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  1. According to the CIA the GDP of Cuba adjusted for exchange rate is estimated at 93.79B in 2017. Total exports were 2.63B which means that the 537M that was quoted is 20% of exports. Tobacco exports accounted for just 0.6% of total GDP as far as I can tell.
  2. My first cigars, I guess you can call them that, where Black and Milds.I met a few guys while I was in college at random house parties who are not students and lived slightly rougher lives than mine. However we became friends. they told me that you had to quote unquote freak the blunts before smoking. That meant roll it between your fingers so all the tobacco fell out into a dish. Then, you had to pull out a piece of paper that was inside of the cigar. That was what was known as the "cancer paper" and by removing it you are pretty much risk-free. I smoked a lot of Black and milds during college. Slowley I graduated to better cigars and really got hooked on Cubans by a friend whose wife was first-generation Cuban-American. For Christmas and other occasions he would offen receive Cuban cigars as a gift and pass a few along to me when we would smoke. These days I wonder about the legitimacy of some of the bands that were on them. I do not wonder about how enjoyable they were and those memories we made.
  3. Put me down for a box. Of course I will buy just about anything twice.
  4. CWD is a huge concern for us hunters here in the States. I am in Indiana and we have thus far not had any free-range populations test positive for the disease. Adjacent states and Wisconsin (one removed) have had quite a time with it. They say the Prions that infect the animal congregate mostly in CNS parts of the deer. They also say that there is no real good way to get rid of the prions one introduced into the wild. Many hunters us salt blocks as bait for their trail cameras. If a deer feeds on the salt that is infected with CWD there is a good possibility that the prions may transfer to the next deer. This is a real doomsday scenario for deer hunting.
  5. I enjoyed them quite a bit as well. Good work everyone!
  6. bsubtown

    Left or Right?

    Left looks like my previous boxes but I don't know if that is good or not.
  7. bsubtown

    New App Habanos World

    It looks like they have a lot of content they are planning that is not yet added. I am interested to see if it is a helpful resource or another half-finished app related to cigar smoking. There are too many of those to count.
  8. More information about the reaction the exposure may be helpful. Is it something that a prophylactic zyrtec or benadryl will help with? It may be that she needs a medicine cocktail with her cigars.
  9. bsubtown

    New Habanos releases pics

    Exactly what I was thinking. I followed them a few weeks back and don't remember seeing much that was informative or impressive. And now this.
  10. bsubtown

    Travel case?

    I just bought a project carbon yesterday. I liked the PJs alot but decided I couldn't justify the price difference. I also like the fact the project carbon looks a bit sleeker and less like a man-purse. I have a cigar caddy which I plan on still using depending on the situation. It makes more sense to me on the boat or doing real travel.
  11. bsubtown

    C&C for wedding guests

    I would worry about spending too much time talking to people about cigars to get them into the right cigar for them v. enjoying the festivities. Those nights go fast and will go even faster if you have to waste time talking to second-cousin jeffy about his preferences and flavor profile. I have learned my lesson when bringing things to share that less is more. I say one option for the masses and maybe a few special ones for those who you know will appreciate it.
  12. Right click on word, use synonyms, repeat.
  13. Is the goal here to aid in long term storage and reduce the amount of possible fluctuations in a more open system?
  14. As somebody who is not participating it is good to see all the motivation that persists and the general congeniality on this board. Coming from having a go of it on it is a breath of fresh air.

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