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  1. 19/20 Southern Draw Jacobs Ladder Lancero - This is a great blend if you enjoy the spicy/savory style Nicaraguan blends. It reminds me how I love Lanceros and while this is a Nicaraguan, I wish Cuba would make more skinnies...
  2. 18 or 19 Leche de Mama Robusto - cigar federation has released these a couple times and imo they are just sublime. One of my favorite new worlds. As the name implies, rich medium-full body with notes of lightly sweetened milk, honey and vanilla. Go figure, I haven't seen any up for sale for 1+ years now but I always keep an eye out.
  3. 19 HU Sir Winston - lit one up to celebrate my birthday weekend! Just an excellent experience the through and through, but I should mention that this one has a very pleasant mustiness to it.
  4. 20 PLMC - just an outstanding smoke. To be fair - if it wasn't for my Perfecdraw, this would have went right in the trash but I'm so happy it didn't because it is smoking wonderfully.
  5. Espinosa Mi Barrio Churchill (I think?) - picked up a 5er of these and I'm glad I did because it's excellent. Malted vanilla, white pepper and cream for days. I initially read that these were by DPG I believe? But now Espinosa is rolling them I think. Not surprised DPG had a hand in them at one point because I definitely taste DPG influence in there.
  6. 19 R&J Ex #4 - love these cigars, I wish they made a larger vitola for this blend!
  7. 19 Diplomaticos #2 - i think these are pretty damned accurately described in the 24/24 when they say it's part Monte part partagas...if im being completely honest, the profile is not my favorite by a long shot but I'm happy to have them to add variety to my Cuban rotation!
  8. 20 SLR Regios - curiously light wrapper on this box as opposed to others I have. These current Regios are killing it though, spectacular smokes!
  9. Interesting! I always find it curious how differently a cigar is perceived by different individuals. I know for me, when I think of a RASS profile, I think rich leather cream and unspecified fruit accents maybe some coffee interspersed here and there. Great reviews though, and I'm glad to hear the dry boxing works so well for you! I think there's a saying somewhere, oh how did it go? "Once you dry box you can't stop" something like that 😄
  10. Casdagli Daughters of the Wind Lancero - damn fine smoke - but then for the price of a Casdagli, it had better be haha.
  11. Isabela Transporter Figurado - okay so first off Isabela is a small boutique company out of Miami that uses primarily (in fact, maybe exclusively) Nicaraguan tobacco. The owner pre ages all of the tobacco extensively and it is immediately evident when you light one of these up. Oh, I should mention they *lightly* sweeten the caps but I read that it's an homage to the old Cubans and it's barely noticeable. I wouldn't normally explain all of that but I feel this company is woefully overlooked and any cigar fan owes it to themselves to check this brand out. This one is an LE I belie
  12. 17 Warped Corto - one of my favorite Nica cigars, and one of my first box purchases one I decided to get more serious about cigars. These age supremely well (at least to date) and they burn incredibly slow with excellent, rich smoke output. Pepper start, then cream, roasted nuts, cocoa and floral accents. To any Nicaraguan fans out there, I highly suggest grabbing a 5er and seeing what you think!
  13. 2020 HU Mag 54 Tubo - I was fortunate enough to have a 3 pack of these added in to an order a few months back. Could not resist trying as I'd never had a 54 before and while very nice, it's evident that they could use more time down. Still very pleasant however with the typical HU core but leaning more on the savory side imo.
  14. Great choice!! Someone in another forum I'm a member of sent me an aged Litto Gomez and WOW. It was just unreal how good it was. I remember it having an intense spicy funky cherry note that was just sublime. Since then I have aimed to pick up more to age but they aren't cheap, so I haven't yet but plan to remedy that eventually.
  15. Kicking my weekend off with the Guardian of the Farm Lonsdale! Have enjoyed these since their release and always have some on hand resting to smoke. (As well as a box that's aging longer term!)

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