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  1. Depending on the ability to inspect/select, I’d pass on this type of abundant regular stock; you’re much better off buying here instead of blind. The HUHC is not a terrible price if you needed a “now” type of purchase.
  2. Get a new/calibrated hygrometer, toss in several 62 Boveda and see where you’re at in a week.
  3. I had an amazing tubo at Quinta y 16 and I will not touch the remaining 5 in the hold. Will be brawling over the next 24:24 offering.
  4. Who’s the proud owner of a box of ‘07 and ‘11....? me me me me me 🙄 Awkwardly though, I tried the first of the ‘11 box tonight. They have been through the freeze and rested for 45 days. I wanted to hate it because I naively bought these when I could’ve had so many other better options for 50 toward the limit (like more boxes of ‘16 SLR Regios) But...., it was honestly quite good. I enjoyed it much more than the Siglo II I’m having right now (and it is quite good, too...)
  5. Aduana: “Do you have a receipt for the unbanded cigar, ma’am?”
  6. “It depends on what the meaning of the word "is" is....”
  7. I’ve seen a couple randoms in the wild but I suspect finding anything specifically would be grail hunting. At 4000 CUC base price for a basic Cohiba humidor release, I can see how the others get real expensive.
  8. Not my prettiest but always my favorite buttered toast and eggs.

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