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  1. Fishing trip in Canada on the last day. We made a flotilla of all of the boats on our trip off of the shores of "Scheu Island" which is an island my father-in-law named after himself after catching a ton of fish there many years ago. Not sure what I was smoking, probably an Oliva V. As the sun went down we passed a bottle around and rounded out the week.
  2. I bought a 4 pack from Amazon for fishing trips. It works great on the lake and if it falls overboard I won't go after it like I would for my Duponts.
  3. 100% contingent on who owns and uses the lounges. The well connected will keep their exemption forever. If producers and actors frequent those establishments they don't have a thing to worry about.
  4. Can I somehow convince my bosses I am working in there? Worth its weight in gold if that is the case.
  5. Paul fan here and it is not particularly close. I was born after John's death and It always seemed to me that he was sainted after his death. Of course I have little to go on outside of things I have read or heard. For me Blackbird is enough to vote Paul. It just speaks to me in a profound way.
  6. Nice review. I often wonder how recency impacts our feeling towards food or smokes. I am sure I have said more than once that something was the best meal I ever had. For the life of me I cannot remember what the most recent best meal I ever had. I really appreciated the point that there is more that goes into the enjoyment of the cigar than strictly the cigar itself. A fair cigar with friends is probably better than a great cigar by yourself in freezing temps.
  7. It sounds like the biggest impact will be for people who were planning on cruising there. It will be interesting to see what if any changes happen in the next few years and months and if there are changes to the limits of bring back personal use products. I keep kicking around a trip there in my head but am pretty sure I can get it done anytime in the near or middle future. Too many other places in front of Cuba on my list.
  8. Revisiting this after the match. A first minute PK did not help the interesting meter.
  9. The same one will show up in all of their shots for years. It will never be smoked and slowly turn to shit from being fondled on a daily basis to get likes on Insta. But boy will those like come rolling in.
  10. I am going to have to find a Monte Open and try one for myself. Might clear my sinuses up.
  11. Congratulations on the second daughter. Our two daughters are best of friends.
  12. Classic style over function. Get some NCs and put Cuban bands on them. Let the sun eat those up while your CC are safely behind the cigar shield of Gurkas or something.

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