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  1. I'm headed there in 4 days. How is it? Anything I should look for? Anywhere else or only trust lcdh in Aruba?
  2. Hi folks! Long time no talk, life got a bit busy with a new house. I'm heading to Curacao next week on a cruise, I had two questions. 1) how is the LCDH selection, is there any other stores I should check out? 2) I just read on cbp that we can only bring 50 cigars and 1 liter of liquor back?? Is this true or did I read it wrong? 50 sticks is a slap in the face. Last year it was 100. Please tell me I'm wrong. Thanks in advance everybody!!!
  3. Exactly, when you buy from unknown suppliers and back yard brewers .... You get what you get. When you buy black market thc cartridges you are risking your life that the process was done correctly.
  4. My family likes to point at the media and say "see, you need to quit" I'm skeptical, I've been vaping for years, I know others that have Vaped for longer. Out of millions of users, you find less than 1000 hurt by the product? All at the same time? Jeez, lots of publicity, but it's also odd we don't see these stories everyday about cigarettes. Has anyone looked at how much money big tobacco is losing? Has anyone also noticed that big tobacco and the government joined up to stop kids from smoking, and their first Target wasn't cigarettes, it was vaping. How many are caused by China juice or thc? I don't think many 14 year olds will admit to thc but would say yes it's from vaping. I think this all stems from a bad batch of thc cartridges or some other additive we don't actually use in the vaping world. Could it be nicotine vape.... Mmmmm maybe, but it just strikes me as too odd. Millions of users, no issues until now and it's a bunch at once.
  5. Bought mine a new house. I'll be pulling this card on my death bed.
  6. I like to use the word veranda in times where it isn't necessary and it doesn't apply. I just figured no one else knows what it means......
  7. I asked a few weeks back if they were coming around, prez said in a few weeks. So any day now
  8. I'm not having good luck with cigars. On the way the beach house I had a Bolivar Beli. It must have had hair in it. I put it out, it was disgusting. At the beach house, I lit up a Punch Punch that was amazing, 1/4 of the way through, I had to put it out due to an emergency.... Well she had an emergency, I call it just normal. Relit it, terrible Later in the day had a Ramon Allones SS, wrapper fell apart. Trinidad Reyes, people complained on the beach, she made me put it out. So I drove home alone and finally had a good cigar. All in all exactly as expected. I wish I had a lot more of these and would like to try it aged, but I can't keep my gribby hands off of my cigars. O need to buy more in order to account for this. Great way to finish off a weekend of terror. The epi. 2 definitely has the creaminess everyone says is present. Great retrohale and easy on any spicyness. Sorry for the quick review, I'll try harder next time, been a horrid weekend.
  9. Annoying question #3. My eye sight seems bad but does ERDM Demi tassi count if I mistake it as one?
  10. When I saw this earlier, I thought it was a joke for the day or a prank. I didn't watch the video, just thought it was a joke.
  11. This community is about helping, I'll take on your burden. Send them my way.

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