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  1. One more note, I’ve also found I like cigars that are not necessarily in the top 5 hit parade, so I can find boxes that are 18-24 months old on receipt. Ie I prefer coronas, petit coronas, and minutos to a certain extent. Lots of members seem to love these as well, but the general population seems to prefer larger formats. This may have impacted my statement that I’ve had some beautiful experiences at 90 days.
  2. I’m no expert and maintain 8-10 boxes in a Coolidor. So no long long term aging at this point. Others have described wonderful Right Off the Truck experiences, mine have been mediocre at best and unsmokable at worst. I have found that 90 days in a stable environment is an accurate representation of the cigar at its present age. Even ROTT unsmokable have really sang at this point. My palate is not refined enough to get much benefit from testing in monthly increments, so I will usually test one every quarter thereafter. When they are “on”, sometimes a year/sometimes 2/sometimes 180 days I usually can’t help but smoke through them pretty quickly. I also have a tendency to give away cigars that are “on” to try and let others have a great experience that may be new to the hobby. I typically try to keep 5-6 smokes from an “on” box to put them away for several years. I’ve only done this with 5 boxes and due to being newish, haven’t hit the 5-10 year age. Due to space I also consolidate many different types of cigars into a single box. This may be bad, but I’m up against space constraints. Generally speaking, one a quarter, when they are firing I’ll smoke the box down to 5/6 cigars and hold. I’ve seen photos of some members’ setups, hundreds of boxes. They’d be better able to talk about whether it is possible to overage and whether after a cigar is smoking well, whether additional age is worth it. From what I understand, if properly maintained, pretty rough to lose whatever your approach.
  3. Brian24

    C & C to Buy Now

    Hi all, I love talking cheap and cheerful cigars. Persona favorites are RyJ Coronitas en Cedro, HU Majestics, RG PEs. I’ve found I’ve gotten just as good or even better flavor out of the cheapies than I have some more expensive sticks. With that, what have you all purchased recently, with newer box codes, ie ‘18, that are solid performers? Thanks gang.
  4. Brian24

    Opinions on HU majestics?

    I tried 2 singles from FOH. I can’t wait to get a box. Bump on the flavor bomb comment.
  5. If I’m lucky November - January I will be able to sneak in 1-2 a month due to weather.
  6. I’ve had meh boxes or handfuls of singles. Let them sit because I didn’t enjoy, then one day you pick one up and , bam, next thing I know I’m getting a box or two to put away. The aging and time down I’ve found is a real thing. The first time this happened was with JL2. When I first started reading about cigars I had no idea it could make such a difference.
  7. Haha. I remember that post. It was when I first joined. Sancho Christo’s right?
  8. 10 box of Monte 2s from FOH. Incredible.
  9. Brian24

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Mmmmmm. Three different days, not one sitting, over about the last week.
  10. Common advice on the site says to slowly increase Rh. So maybe start with low boveda and every month or so increase to 62-65? I wouldn’t want to shock them and ruin a beautiful box by cracking all the wrappers. My 2 cents.
  11. Wow. Great review.@captainquintero are you available to ghost write birthday, Mother’s Day, and other holiday correspondence to my wife?
  12. Brian24

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Sorry ERDM Choix Supreme. June ‘17 box. I smoked 3 when a couple months old. Thought they were bitter foul and generally beyond redemption. So much so I tried to trade a bunch away. Looking at you@crookedfinger Had about 10 left, took a flier on one, it’s my birthday. Gotta say, I get it now. Certainly can see why people love these. Can’t wait to see where the rest of the box goes in another year or so. COMPLETELY did not expect this level of redemption. From another review site “honey sweet, floral and tangy taste, in combination with a lot of bean flavours”. Agreed.
  13. Brian24

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Robusto. A good one.

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