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  1. I am sure this plays a large roll in satisfaction. When you can enjoy 4 Epi 2’s vs 1 Unifree, well. That better kick you in your head or you should be kicked in the head... @PigFish Ray is absolutely spot on with 95% (IOO) of his observations. The rest is simple collecting. Limited number with a lot of folks chasing to have and hold. And, how boring would it be to open a 150 qt coolidor to find every single box be JL1 from 2020? Smart? Yes...with the personality of an accountant. 😂 - P.S. No accountants were harmed in the making of this post.
  2. So all this said, would you roll the dice on one of these boxes that lands on BR or no way. And also, should BR give more consideration in whether these should be listed with or without inspection or at all.
  3. Seems so terribly speciesist...we’re boycotting space until it is more inclusive.
  4. We are truly looking forward to the time we can see some of you folks in person again! We are getting there! 👍
  5. Have had issues like anxiety/nerveousness. Seems to come on a spell after that cigar you just don’t want to put down or the one you had no business trying to smoke in the first place (Reynaldo Maravillas).
  6. Describe the effects for the rest of us less advanced in the cigar world.
  7. That’s been the pandemic for the most part. At this rate we have enough to make it through the next pandemic.
  8. A robot reading a book sitting cross-legged on a rocket propelled magic carpet. Now, what did we win?
  9. Holy hell, that’s 20k cigars on the top end....that would take up an entire bedroom to store in the house. Not that we’d know the cigar/bedroom quotient... 😉
  10. Would love for this version to be the Damascus steel.
  11. Should be telling to see how quickly that 60g flattens. Just leave em alone for month(s) and see.

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