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  1. I may have a problem - this is just last few weeks.
  2. First time in months I don’t have anything in process or en route! From the host!
  3. 24:24 goodies Also some of these - both from the host - right are PSP/HQ 24:24 - left are from the regular shop. Big shade difference. Interestingly enough I looked at some pics of the lighter ones from the day I got them, and compared pics (same room & lighting) and they appear to have been darker when I first got them. Been in a steady 65 RH coolerdor for about a month since I first recieved. Same could be said with some PORL montecarlos that appear to have been darker when I first recieved. Anyone else notice this with some or all sticks? No issues, etc, just curious. Hard to believe they would have been wetter than 65 when they arrived, being winter and all w a 2 week journey.
  4. Lots of boxes yesterday! Smell and look glorious - the first few of I lost track how many boxes on their way from the host. Gonna need a bigger boat!
  5. I have SensorPush and Bobeda butlers - both work flawlessly. Think I like the SP better, but the butlers are 20 bucks or so and come w the calib bag - cheap. While the gateways would be nice, I don’t travel for long periods of time so what’s the point. Iphone platform
  6. Hey all - new to the community - getting back into cigars in general and Habanos. Live just outside DC in northern Virginia. Great thing you all have going here. Great experience so far on the pages and the 24/24 is certainly something to look forward to each day - hoping to get into that mix soon! Wish I would have found FOH sooner! Look forward to becoming part of the community and hopefully meaningfully contributing.

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