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  1. A bad day of golf, always beats a good day at work....
  2. It depends, is it a regional or reserva? And is it rolled at el laguito?
  3. Imagine the guys pairing a montecristo open with this drink. Priceless 🤣
  4. "Cant wait to see this on 24:24, email is ready" says noone
  5. Admi, remove if not allow. I just received a box of RyJ petit royales (different vendor) and when i check the upc on habanos website it came as. RyJ wide churchill gran reserva 2009. Im thinking this is just cuban being cuba and using the same code after 10 years, also it was from reputable vendor, and i doubt people will fake this. What you guys think
  6. Tough choice between esplendido or lusitania. esplendido since price wont matter
  7. Probably too expensive for me. even if the price is right the 56 rg means i would stay away. But im sure it will sold out in less than a minute, im willing to bet that someone already has the email ready.?
  8. Some of them are probably reading this post, maybe even replying. Arnold are you there? ?

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