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  1. Great looking box of siglo ii from 24:24 MAR NOV 20
  2. I hope it does too! To your points, the recent selloffs are part of the volatility inherent (at least for now) in Bitcoin, multiple drops of 30% during a bull market are not uncommon. Earlier in the year same thing 40k to 28k, last March it dropped 40% to approx 3k and many thought it had peaked. Turkey banning it isn't all that concerning, Nigeria did the same thing and usage went up quite a bit after. Countries that ban it usually have a very weak currency and don't want the competition imo. More generally though, it's very difficult to ban an open source decentralized network.
  3. 200k ish peak this cycle but whether that hits in Dec or not I have no idea. So let's say it peaks early and I'm going with 163k Dec 31st.
  4. It's incredible. That record and Tokyo 96 are the two that got me into his music.
  5. Was going post some Keith! Was just watching this one the other day. There's nobody better imo.
  6. 2017 epicure #1. These are ok, but I'm finding for Hoyo I prefer the DC or petit robusto.
  7. 2011 majestic. Grabbed a few of these from the LCDH in Toronto before it closed.

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