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  1. 2017 epicure #1. These are ok, but I'm finding for Hoyo I prefer the DC or petit robusto.
  2. 2011 majestic. Grabbed a few of these from the LCDH in Toronto before it closed.
  3. 2019 non plus. Bitter chocolate, haven't got the sea salt flavour I've seen mentioned from any in this box.
  4. Two boxes from 24:24 and a prize from the poker tournament Shorts TEO MAR 19 Luis OEB OCT 19
  5. Don't like that milk/creamed coffee flavour. Black coffee is great though.
  6. Yeah, they make great beer. Really like their regular porter and have been curious about the chocolate/coconut one.
  7. Just went to collective arts looking for that beer but they only had their regular porter. Grabbed an imperial porter from there which was nice. Thanks for the review!

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