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  1. Yep, totally understand. I was asking as I read that Shelby07 was dropping out.
  2. Is it ok if I bring a friend? Also a new BOTL. He rarely gets saturdays off but is indeed free this weekend. Hoping this won’t cause an issue. Presume we can’t smoke our own in JJ’s?
  3. Irritate your stomach? Can’t see why a cigar would have any bearing on an appendix op. And your appendix definitely isn’t your stomach.
  4. Interesting.....speared one with a stick and looks like you shot the second.
  5. Hi everyone. I was introduced to this forum and wow! Spent the last hour or so reading the rules and having a look about. What a fantastic place! I’ve only been smoking cigars for a little while - maybe a year or so. In that time I’ve discovered a bit of a love with Bolivar’s. Im still finding my way around and seeing what I like - it’s a great journey. As well as cigars I like fishing and astrophotography. All the best! Steve

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