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  1. 2017 epicure #1. These are ok, but I'm finding for Hoyo I prefer the DC or petit robusto.
  2. 2011 majestic. Grabbed a few of these from the LCDH in Toronto before it closed.
  3. 2019 non plus. Bitter chocolate, haven't got the sea salt flavour I've seen mentioned from any in this box.
  4. Two boxes from 24:24 and a prize from the poker tournament Shorts TEO MAR 19 Luis OEB OCT 19
  5. Don't like that milk/creamed coffee flavour. Black coffee is great though.
  6. Yeah, they make great beer. Really like their regular porter and have been curious about the chocolate/coconut one.
  7. Just went to collective arts looking for that beer but they only had their regular porter. Grabbed an imperial porter from there which was nice. Thanks for the review!
  8. Check out bullshit jobs by David Graeber. He writes about how there's many bad reasons that so many people are in low skill jobs (eg. glorified web surfers), while getting paid well, and why it's likely not going away. There's an article that he wrote that inspired the book here: https://www.strike.coop/bullshit-jobs/
  9. Could you send me that article as well? I don't have anything in boxes, they're all in a desktop humidor. Are you saying that would make a difference?
  10. I usually keep my cigars at 70f/60rh, but in the summer my apartment gets up to 80-90f if I don't have the AC on. I drop the humidity down and everything smokes ok, but I'm curious if large temperature swings are detrimental to long term aging in peoples experience. I'm relatively new to cigars and don't have much over 3/4 years old, so I have little experience to really compare. I freeze everything coming in so I'm not worried about beetles.
  11. The Graycliff hotel in Nassau has a cool cigar shop in the back with a nice outdoor area where you can sit and smoke. They also do tours. Got a maduro robusto that was one of my favourite non cubans I've had. They only sell their own brand but I liked what I had.
  12. Thanks for all the replies. Seems like trying to go through the US to Havana can be tricky. Tried to book on American Airlines and tourism isn't considered a valid reason to go through the US enroute to Cuba. Might be better off going direct from Canada and not risking it.
  13. I'm booking a return flight from Toronto to Havana, looking at one with a short stopover in Miami both ways. Has anyone had any experience bringing cigars back through the US enroute to Canada? It's a much better flight but I'm worried about the cigars getting confiscated/duties etc. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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