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  1. I’m traveling for a few more days. I’ll look it up when I get back home. I believe they were Jun 21, but I’ll confirm and get the factory code.
  2. I’d love a T-shirt. How do we order those? Still making my way through last year’s excellent batch.
  3. These QDO 50s showed up today on Xmas eve from FOH, I think they were clearance on 24:24, might be the best looking cigars I’ve seen in years.
  4. First batch is really really good. Can’t recall if I got the 25 from our host or the Chicago store discusses here. But so good. [emoji122][emoji122]
  5. One a day men’s and Jonny walker. But thinking about some others, particularly on the eve of 40 and reading some comments here and a renewed focus on my health this year.
  6. What a great thread. My needs are simple. -Boli PC -Monte 4s -JL 2s with a little age.
  7. Fellow TN resident. Nashville for what it’s worth. Probably firing up a Monte 1 that’s been giving me problems every 6 months.
  8. Highly recommend rewatching. Wife and I did at the beginning of the pandemic. Perfect ‘00-‘10 time capsule.
  9. Bump to Nicholson, but the best Nicholson cigar scene is definitely A Few Good Men. Lunch at Guantanamo Bay.
  10. My Dad has done a couple MGs and a Triumph over the years. I’ve got a soft spot for old British cars.
  11. Not posting to be political, wondering if the members have any insight or inside baseball information as to practical implications with respect to procuring cigars and travel under new regulations to be published tomorrow ?
  12. Love Hondas. First decent car 20 years ago was a ‘00 accord, put 300k mi on it and only had to replace wheel bearings. Then went on to buy a VW, a couple Jeep grand cherokees, and a GMC Yukon. Only to wish I bought an ‘08 accord instead. Finally went back to Honda and got a ‘19 ridgeline. Already hit 45k. Like you, hoping to hit 500k. What’s the new model going to be?
  13. The i car has a bunch of foam. It’s pretty good. I keep a small boveda in it whether using it or not. Does a great job.
  14. They’re hard to come by, but always a pleasant surprise.
  15. I tried to run an oasis in my winador. More trouble than it was worth. Just bovedas. You don’t have to think about it.
  16. For what it’s worth, I put anything from FOH in gen pop immediately. Bump to [mention]PigFish [/mention] , I store everything at a ready to smoke low Rh, 60-62, although I suspect we have vastly different inventory levels. I don’t dry box, but find if I pull a cigar out of the winador a couple hours before smoking, I get a better experience. Unfortunately, it’s usually not that well planned. Hence storage at lower Rh.
  17. Born in ‘82. Thanks everyone for making me feel so young.
  18. That’s one hell up a set up. You just gave my Winador an inferiority complex.

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