with all those unsold HDM Elegantes, LOLOLOL!!!!
  10. Besides Cohiba and Trinidad, all robusto-sized cigars cost under 10 cuc. There's no way this is going double digit. Not in Cuba. Everywhere else though...
  11. El Prez you getting these?
  12. If a reviewer restricts his scores to the 80-100 point zone, as seems to be the biggest complaint, that isn’t a failing of the 100-point scale. It’s more a failing of the reviewer always grading on a curve and refusing to do differently. ECCJ used to use a 5-star system. They switched to the 100-point system like everyone else once they went CJ. Has it served them well? How about Cigar Press? No rating system at all. Just a review. How has that worked out for them? Does it serve the cigar world? If you ask me, I’d prefer the Siskel & Ebert system. Thumbs up. Thumbs down. A
  13. So your “Cohibas” taste like artificial butter flavor and palm oil warmed over with a hint of vomit? Remind me to never use your sources.
  14. Diplomatic Trinidads are 38 RG. Commercial Fundadores have a 40 RG. Is one of yours thicker than the other? I can't tell from the picture and it might be difficult to ascertain after years of expansion and contraction. I'm guessing the pigtails have dried and fallen off. But I urge you all to meet any "diplomatic" cigars with a great degree of skepticism, especially when they are sold as singles with no box and bands that look like they were printed yesterday. I know everyone wants a bit of the magic, but I can't overstate just how rare that magic is.
  15. After the first 2010 release, Behikes became f**k-all. Nothing more than pigtailed versions of the siglo series with an extra half-leaf of ligero for the 52, another full leaf for the 54, and another leaf and a half for the 56. And don’t even get me started on “medio tiempo.” There was no medio tiempo grown in all of Remedios y Partidos last year. Zero. Nothing. The strains weren’t cultivated to produce it. Robaina didn’t grow any either…not what he gave to the state…and Prieto will tell you himself that he’s “strongly encouraged” by Tabacuba to classify smaller ligero leaf as med

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