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  1. Never had a cigar where the ash would continue to be brown in the middle throughout the cigar and the outside would be grey, does that seem weird? When I flick the ash off, the ash looks like it’s dark sawdust Tasted bitter all the to the second third, felt and tasted so weird i threw it out
  2. It’s been tough; bought a ton of boxes via FOH this year and trying to find that reason why I’m still smoking. Started a new way to set up my humidor with 65% and trying the el pres method of capped, fridge, wait, and smoke. Still aren’t getting the flavors most people are getting; I’m not new to smoking have been smoking for the last 8 years. I’ve had some good Cubans but not exceptional ones. Hopefully it changes in the near future
  3. Just for fun: if you had to choose on the size whats your best/favorite? So far for me it would be: RASS, PLPC, Monte 2 if I we’re to put DC in the mix: Punch DC; haven’t had the Hoyo DC but you already know everyone raves about it.
  4. Haven’t had one but in the same camp; saved up for it and bought a box. I’m hoping they’re great, but im sure they’ll be some that are just bland but coros were something I wanted to dive into. If I were you I would buy a 6er and try it out!
  5. It’s a quiet Sunday in beautiful Los Angeles; it’s just hitting 78 degrees at around 1920. I snuck a quick cigar before my wife and I made a quick grocery run to Trader Joe’s. Been wanting to revisit my Rafael Gonzales perlas; haven’t had one in a couple of months. Never heard of the brand but I picked it up due to everyone raving about the cigars, love the size for a quick smoke. The first third was tasty; no harshness, but a very good tobacco on the tongue swirled with some cedar. The burn was a little wonky but not a problem because I don’t mind touching it up a bit. Stayed consistent til the second third. The second third came in with some surprising vegetal notes, haven’t gotten the sweetness that people have talked about but still with the cedar in the background. Also able to pick up some slight dark chocolate through the retrohale. So far so good; it’s abou the 25min mark for me. The last third smoked with a bit of harshness, maybe me smoking a little to fast perhaps. I’m crunched on time so started picking up in the final third; nonetheless, the cigar was pretty good. I’m getting back to the cedar but mainly tobacco notes. Def going to revisit this cigar in another 3 months to see the progression. Humidor settings: 70 degrees, 69% humidity (Switching to 65% this week and maybe that might change it up a bit) Final score: 84/100
  6. How was the A? Been going back and forth with the A and B; haven’t had both
  7. Used to be Pepsi; but coke really is more refreshing and satisfying! coke coke coke
  8. From what I’ve been reading everyone says that it has just been plain, no flavor, light hints of cream but goes away quickly. Im in the same boat with you on hoyos being just meh, just wanted to give it a shot on the rio secos. looking at a box of des dieux; I hear it’s the most creamiest Hoyo
  9. Hey Juan! What is it about the rio seco’s?just got a 10 count and haven’t tried it yet, I’ve heard mixed reviews about it
  10. Stoked; just bought a box and looking forward to them. I have the corona Claros and have been below average. Hope this box is awesome!
  11. What fb group are you using that they’re selling and how much?
  12. I guess most people will agree that it’s the San Juan more than the rio Seco. still need to get my hands on those and des dieux
  13. I guess I’ll be on the look out for San Juan’s, have you tried the des dieux?

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