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  1. Decided to smoke this one while walking in the park with the wife 1st- not a lot of smoke, quite creamy and milk chocolate, had a little vanilla or white pepper note on the retrohale. 2nd- more cocoa, however not as creamy as the first, started getting some nuttines and leathery flavors 3rd- this is where the young age is started to show with some nicotine kick but nothing aggresive, earthiness and leather notes are more profound with a long peppery on the finish. i give it a solid 91. This was from one of my first box purchase from our host (psp) and so far is been splendid. Would love to see how these will be after the 2-3 years mark, however lately i been enjoying these soo much that i dont know if the will make it that long. 😉😋
  2. Lately i been smoking quite a lot of montecristos, specially monte 4 (may 2018) and edmundo’s. However last night i decided to try a very young montecristo 2 (march 19) needless to say it was to young and it kick my butt. 😢 for how long should i age the rest for it to settle down to what it should really be.
  3. Home alone, i was about 5-6. And my brothers and me will never forget it, because it was my mom that took me and my brothers, my father came home that night from a few days trip and forget his house keys, the neighbor told him we were in the theather, long story short. In the middle of the movie he starts yelling my moms name, to ask her for the keys.
  4. Just finished enjoying a montecristo no 4, same factory code but believe it was march or may 2018, same white ash, it was really a great one. Glad i still have 20 left in the box. 😉
  5. As someone who enjoys a lot of dominican cigar especially Don carlos, i would say that he will enjoy HDM epicure 2, partagas d4, just smoked my first Cohiba medio siglo and it was great also. don carlos is not a strong cigar. I would also say RyJ since its consider mild to medium, however i havent had any of them so i cannot but certain.
  6. Thanks everyone. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. You mean just one 320 gram boveda is good enough for the whole wineador? Also are yours plugged in or unplugged, i ask because i read that some people unplugged them. Thank you for replying Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. my current humidor is full, im currently thinking on getting a wineador for some boxes i have on the way, (NewAir AW-181E) is gonna be mostly to stored boxes. How to set it up? Can i keep right humidity using only boveda packs? In my current humidor i have a cigar oasis that works great, however the idea of using only boveda packs since easier and cheaper if it actually does the same job. Thanks in advance.
  9. You soon gonna need an intervention.. 😂😳 great collection sir!!

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