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  1. LOOK AT THE SIZE OF IT! 😄 After you finish it, you've got yourself a new end table!
  2. aphexafx

    Hello from North Carolina!

    Hello and welcome!
  3. Awesome. I remember you mentioning it and asking when more will come up. You'll never forget that cigar!
  4. I wouldn't so quickly give up on Xikar without giving them, their new owner, or whomever the case, a chance to serve you personally. Anyway, I like a good cut. In my 15+ years of cutting cigars, I've become an expert at wasting money on cutters. It's embarrassing. I like to think that I've matured, because at this point I have thrown form and style completely out the window. Function it is. These are the winners. I don't particularly LIKE scissor cutters, but my two Xikars are the best cutters that I employ. Both of them work as well as they day I first unfolded them. One of them has been going strong for nearly ten years. After that is the Cuban Crafters Perfect. Inexpensive, not at all impressive, and blows the rest of the dual blades away, imo. I thew the rest of my cutters away, long ago.
  5. Love BOC on a wet, snowy day. 🎧
  6. For sure! I was pointing out the date solely towards finding out more about the vitola. It's difficult to judge the scale, but based on the depth of the lids, I don't think they were as small as the name might suggest. Interesting as hell. I'd love to find one of those Punch Lilies tins.
  7. Unghf. Love love love love that Punch tin. Anyone know anything about Punch Lilies? They aren't listed at CCW/brand/punch. Some quick research places those tins circa 1890.
  8. aphexafx

    VDRC: Partagas 898 Dic 17

    I love a little black pepper in a 8-9-8! A cigar for reflection and a great cigar to admire. Thanks for a great review. 👍
  9. Showoff! You have a warehouse for a humidor. You've become jaded. 🤣
  10. I have two of the Xikar scissors, have used both for many many years (one is 8 or 9 years old I think), and they both still work perfectly. Two thumbs up for those.
  11. aphexafx

    Hi from London

    Welcome! Glad you joined.
  12. aphexafx

    Hello From Indiana

  13. aphexafx

    Hello from NYC

    Ditto. Please add to the Pipe Smoking sub, it's a bit slow. 😄 Welcome to FOH!

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