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  1. Any thoughts on doing a virtual HERF? It would be nice to see everyone's faces and I've been sitting in on a few group video chats.
  2. I'm not sure about the geography, but I'm planning on hitting the LCDH in London when I'm there for a trip this autumn, I was also recommended the Davidoff of London shop & lounge last night.
  3. What an event! I'll have to cook up something special for the next one - if we keep this up, we'll outright have a club! Thank you guys so much for organizing and being a welcoming group of folks! I hope everyone's hangovers are minimal. What a fabulous way to make friends and try new things!
  4. This poor guy got diagnosed with hyperthyroidism today. He's 13, so it's about time he starts to get old cat problems. It's a toughie, but I hope to keep him around for years yet!
  5. White Castle actually have entire second griddles for their vegan options, not sure about other places.
  6. I was thinking about doing some that used utility blades as replaceable blades. Always seemed a bit of a shame that so much plastic and metal is disposable. All the utility blades I found were covered in adhesive/grime and I wasn't quite up to spending a weekend and $20 tediously examining and cleaning them. Double-edge razors were too flimsy, too. If anyone has any recs on some nice, sturdy, replaceable blades I'd love to hear it! It would be a lot of fun to make the cutters.
  7. I never really encountered a trans or nonbinary person who wasn't chill when I misgendered them, they corrected, and I apologized. Even if it takes multiple tries, it's new and we're all human. I think it's the effort that counts, right? It's inconsequential effort and makes folks happy is my take.
  8. My partner's vegan, and I'm more of a human-shaped dumpster, so I've been pretty de facto vegan for some time now. I feel like there's a culinary niche that meat chunks fill that tofu or potatoes won't do (although those two are really good for curry stand-ins). Seitan works for nugget-sized bits, there are some great ground beef subs for things like pasta sauces where ground beef isn't necessarily a focus, but a textural addition. Coming home late night and the White Castle has Impossible Sliders - great for that state of mind and for bloody mary toppers. Quick-service/casual restaurants & everyday cooking are great opportunities for vegan subs where you're not really focusing on the meat or splashing for a quality cut. Grilling and barbecuing in the summer? Not so much. I'm very glad that vegan meat subs are becoming more prominent because those two sources are probably doing the most dietary and food-based ecological harm (at least to Americans).
  9. My impression was that a mixed drink had two components (e.g. gin & tonic, rum & coke, etc.) where a cocktail had at least three components or a particular preparation/garnish (Tom Collins being gin, simple syrup, lemon juice, & soda water; martinis with olives & shaking) etc.
  10. This kind of plays into a post I've started blocking out to put into "Cheap and Cheerful" - something along the lines of a string of reviews for "Five Buck Chuck" because there are a lot of great cigars out there for ~US$5.50 or less. Note: I am a sucker for long, thin vitolas over stubbier, short ones. I'm still working on checking out more Cubans, but the two boxes I've purchased that fit in this category are: La Gloria Cubana Medaille d'Or No. 4: This hits a lot of the same notes as the Monte No. 2 - a pretty classic Cuban mineral-y, woody smoke. I feel that the longer vitola really lets these shine in a way that nubbier ones do not (that said, nubbier ones do have a lot of protection against overcooking from vigorous puffing, insulation & consistency from ash, and so on). The downside is that prices on these vary wildly and I think I really lucked out finding these around $5/stick. Por Larranaga Montecarlos: These are really spectacular - these sticks lean much more towards the wood side, but a lot of that figgy fermented tobacco flavor comes through for me. These are delightful, and I do love them. THAT SAID a perfect draw tool or similar is really mandatory. These have like a 40-50% plug rate, and it's frustrating not to have one on hand when you're doing your test draws (and moreso when you forget to check the draw!) I'm waiting on some H. Upmann Regalias (just shipped today!) that I am extremely excited to try. There are others on my list, but that's what I have on the way. For non-Cubans, I have a little more experience/availability. My humidor staples (very quickly) are: Illusione Rothchilde: Chocolatey, spicy, Nicaraguan flavor. Somehow manages to pack a completely full flavor evolution experience into a tiny package (4-1/2 x 50) Tatuaje Series P: That sub-brand sounds so familiar, where have I... oh well. I have only had the short robustos so far (box of 20: $67.50), however I am going to pick up the toros as soon as possible (box of 20: $72) because the short robustos while delicious leave me wanting just a little more, and I would much rather spend the extra few cents per stick to be able to put it down when I want rather than have it end before I want it to. Drew Estate Nica Rustica El Brujito: Want to try Liga Privada? It's a scam price-wise, have these instead. Serenely smooth and the nicotine sneaks up on you and will keep you in your chair. Lastly, shoutout to La Faraona out of Tampa Bay, their lanceros and in-house Faraona Natural are great, and if you end up with 20 cigars, they're $5/each. Worth a shot, and I'm a sucker for fellow small businesses. I'll be taking notes on other responses in here! Very excited to expand the humidor.
  11. Hi, all, I've been a cigar smoker for about 10 years now and used to pick up Habanos when I traveled for work. Sadly international travel for work has dried up, and research led me to FOH for Cubans, camaraderie, and chitchat. I've been browsing around for about a week now just scoping things out. Y'all seem pretty cool, so thanks for having the community!

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