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  1. Cubasam

    Humidity Control

    I just started about 4 days ago; not full at all, I only have 4 boxes in it. I have a bunch of the boveda bags filled with cigars waiting for the container to reach the right humidity but maybe I should just fill it up then to balance the humidity faster? i guess I’ll throw most of my cigars in there and keep waiting to reach the right humidity. I have about 9 bags at 69%
  2. Cubasam

    Humidity Control

    Yeah put the sensor push into a ziplock bag of one 65% boveda pack and calibrated it that way
  3. Hey guys and gals! I know this topic has been touched on before but wanted to get a refresher on everyone’s technique on making sure the humidity is set at the right percent i have a ziplock weathertight container (recommended by many of you here); I’m currently using sensor push and can’t get my humidity to 65%. I have about 8 boveda packs at 65%; the humidity is still riding at 59%. should I keep putting more boveda packs to try to push it up or is the deal not tight enough? Just can’t figure it out
  4. Great review! Need to stop by that coffee shop, located in LA so shouldn’t be to far of a drive!
  5. What are you guys using for humidity readers? Have you guys tried sensor push?
  6. Awesome! I guess my next step is the 360g packs and to find a good humidity reader
  7. Oh nice! Didn’t know they had air tight ones. I’ll have to check it out today! Thanks
  8. Glad to hear, just bought a box last week. there aren’t too many review about there on the leyandas; been seeing a lot of dumas and maltes. Looking forward to trying them; been wanting a box of these for a while, hopefully they live up to the hype
  9. Have you tried the leyandas? Are they more complex?
  10. Which tuppperware are using? Thinking of getting some since my humidor is overloading. would love to find some Tupperware that’s large enough for boxes. Do your Tupperware have air tightseals on them?
  11. Never had a cigar where the ash would continue to be brown in the middle throughout the cigar and the outside would be grey, does that seem weird? When I flick the ash off, the ash looks like it’s dark sawdust Tasted bitter all the to the second third, felt and tasted so weird i threw it out
  12. It’s been tough; bought a ton of boxes via FOH this year and trying to find that reason why I’m still smoking. Started a new way to set up my humidor with 65% and trying the el pres method of capped, fridge, wait, and smoke. Still aren’t getting the flavors most people are getting; I’m not new to smoking have been smoking for the last 8 years. I’ve had some good Cubans but not exceptional ones. Hopefully it changes in the near future
  13. Just for fun: if you had to choose on the size whats your best/favorite? So far for me it would be: RASS, PLPC, Monte 2 if I we’re to put DC in the mix: Punch DC; haven’t had the Hoyo DC but you already know everyone raves about it.

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