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  1. 45* is extremely steep. I don’t know if most cars could drive up a paved road that steep.
  2. Huge congrats!! You're life is forever changed, man!
  3. It’s been very difficult to regulate the temperature inside the room I consider to be my “man cave“. About a month ago, temperatures in the room were maintaining consistently at around 78°F, which I consider to be way too high. My dad recently brought over his old wineador. We plugged it in, and low and behold, it works. It’s a two zone wineador. The lower and larger compartment gets up to 64°F – perfect. The upper and smaller compartment only goes up to 54°F. Would most of you consider this to be too cold to store cigars? This compartment could easily fit the cigars in one of my tupperdors, which would be very helpful.
  4. Started off nicely, and how did it finish? Wish I could get my hands on some of these.
  5. FINALLY!! A Lusi that draws well – perfect, in fact. On my 5th try. Very nice flavors.
  6. Another great review. Hilarious. @El Presidente, @Ken Gargett, and anyone else who’ve smoked a handful of these: what do you think is the 5-10 year aging potential of these?
  7. Between those two options, I chose the second. I’m certainly not a goose. However, this particular test isn’t going to tell you if the whole cigar is properly humidified. It’s probably just limited to whether the wrapper is in good smokable condition. The filler and/or binder can still be very wet, resulting in a stupid smoking experience.
  8. I'm on a roll. Third straight CC that possessed a good draw. I was really hoping for those quintessential JL2 chocolaty, citrus flavors. It had some, but not robust. Still, a nice smoke.
  9. I prefer Coke. I mean, it’s soda. Even still, Pepsi is a bit too sweet.
  10. I've smoked my fair share of young and plugged CCs over the last month, so I decided to open up a box with more age. Finally, a good smoke... a darn good one, in fact. This makes two good, no, make that really good smokes in a row. This one is from a box of UBM JUL 18.

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