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  1. Show of hands who thought this was a RAT box code thread and clicked immediately back out once they’d realized it was infected with COVID. ✋ 🤣
  2. Something we know is a rocknrolla that’s gonna be a 95+. Current box of MDO4 from ‘16 would be choice at this current time. Maybe a visit from the partial box of SP Molinos acquired in Spain last year. Also, along with the Pres, 4 of Santero 11. As to something like a Dunhill Havana Club, pre ‘99 Monte A or the like? You all know it would be an acrid, plugged and wonky ‘effin’ figures’ moment as you’ve met your end….🤣
  3. The #1 reason we are hesitant to sell anything and lately trade anything. We have a boatload of unopened variety and love the idea of swapping to broaden the collection. But the world always seems to see the nefarious when things don’t smoke amazing every time. And CC quality control…did we all forget something??? 🤔
  4. White doubles as a Cali-Beater, so there’s also that… 😂
  5. Jokes on you, we’re speed readers… (and masturbators…) 🤣
  6. You obviously have a cigar shortage if you’ve tupperdors to spare for such things…. 🤣 . . Seriously though, this is a cleaner option over the ziploc. 👍
  7. Toss the ones that form the first crystals in a 2-Gallon Ziploc freezer bag with a flat walled dish of distilled water. All in a warm (not hot) place to drive the moisture exchange (drawer under the hot water heater closet). A few weeks to months and just pull the ones for use as they recharge for the cycle. 👍
  8. Purchasing items from the list as possible. @El Presidente Curious if the top two box codes could be edited into the countdown for all 26? In any event, thanks a bazillion for everything informative like this (and anything you and @Ken Gargett) 😊
  9. Welp…that should be great for all of the Cuban business owners trying to breathe under the chokehold of the Diaz-Canel regime.
  10. We wanna say there must be a lawyer joke in there somewhere. Two lawyers work in a shoe store with one pair of damaged shoes…
  11. Nothing more to us than protecting the burn. After ashing invariably starts the wonky line or coning (even line after the ash and then progresses to cone)
  12. The Gurkha Royal Courtesan will do this every single time.
  13. If your immediate thought was “Well, then you’d have to get rid of the xxxxxxxx part of the left/right/center/Martian,” you may be a tosser or wanker.

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