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  1. Ohhh my goooodnessss. Early 2019, I don't keep track, so forgive me. But.... this is everything I want out of a cigar. Purchased, put away, recently heard great things. I concur. Great smoke. Happy 4th to those in the states! Otherwise, happy day just because we are here and moving forward. Cheers to you and whatever may bring you joy, pride, and happiness!
  2. Love this. Thank you for the positive info! I am a small business owner. I am very fortunate and proud that we have not been affected thus far, nor do I anticipate we will be (knocking on wood as we speak) as long as we continue to work harder now than ever before. Sadly I cannot say the same for many friends and others in our community that operate small businesses. This second wave is closing operations left and right. I honestly don't know how to feel. 2008 was a very challenging time for our business and nearly decimated my family and employees. Now to be OK through this doesn't feel right. Very torn but extremely grateful. At some point the onus needs to be place on individuals and allow the free market to perform. This is my humble opinion anyway. Businesses shuttering due to the decisions of politicians is not the path to prosperity. Thanks to everyone chiming in in this subject!
  3. My upcoming beach vacation is ruined. The beach is closed, but all the tiny little shops, restaurants, and bars are still open. Logic obviously left politicians long ago so I trust nothing. Not that I ever trusted politicians😜 Seriously, I just want to sit on the beach with my family away from all the other crap in the world. Wait, I just read that alcohol cannot be consumed on the premises of restaurants. No beach, no booze, geez. Reminds me of a Simpson's episode.... "No beer, no TV makes Homer something something." That's how I feel right now. Screw it, I'm smoking a cigar. The little things I guess.
  4. ... can you feel it?... Again? I'm afraid we are headed towards massive lockdowns again, but far exceeding the initial wave. Please be prepared, love yourself, your family, and your neighbor. Granted it may vary by country, but we are a global economy at this point. Peace ✌
  5. I sampled one about a week after receipt. Meh. I had one last night, a little over three weeks rest. Amazing! I don't go searching for flavors, but I know what I like and I loved this cigar. Few cigars can provide me with what I call a deep toasted tobacco flavor that warms the soul. This had it in spades. I just became a fan of Casdagli and look forward to trying their other offerings.
  6. Casdagli Daughters Of The Wind Pony Express. I have been curious about the Bespoke/Casdagli line. Hopefully they pan out.
  7. Exactly, and thank you for your hard work. What gets me is this is technically SARS-cov-2. In other words, it is a re amplified version of SARS, so it should have been recognized quickly. In fact it was, but the original (nationality intentionally left out in fear of racism claims) scientist that discovered it were quickly reprimanded. The quarantine time eluded that area in the name of, rather fear of, complete economic implosion. Millions upon millions of people traveled to and from the area due to national holidays. I have said all along this virus has been among us for quite some time.
  8. Proactiveness combats pandemics, not reactiveness. Regulations, oversight, etc. Or perhaps this virus is nature's population control as we are the virus? Humans do not have a good track record on this planet. Let's be real here. Can you cite an example where the global economy reacted this way to a pandemic? Not being sarcastic, just curious. The true consequence of the global shutdown is increased poverty and crime, which will never be reported as a consequence. As long as the world wants to hide the true statistics, we will not learn and history will repeat.
  9. Here in Atlanta our numbers are soaring. In my opinion, this makes sense with our busy airport. This virus landed long before reports to the WHO. Respected analysts put our peak at April 23rd (estimated deaths are extreme and inaccurate based on trends), with optimism and a downward trend in mid May, with 0 new deaths reported by June 6th. I think this is accurate. However, the lasting impact on society is extreme. Think about this.... when will the masses go on a cruise again? How about a musical venue of 50,000 crammed into close quarters? This will change our social landscape for the foreseeable future. For the positive or negative to be determined. I for one am an optimist and believe we will better ourselves as a result. Also, think about this... this virus is always preceded with "novel." The REAL novelty is the global economic shutdown...
  10. My wife and I question whether or not I've already had it. I'm t1 diabetic, flu shots every year, and haven't had the flu in well over a decade. Back in mid February I developed fatigue, a painful cough, and body aches in a very short period of time. Went to the doctor, he didn't test me for anything and prescribed Tamiflu, stating I had the flu. It didn't do a damn thing for me. My cough was very dry, unproductive, and hurt like hell. Breathing was more difficult than normal, but nothing that made me consider going to the hospital. Fever hovered near 102° for 5-7 days. Chills and body aches were very intense. First two or three days were the miss intense. It felt like I slept for 5 days straight before coming to again, but only after those first few days. 10 days before I was able to test getting up and walking around and I lost 15 lbs. I should have entered the weight loss competition!! This was during the time that China was having troubles but it wasn't known to have left the country. That's what terrifies me about all this. We have no idea how many people are infected and not tested. My wife never caught what I had but my son developed the same cough and low grade temp a short while later, though he recovered much faster and was not as severe. Also what was odd was my doctor said to call them if my symptoms didn't subside after 5 days. After 5 days my wife called them and they said give it another week and to go to the ER if it got worse. Makes me wonder what our medical professionals knew before we did. Again, I have no idea what I had or did not have and likely never will. All I can tell you is it was unlike anything I've previously experienced. I remained dizzy and weak for weeks afterward. I am now able to run again and live my healthy lifestyle. I am under the impression that it is amongst us to a far greater extent than we believe.
  11. Obviously the vast majority of the population are unfamiliar with the three seashells. Come on people...
  12. We have a 14 year old Aussie. Amazing, beautiful animals. Loves her Frisbee. Our walks right now help keep both of us sane!
  13. In all seriousness, it's closing in around us. Friends and loved ones coming into contact with positive cases. Time to do our part and stay home. We will grill some spectacular meals on the egg, work on puzzles, and actually try to unplug. Feels like an ignorance is bliss situation. I was actually thinking about putting up some Christmas lights to spread some cheer and joy. I'm concerned about young kids that are old enough to understand something is wrong but internalize everything. Maybe lights will cheer them up, and myself for that matter.

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