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  1. This works well for extended travel. Just got an Adorini leather roll for more immediate use that we are looking forward to using.
  2. It’s a conspiracy because we had the same answers and received no site notification. The servers must be broken and only the important people get notices. We should have 40 points, not Jeff!!!!!! Seriously though, thank you all so much for continued contests that mix it up and give us pandemons something to do outside of work!
  3. Ask and tell. Could totally see doing this on purpose and giving you a NC while smoking a ‘for reals’ Cohiba with the same band on it. However, at your wedding? That’d be a total dick move. No way he knew and would play this out….unless some nefarious love lost revenge game…even then, could think of ‘bout a million and one better endings for that motive. Would this best man look a bit of a doltish version of this guy?:
  4. Did Ken just agree with Pres? Let’s call out more for today! ¡Patria y Vida Cuba!

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