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  1. Is it weird I'm hoping to try the cohiba shorts and Trinidad shorts the most? I have the partagas clubs, and am suddenly very interested in those tiny guys. Super quick, super delicious.
  2. Bought mine a new house. I'll be pulling this card on my death bed.
  3. I like to use the word veranda in times where it isn't necessary and it doesn't apply. I just figured no one else knows what it means......
  4. I asked a few weeks back if they were coming around, prez said in a few weeks. So any day now
  5. I'm not having good luck with cigars. On the way the beach house I had a Bolivar Beli. It must have had hair in it. I put it out, it was disgusting. At the beach house, I lit up a Punch Punch that was amazing, 1/4 of the way through, I had to put it out due to an emergency.... Well she had an emergency, I call it just normal. Relit it, terrible Later in the day had a Ramon Allones SS, wrapper fell apart. Trinidad Reyes, people complained on the beach, she made me put it out. So I drove home alone and finally had a good cigar. All in all exactly as expected. I wish I had a lot more of these and would like to try it aged, but I can't keep my gribby hands off of my cigars. O need to buy more in order to account for this. Great way to finish off a weekend of terror. The epi. 2 definitely has the creaminess everyone says is present. Great retrohale and easy on any spicyness. Sorry for the quick review, I'll try harder next time, been a horrid weekend.
  6. Annoying question #3. My eye sight seems bad but does ERDM Demi tassi count if I mistake it as one?
  7. When I saw this earlier, I thought it was a joke for the day or a prank. I didn't watch the video, just thought it was a joke.
  8. This community is about helping, I'll take on your burden. Send them my way.
  9. That last picture and last tattoo, I felt like my soul was tattooed. I've had some long sits but this back piece done in two days was the hardest.

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