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  1. Maybe if your job causes to drink uncontrollably you need to find a new job. Service jobs force us to be nice to people who probably don't deserve it. You could go to the back of the house and not have to deal with those people. What I hear is people want the money that comes along with waiting tables but not any of the downside.
  2. I am interested in knowing what you are going for based on the recommendations. Were it me, at that price point, I would probably go with the Monte 2s. They will get you 1.25 hours, probably and are very good to my tastes. I had a Diplo 2 the other day and it was good as well but not as good as the Monte. The biggest issue with the samplers and 1/4 boxes is you are not getting as big of a discount as a whole box. IF you know you need 25 cigars and 1.25 hour smokes that does help narrow your choices. You can pick up samplers here: You could buy 2 have a bit of money left over and in July if your stock is drying up you could pick up another sampler for August and September. Long story short there is no perfect or right answer.
  3. Clearly you should shut down your website because this fella can't figure out how to sell his goods any other way. I mean why stop at those countries? Edited to say: Please share more
  4. bsubtown

    The Harley Davidson Decline

    My father-in-law is a HD guy. He had one in college sold it when he had to be serious about school and then bought another when he was maybe 53. Been riding them constantly again since then to his current 66. I think he is on his 5th bike total. He and his wife and some friends go on long over-the-road trips. They have a great time For him and his friends there is no substitute. I think if you got him drunk enough he would admit they are 1) overpriced 2) heavy 3) 95% a style thing. There will always be a subset of people who love the freedom of riding a motorcycle. HD may need a lot of changes but I cannot see them going away completely as long as the desire to be seen as rebeling exists in people. The brand is too strong for it to go away. If you walk into a Walmart around here you will see many people wearing HD shirts few if any will ever afford one or ride one. Funnily as my FIL and I were by a fire last weekend and I was enjoying a Lusitania I offered him a cigar, which he always refuses, and he mentioned he would enjoy a pipe occasionally but did not like the risk associated with the use of tobacco. It is funny how people have different risk tolerances and evaluations. I have no desire to ride a motorcycle because of the inherent risk of that activity.
  5. I think I still have old habits from being a younger, poorer smoker. I have tried to get myself away from puffing but it persists. I take time and care with toasting the foot and always cut before lighting. I used to use a mammoth torch a plumber might use to light my cigars because it is handy in my basement. It got the cigar lit in nanoseconds.
  6. bsubtown

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Dido watching my friends lose money in a poker tournament
  7. bsubtown

    Man cave ventilation?

    1) I have never heard of that. The damper into my room is made by Honeywell and has a closed setting. 2) Theoretically the negative pressure could extinguish pilot lights in your water heater of furnace if present. I guess it could cause premature wear to seals in windows and doors but that is out there imo/ 3) I could see it making sense if budget allows. Something like this could be the ticket and fix everything but ventilation. 4) How big is the room? MY understanding is a smoking room would aim for about 15 air changes per hour. My room is 18.5 x 14.25 x 8 multiply that by 15 and then divide by 60 minutes to get 527.25 CFM needed in the room to get 15 air exchanges per hour.
  8. This is a great thread! Does anyone have rough estimates to how long boxes from each House benefit from being put down or is it more specific to the size and shape of the cigar?
  9. bsubtown

    Man cave ventilation?

    Some cities and counties near me require make-up air if there is external ventilation above a certain CFM. That is why you can find many vent fans rated at 390 CFM just under the 400 CFM rating that would require make-up air. YMMV and it probably does not matter if you are doing the work yourself.
  10. bsubtown

    Man cave ventilation?

    @Riverstyx There is a servo controlled damper on both the return air and on the external ventilation. The switch gets hit and it closes the return air at the same time as opening the external vent and turning on the fan to suck out the air. The damper is about 8 feet upstream from the return air in the room. It would have been closer but the air duct comes in from the ceiling and then is at 90 degrees to the floor. While the external exhaust is in the ceiling. This way the air will circulate from the ground to the top and push more air outside. The conditioned air is about 15 feet from the exhaust fan. The external exhaust is probably 6" in diameter. I can get you exact measurements or info from the HVAC guy if you need. And I hope this is making sense.
  11. bsubtown

    Anyone else HATE moving?

    Just when I think we have the last move done here comes another. I much prefer to help someone move their stuff than move my own. Ideally you don't have to pack up little junk when moving someone else. We are coming closer to completing our house and I can say that I am not looking forward to that move at all.
  12. bsubtown

    Man cave ventilation?

    We are in the middle of building our home and I am installing a smoking/gun room. The room is heated and cooled with return air back to the furnace. With the flip of a switch the return air gets shut off and a vent to the exterior of the house gets turned on. The heated or cooled air will still enter the room but will not return to the rest of the house. My builder has done this for at least one other house and he says it works very well. He is friends with the guy he did it for in the past and says there are no issues. I will also be running a Blueair Classic to cut more of the smoke out. We should be in in June and I will know exactly how well it works then.
  13. bsubtown

    The shinyness to cigars.

    To piggyback on this post I always crack my boxes for a few weeks after arrival to, theoretically, get them ramped up to the right RH faster. Am I overthinking it?
  14. I felt the same way until I realized that the sensors are not on wifi but on Bluetooth LE. My router does not have bluetooth so I see the benefit of buying the gateway. I will probably end up with 5 sensors so the gateway seemed like the right way to go. Two sensors in the humidor, one in long term storage and 2 in my gun vault. I wish the gateway was $50 but i have no clue what their costs are. The truth is I am not gone for more than a week ever so there is probably no need to have these but I like them. I will add that in comparison to what I have sent in cigar stock the SP is a drop in the bucket and well worth the cost for that added piece of mind. BTW currently reading 63.1 64.4 and 64.9% and I am at the office far from my home.
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