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  1. 2018 Monte 2. Looks like a good sign and quick internet search stated smoking cigars with bloom are great because they are in an “optimal state.” Question is: smoke them now? I have a solid inventory and was looking to add another year or two before digging into this box. Any downside in waiting?
  2. Thanks! I read about the water spots and was hoping that was the case. Wanted to be sure before I moved them from initial quarantine to join friends.
  3. Ijust checked my bottom row and fearful they might be lost. Read that not all green spots are mold. This is a young JUL 19 Part E2. Hope the pics come out okay. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Is there any difference between a blue or black factory/date stamp? I have only seen a black stamp and my new box of partagas E2 was stamped blue and looked odd. Thanks
  5. richardw


  6. It might be too late. But what’s life without a second mortgage lol.
  7. Hey everyone. Looking forward to the wealth of knowledge on this forum and hopefully not spending all the family money on too many sticks!

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