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  1. Didn't Prez say these should be showing up again? I'm dying to get my hands on a box or two myself...
  2. That is quite interesting @IanMcLean68 , those SLR Serie A sound amazing...a little before my time but maybe they will pop up on Bond Roberts someday...anyway, I'm happy to at least have the Regios! @Corylax18 that is a great story! I can't say I've offended any customs agents but I've had some non-smoking friends and family smell some of my boxes and it seems like a 50/50 split. Some can appreciate the smell while others look like they just smelled rotten eggs, haha. But then it also largely depends on marca/box chosen I think. I know my mother, for example, loves the smell of the most R
  3. Hey everyone, I hope all of you have some good smokes lined up for the weekend! So I recently cracked open a new box of SLR Regios and I was hit by the most fruitiest odor imaginable. I've have other boxes of Regios that have a faint fruit smell but nothing like this most recent box. I mean the damned thing smells like it was packaged with Fruit Punch Koolaid packets! So that had me wondering, what are some of the most interesting smelling boxes you've had and what did they smell like? Both CC and NC is fine, as I know I have a box of Ashton Symmetry's that smell like...well, v
  4. Cohiba Lanceros...hoping to score a box (or two!) this summer!
  5. I second this, Vegueros are very nice cigars! I can appreciate that not everyone likes them but that doesn't mean they aren't good cigars. I'm not a fan of some of the sizes but other than that, I'm a big fan.
  6. 39 years old and to keep in shape I... - do 100 push ups and sit-ups in sets of 25 each Monday-Friday morning - walk for 25-30 minutes when weather permits during the work week - 1 hour of cardio on my exercise bike at least 5 days a week and even with all that I STILL have to watch my calorie intake...what a joy growing older is.
  7. Never had one but an SP Lonsdale sounds spectacular! In my experience, yes, the Belicosos can get a little rough in the last 3rd when they are young, but I still find them to be wonderful cigars.
  8. Ah hah! Yes thanks everyone, that all very well answers my question! And yes @JohnS it did appear that they were out of stock at my usual spots, hence me wondering - but fortunately I was recently able to pick up a couple boxes. It's a relief to know that the hiatus should only be temporary @NSXCIGAR next time they return in numbers I'll be stocking up, that's for sure.
  9. I personally adore the SP Belicosos and for the life of me, I don't understand why SP is not as popular as Bolivar, HU, RJ, etc... I've found that the Non Plus were (past tense because they have been discontinued) much stronger than the Belicosos but I love both equally.
  10. Hello everyone, hope you are all smoking some good sticks this weekend. I noticed some places are currently out of the Superiores and I just wanted to confirm, are they still in production as of 2021? I checked the Cuban cigar website and it still lists it as current, but I just wanted to double check as I am a big fan of this cigar and hope to stock up before they are gone. The most recent box dates I have are 2020. Thanks to anyone who can provide more information!
  11. I'll agree that recent PLPCs aren't very consistent but I am still getting some spectacular smokes. I believe it to be a total fluke but the last one I smoked tasted like 100% butter...a slightly strange but enjoyable sharp buttery note and tasted almost nothing like a typical PLPC...and it stayed that way until the last 1/3 when a bit of cream joined the primary buttery note. I highly doubt the rest in that cab will be like that one but just getting that one incredible smoking experience helps to counter balance (but of course, not totally alleviate) the frustration with current PLPCs.
  12. In the 12 months alone I've purchased 4 50 cabs of RASS (and a couple dress boxes!) I decided they've been so pleasant lately that I might as well stock up. Think I'll set my sights on the Superiores next. Off topic, does anyone know where we can submit questions for the FOHtv Q&A episodes?
  13. I had a BRE box from 17 and it was nothing less than magical. So upset I didn't exercise restraint because they are all gone now. But that just means I'll have to get more! Excellent review by the way, there is nothing quite like a good HU #2.
  14. I peaked in highschool but my CCs seem to fair better at an approximate 2-5 year window.
  15. Thanks again for all the feedback everyone, I could read debates like these for hours (and often do with searching this forum!) Without having personal experience with farming tobacco, it would make sense to me that man would play a significant role in the end product though. Granted there are a lot of things we are not able to control (rainfall being one, unless you wear a tin foil hat) but decisions like plant spacing would be one of the many decisions that plays a small part. @shortsqueeze I would be immensely upset to learn that SP Belicosos are few and far between because their
  16. Thanks for the feedback everyone! I find it so fascinating that the environment in which the plants are grown can have such a profound effect on the flavors in a cigar. Specifically, that the different locations within a single island can be so unique and different!
  17. Hello everyone! So I lit up an R&J Churchill this morning and have just been marveling at it's beautifully unique flavors and spice. I've come to associate most cigars in this marca with that distinct spice. I can't say that I've had another CC marca or certainly NC that also has that distinct spice. It isn't necessarily peppery like other cigars but it does have a kick and it lingers. So my question is, does anyone know what they might do with the R&J tobacco to give it this unique aspect? Is it the way it is fermented or do they use a specific seed that exhibits these
  18. I am very eager to see what people think of these. I saw them on another site and considered pulling the trigger but they disappeared in a flash. Whenever someone gets the chance to try one, please post back here what you thought of them!
  19. The Captain is absolutely right on, if you can handle Nicaraguan cigars then you really shouldn't have any trouble in terms of nicotine sickness, unless you pick out the strongest of the strong Cubans (R&J Cazadores comes to mind). Regarding the strength of the different marcas, it's definitely true that it is very subjective but I think taking the average of everyone's opinion would give a pretty accurate indication. I've always thought it would be excellent to have some sort of website where people can easily rate the strength, flavor, body, etc of each different Cuban cigar and the
  20. Thanks to all of your responses, this is exactly the kind of feedback I need to decide what I'd like to focus on acquiring first! I am happy to see the great feedback on the Esplendidos, I've been especially hesitant on that one due to the price but from what I'm hearing, it would be perfect to stash a box away for *really* special occasions. Also, I find it interesting how split a lot of folks are with the RAG! I love the marca, with the Superiores being a stand out favorite of mine, so I definitely will be getting the RAG eventually, but I might hold off until I first get some of t
  21. Until the last year or so Churchills and DCs have been a little out of financial reach but now that they aren't anymore, I am looking for suggestions in addition to doing a little research. To date, as far as Cuban Churchill's go, I've had the R&J (which I love) and 1 Sir Winston which was great, but very young so planning to age the 2 boxes I have before revisiting. Have any marcas been outdoing any others recently in your opinion? If so, why? Thanks in advance for any and all comments and suggestions!!
  22. Great review!! Currently have some Blues in the coolidor that I'm hoping not to touch for at least 5 years...
  23. ?! and thanks LLC yeah I figured as much but the obscure materials reference had me concerned! I do kind of like the idea of just popping a boveda in the jar and checking on it from time to time (if boveda dries out too fast due to bad seal, then transfer to coolidor.)
  24. When we say the word "materials", what is this in reference to? Lead or some other kind of chemicals? Tobacco beetles? Propaganda? Just curious as I do plan to get the Noella jar eventually and don't want to have to worry about any....materials.

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