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  1. 17 or 18 MF Le Bijou toro - found this box at the bottom of the coolidor the other day and decided to give one a spin. Coming along quite nicely and I look forward to revisiting again in a year or two!
  2. @therealrsr thanks for the feedback, I might have to reconsider ordering some in the new year!
  3. Wow that is really cool, I don't think I've ever seen a roll like that! I've been eyeing that Amazon of Customs site for a bit and considered the Papo Lanceros, but jeez that price....I decided to pick up some HU Mag 10s instead and save the rest for the FOH nudies later this month... With that in mind though, I've never had a Cuban Custom to date, so I hope to eventually get my hands on some, but hopefully for a better price!
  4. Starting my Friday with an Aladino! I find that I have a special affinity for Honduran tobacco, especially Corojo and Criollo blends.
  5. Well yeah, I was just saying as a comparison to those mammoths (which I assume are considered a "special edition") I will say that I've had their regular line and I really enjoyed them. Specifically their Corona and Belicoso i found to be quite tasty!
  6. Haha yeah I just posted on a cigar blog earlier today about how I love Isabela, but I hate this release. Give me a special edition Lonsdale, Fundadores etc and I'll bite, but those enormous ring gauges are for the birds. 🦅
  7. 19 RASS - nothing is quite like a really nice RASS...lovely rich, flavorful profile and burns slowly with excellent smoke output. I wonder what this blend would be like if rolled as a Lonsdale...hmm....
  8. Partagas Lusitania - decided to celebrate Thanksgiving early with this beauty...not at home so not box code but this one is young - 20 maybe? Regardless, it is smoking spectacularly well for its age. I hope you all have some excellent cigars (and food) for the holiday!!
  9. If you can believe it, I had a chance to grab a couple boxes last summer and I passed because I thought I was in too much debt at the time on my credit this point though I would have had them paid off and I'd be sitting pretty with some Lanceros.... I will not be making that mistake again, given the opportunity anyways... 😄
  10. Wow, I knew I could count on you guys, spectacular feedback!! Thanks to everyone for your input, my question was definitely answered and then some. I'll probably wait for Prez to put up a fairly priced box and try to grab one, but only after I manage to get my hands on some boxes of CoLas. 😁
  11. RGPC - not at home so unsure of date but I actually lit this one after smoking a splendid RASS, so it's been a wonderful CC morning for me! While the RASS is a personal favorite and wins between the two, I really appreciate the RGPC as well, they have a unique profile that really sets them apart from other Cuban PCs imo.
  12. I am asking this because I've not tried them yet and I notice that they are *always* in stock at other Cuban cigar retailers. What gives? Especially with the current shortages, I've seen almost all other Cohibas get snapped up but for some reason the Coronas Especiales are still there. I know they are pricey but then so are all Cohibas. I guess I'm just wondering if there have been some bad batches or if there is something that people don't like about them? Or was there just some extra surplus floating around? Thanks in advance for any and all feedback!
  13. Casa Cuba Doble Dos - probably my favorite Fuente and definitely my favorite vitola for the blend. There's a lot fancier stuff in their portfolio but this one is a pretty consistent performer for me. I think I'd rather take a couple boxes of these versus some really rare Opus Xs, just my preference though.
  14. Figure I might as well chime in with my (limited) experience with Indonesian tobacco... A year or two ago I kept hearing good things about Stolen Throne's Crook of the Crown blend (and that is completely aside from Cigar Federation's extra hyped descriptions, haha) but yeah I saw it reviewed well a few places and some folks on various forums seemed to like them, so I ordered 10 toro and 10 robusto. Amazingly rich, intense and complex - but they have a very distinct dry quality to them. The cigars are comprised of a San Andres wrapper and Nicaraguan and Indonesian fillers and there is
  15. Well, my background might be a little bland but trust me when I say that these cigars were not!! HU Mag 54 - unsure of date, last one from a 3 pack freebie in a recent order and they were pretty good! HU is one of my favorite marcas so I obviously enjoyed this one, but the ring gauge is a bit bigger than I prefer. 2017 BBF - just wonderful. Notes of forest floor, damp earth to start and lots of leather & cream later on. In my experience, a little age on the BBFs goes a long, long way. Hope everyone is enjoying some great smokes today!

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