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  1. Lol. Nice! Looks like these are good for your health.
  2. Chef

    Friday Funny

    Nice. Though my wife might argue the opposite.
  3. Chef

    Coolidor Question

    As long as there's no stench from whatever was previously stored in it, a used one is just fine.
  4. Chef

    What would you do?

    Guess we know what you would have done, Fuzz. LOL. If I had brought my own cigars, I wouldn’t have stopped by the stand just b/c I’d have no need. Also, I’m not an expert fake detective, so protecting myself is not tempting myself.
  5. Chef

    None Cubans

    Yup. And I’m a lazy typer. Domini.... Nicara.... ah, forget it.
  6. Chef

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Well, you deserve to have someone organize all of your more rare (or all) smokes, as your video reviews have been the ones of most value (imho) to a virgin-esque CC fan like me. Hope you get your hands on more unique and limited blends, so we can all benefit from your commentary. But, of course, you should also enjoy some in peace and privacy. Cheers.
  7. If they were hookers they would be millionaires. -today
  8. Chef

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I really wish I could get my hands on some of those!!
  9. Chef

    Davidoff advice needed

    My personal recommendation would be the no. 2.
  10. Chef

    Davidoff advice needed

    Strangely, I prefer the non-box-pressed Nicaragua over the box pressed as well. But overall, I’m not the biggest fan of that blend. But that’s OK, because flavor and taste preferences are relative, as well as value and the price. I’d much rather spend $30 on a good Davidoff than $5 on a crappy stick any day of the week, and twice on Sundays
  11. Chef

    Davidoff advice needed

    Which vitola of the Laye Hour do you favor? I enjoy the robusto the most.
  12. Chef

    Davidoff advice needed

    Another suggestion for smooth and creamy, also woody, is the Signature blend. I also wouldn’t characterize the millennium blend as the ultimate in smoothness. It certainly contains a little spice, but it’s not harsh at all. Definitely, definitely manageable. It’s one of my favorite non-Cubans. Chocolate 💣 w/ earth, wood, and spice? Come on! The only thing that turns me off, once in a while, are the notes of fresh pencil shavings instead of a deeper richer woody note. And I get that pencil flavor in a couple other Davidoff blends as well, almost always when I am smoking too fast. Davidoff’s normally have a pretty open draw, so regulating smoking speed is important. It affects the flavor.
  13. Fight or flight? In this case, I guess quite literally flight.
  14. Chef

    Davidoff advice needed

    I actually quite like the Millennium blend.
  15. Chef

    Davidoff advice needed

    I really enjoy the Grand Cru line for its smooth, creamy, nutty, coffee flavors. Great brunch smoke.

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