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  1. Sometimes I've gotten through with them, sometimes not. Might be best to get a cheap torch and hope it doesn't get confiscated. Also most corner stores, at least in Ontario, have single flame torches you can get for $5-10.
  2. They've previously gone up on 24:24, would imagine it's still the same.
  3. I really like these but I've never gotten the orange peel flavour either. Milano cookies makes sense to me, often I just get a straight coffee cake flavour throughout. Nice review.
  4. Nice drums! Is that a Ludwig club date? Had a set of those, they're great sounding kits. I had a a round badge set years ago that was kind of beat up but sounded pretty good. Bass drum wasn't the size I wanted so I ended up selling.
  5. Lol I'm making some good hands against you, I owe you a few loose calls :). Nice playing everyone.
  6. 2017 QD 50 from the Canadian box pass. Had hints of ginger but mostly a black tea flavour throughout.
  7. Probably 30% of the time, only been one or two that it couldn't save.
  8. Partagas short 2019 JL 2 2019 Bolivar PC 2017 Punch DC 2019 Dip 2 2018
  9. Started meditating daily in January. It's been great for my focus and overall calmness. My mind races less and I'm better at choosing what thoughts I want to interact with.

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