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  1. Enjoying a 2014 Epi. 1 tonight. Probably will save the rest for morning or afternoon smokes... I think the nub says it all...
  2. I prefer the JL 1 over the 2 as well. I’d give it a go. What did you not like about the Epicure 2? Maybe you just had a bum stick?
  3. Prayer lifted up. My 100-year-old grandmother had a stroke and fell a couple months ago. Trying to deal with all the health care so she has the proper treatment has been very challenging. I can certainly relate to the difficulties of caring for the health of sick elderly. Grace to you and your mom.
  4. I most often reach for: BPC, HU No.2, CoRo, BBF, Monte No.2. My NC honorable mention is the Davidoff Millennium (toro or short robusto).
  5. Man, I had one the other night. I definitely like mine more than you did yours. Thanks for the review, though.
  6. Quick afternoon smoke in my 40*F garage. Not a bad smoke at all – really. But for some reason I was wishing the whole time it was a BPC or Monte No.4 in my hands.
  7. This one is definitely still pretty full. I'd say medium-full on a CC scale; medium+ on a NC scale. The chocolate and earth, some of my favorite flavors in a cigar, definitely showcased their strength. I watched Rob, Ken, and Smithy's review of this cigar from a while back, and so far I'm missing that stewed fruit component they spoke of. That part of the flavor profile is either aged out, or this sample never had it. To be fair, I'm only half way through, so maybe it'll show up. Either way, it's been a long week, and this cigar was the right way to smoke my cares least for a little while. Some nice nuttiness now....and practicing my Halfwheel grip...
  8. With a coffee? Des Dieux, CoRo, or Vigia. With a triple espresso macchiato? BPC or Monte No.4.
  9. Another from EPM JUL 18. This one was WHOA... Complexity right from the first few puffs. Toasted tobacco, twang, nuts, cream/butter, light cocoa, popcorn and oats. It had the citrus, too, but it was really rich and dark – sort of like a ripe blood orange. The second and last thirds also gave me earth and leather. All the flavors moving freely in and out. Wow. It's really nice to get a cigar like this once in a while. At 15 months, can anyone ask for anything more from any cigar?
  10. I have not smoked a sir Winston or any of the magnums. Of the rest, the number two is my preference… by a fair margin.

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