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  1. I’d go with the crowd on the Robustos. If these were III or V, I’d go #3.
  2. Is @El Presidente up to that level of skullduggery....? If so, 🍺 🍻 🍺 !!!!!! 😂
  3. Tiny monument compared to his place on Mt. Rushmore...
  4. Don’t see SdC gettin the love so....: Man, those mountains look close... Man, those mountains were close... LCDH Santiago de Cuba
  5. I hope the recent PSP RASS is that gorgeous!
  6. We talked to friends in Havana. They are staying in, only going out for necessary things, much like us here. They are all doing well other than the shortages and lines. They are better prepared than most. Those who do not have backup resources are struggling with waits in line and shortages of goods in high demand. They wish us all well.
  7. Thankfully, I’m a less than 70F in the house kind of person. I have my coolerdors in the coolest room of the house with the door closed. During summer, that room stays in the 65-68F range with boveda butlers in each. The coolers stabilize swings in temp and humidity, too. I don’t know personally about the aging method for my own tastes but I do it for the peace of mind for trading partners.
  8. Y’all thought that was a cutter? That’s the new PlumeFindr brought to you by PerfecDraw.
  9. It is entertaining that we’ve made a grand total of three trips earlier this year. Meanwhile, people we know who’ve never left Texas more than 5 times in their life (often with us in tow) are now booking cruises and traveling like they were Anthony Bourdain.... I often wonder if they’ll muster the breath to curdle us with a gallant cry of “FREEEEEDDOMMMMMMMM!!!!“ through their intubation apparatus in the ICU.
  10. Quite the cave you have there!

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