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  1. Some great recommendations. I will try a few. I love Vodka with a cigar for some reason. Never considered a rye. Looking to try something new. Thanks!
  2. Hola Amigos. Headed down to south Florida for a much needed vacation. Brought a variety of Montes and HDM's. Generally speaking, any recommendations for a nice drink to enhance my relaxation with the aforementioned marqas? Muchas Gracias!
  3. Sometimes a basic, well aged fuente just hits the spot, especially on a hotlanta afternoon. Fuente always coats my pallet with a crisp, gingerbread biscuit fluffiness. Variety is the spice of life! {Sorry, image would not upload}
  4. Monte Especial #2. I buy quarter boxes, but can sum these up in three words. Aye dios mío. Beautiful. Thank you to our host. In paralyzed
  5. El Principe for a quick smoke. ROTT and phenomenal!
  6. Oh, hell no. That box better be line in gold. The Partys were a friggin bargain.
  7. I thoroughly enjoy my Partagas Añejados purchased here. Actually my current favorite cigar in my rotation.
  8. Been having troubles with these. Still a wonky burn, but holy hell. Sublime cream treat. Finally LOVE!
  9. A while back I bought a 6'er of PSD4 that I am thoroughly enjoying. I want to purchase a box. My question is will the exact same stick produced at another factory be of the same quality or do I need to try for the same factory code when I find something I like? Thanks in advance!
  10. For my family today is the unofficial beginning of summer. Our youngest son graduated his first year of high achiever schooling. So proud of him! I have been smoking and braising beef short ribs all day. Soon we head to the neighborhood pool that we redeveloped and sent our community to the next level. Life is grand! Mag 46 to complete the great day. Cheers!
  11. So this would be the oldest CC I've enjoyed. My understanding is rolled in 09, boxed and shipped in 16. Holy crap. I'm still new to CC, but now I get it. The age has taken off the rough edges and enhanced the qualities I seek in a cigar. There is a whole new level of rich, creamy, chewy, somewhat sweet, caramel goodness. I definitely don't want this one to end. 30 more minutes of pure bliss 😎
  12. First PSD4. Fantastic smoke. About one year, 4 months humi time. Love every minute, but at the half way point it went to a whole other level that I thoroughly enjoyed.
  13. This. I put some NC's in my basement for a few years that I did not care about. Checked on them on occasion and figured they were done, based on fairly (low) regulated temp (68°F) with high humidity (78%). Smoking them now... holy s%#t they are sublime! Cigars are far more adaptive than we give then credit for. Enjoy the hobby but don't be afraid of straying from the "norm."
  14. Not sure they are under the radar, but Monte 4 never lets me down. Very reasonable price, length of smoke is just right, and I find them to be deeply satisfying. RyJ wide churchills are a very close second. But man, give me a psp monte 4 any day of the week and I'm a happy man!

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