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  1. So that gave you what, like an extra hour? Hopefully enough time to enjoy most of that LT.
  2. The best PC I’ve ever had is a BPC. The most consistent, really good PC I’ve had is the Por Larranaga.
  3. Thanks for taking the time to think about it. Perhaps the opposite, then? Less twang w/ age? Or does the twang stubbornly survive the test of time and is ever present?
  4. @JohnS, Do you find that the "Cuban twang" fades (over time) as the sweetness develops in these PLs, or any Cuban for that matter?
  5. Aren't most days? 😀 Can't wait for the day I finally dig into my box of Siglo VI.
  6. So I feel like I’ve turned into THAT guy who’s always asking for an update when there’s a delay or silence on this thread. But what’s up?
  7. Yes, I do freeze my cigars. Thanks for the input.
  8. A “wishlist” could get dangerous for me.
  9. I do certainly appreciate @Ken Gargett‘s perspective about the a cigar and/or spirit making any occasion special, and not necessarily the other way around. Kudos, sir.
  10. I always feel a little silly when raising an issue and then realizing it was a bit premature. Over the last couple of days, I've smoked a JL1, JL2, and now in the last third of a Connie 1, and each of these has drawn, burned, and tasted so, so good. In fact, this Connie 1 seriously rivals the best Connie A I've had, which I also enjoyed to the utmost. Looks like I need boxes and boxes of juicy Connie 1s. I do appreciate the advice, though, everyone. I'm sure it'll all prove useful in the days to come.
  11. I heard an updated version is being released. Maybe just a rumor. If true, though, I’d wait for that one. Although, I can see an original release being a collector’s item. All the work involved certainly worth more than $85.

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