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  1. Hopefully i was quick enough for the lusi. Suspense is killing me
  2. Last cigar left, from a 2014 Cartagena trip. Montecristo edmundo. Now i have to wait for the 2019 i have inside the humidor. 🥺
  3. Great back and forth battle heads up, after you beat my trips kings, i knew you it was your night, and it doesnt get any better than winning the tournament by beating pocket aces to end it. Congrats
  4. Mj23 to celebrate my second father's day..
  5. Thank you, happy and bless father's day
  6. 10ct boxes of lusi, epicure especial and short chirchill.
  7. Ryj churchilland mojito, such a great aroma, that even my non smoker neighbor came out to ask me what was i smoking that smell soo good 😆
  8. I think is a great move, and even thought im not a big fan of nicaragua cigars, i cannot wait to buy some opus x nicaragua version. My favorite nc is ashton vsg made by the fuente family. Also the Fuente and Newman families are doing great things in my Dominican Republic hometown of Bonao with their cigar family foundation.
  9. Allen edmonds, the leather is probably a little stiff and have to get used to. Bally, bruno magli are great, softer leather and more confortable. However make sure is made is italy since they do make some lower models in china. Johnston & murphy is also a great US company to look at. Furthermore quality shoes are either goodyear welted and blake constructed.
  10. Only way is by going to cuba or knowing someone thats been there. On the secondary market i seen them up to $25 a single. I payed 108 for a fiver months ago. I guess is if you get it from Alex himself its cheaper but i could be wrong as a never been to Cuba.
  11. Enjoying a "half moon" in the middle of the day....

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