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  1. Will have to check when I get back in town. I do not believe so, though. I have so many options, that will be a hard commitment. No more in the “dry box” (really a container with 62 Boveda.) Hard to pull the trigger on that if your experience with them are such. Taste of mouth has greater weight than word of mouth!😉 Often reminds me of the experiment scene in Ghostbusters (the real one...) Bill Murray starring as Habanos S.A. I am not having the most luck around this ring in the lesser brands. RG perla has been the best I’ve tried to date.
  2. How many types of salt again?😂 I’d say be happy if you find one. Yes, those are all the same pickled garbanzo beans. Yes, they are on three solid shelves and end caps. Yes, they are also on the other shelves on the other sides. Yes, that makes 1/4 of the ENTIRE supermarket pickled garbanzo beans. No shortage of those. When there, I attempt to eat with our hosts. If it’s good for them it’s good for me. 😉 What was the OT again? I forget. 😂
  3. I have been waiting to try one of these for a while. I bought them as a 24:24 two box deal a few months ago. The aroma at cold is light, very plain, nothing stands out. The cigar has been nestled with a 62 Boveda for a few weeks. I dunked it and v-cut it. Cold draw is very loose. Opening burn was good; mild tobacco smoke with little flavor. Going into the second the flavor gets harsh. I’m not sure the way to describe it but has a piney pine-sol yuck. Other than that I get smoke and paper. Near the end of the second it starts canoeing and really nasty tasting. I even up the burn with a relight. The flavor evens out but is basically paper at this point. This was the first from the box so I will see how It goes. 😂😂 is all I can rate this one.
  4. Not choosing. Don’t have to. Want both. Ugha. Meat.
  5. I recommend Alex from Comodoro. The pyramide extra I had was quite good. I have quite a bit resting from him. Hector’s farm is a great experience, too. I also have quite a bit resting. I highly recommend freezing the hell out of any of the customs before bringing into your stock. My experience with the customs in Mexico was not pleasant and they were overpriced.
  6. Open air kitchen at Club Habana comes to that marinade on the shrimp or grilled fly vomit?
  7. Yep that name would’ve been funny when I laughed at poop and fart jokes...
  8. I had a Perla on the island with 5 years of age on it. Tasty thing. BPC with 3 years on it I had yesterday tasted like paper when it wasn’t tasting like Pine-Sol.
  9. Driving the wrong way on I-45 like a drowning 🐀..... “Sorry, officer I forgot the boat”
  10. Latest update: FDA Launches Criminal Probe as Vaping-Related Illnesses Top 500 Couple of highlights: “Many patients reported using multiple types of products, some containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), THC plus nicotine, or nicotine only.” FDA's Law Enforcement Arm Involved “Mitch Zeller, director, Center for Tobacco Products at the FDA, said agency scientists are now analyzing 150 vaping product samples for a broad range of chemicals, including nicotine, THC, and other cannabinoids, as well as cutting agents, diluents, additives, pesticides, opioids, poisons, and toxins.” Testing...should be interesting to see what they find and hopefully concentrations. I urge BOTL to source quality and avoid bathtub brew.
  11. But I heard “Foster’s is Australian for Beer...”😉

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