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  1. We challenge you to put the phone/internet away two hours earlier, Karl. We believe this will truly help you…😂
  2. Sticks and stones…errrr….stones and sticks….?
  3. You are absolutely right. The things witnessed are astounding but so very realistic. You wouldn’t believe a merchant would do these things but apparently it doesn’t affect the bottom line. Nothing quite like being offered a box of EL to find multiple sticks glue repaired and turned upside down and the vendor quickly shrugs it off as a distributor imperfection. THIS the day after being in the same store and watching the staff dismantle a huge stack of rejects of a different EL, removing from the boxes and sorting by wrapper damage and shade…. 🤔 Cohibas in the open SLB in the humidor that a
  4. Interesting read about home cultivating.
  5. Anyone in long lasting love will pick Maybe I’m Amazed. Was our immediate thought for first pick as well… Live and Let Die would be second in all it’s grandiose symphonic rock splendor. GnR absolutely took it to the next level.
  6. They’ve been good for us. The same gripes as above, new app, poor battery life, poor battery meter, 7 day limit ( unless you run continuous with a Bluetooth monitor), slow interface. We’ve stuck with them since we started there; the problems haven’t been enough to warrant changing yet. Of note, the product has been discontinued.
  7. Has anyone else experienced that “smoldering” effect at higher rh of 67 and above. Had a robusto that was in the newest stock coming down to 65 and it looked like burning wet leaves with all the same flavor appeal.
  8. We have bought fake singles from LCDH stores in the form of a “sampler pack” and straight off the rack of boxes. These were not at obvious discounted ‘steal’ prices, rather regular markup. Stores that won’t let you have the box with the balance are good for a 🤔 , punt and walk away. Some from being new to the game and others from being entertained enough for the experience. Incidentally, the sample pack smoked ok but was clearly not what was (mis)represented. Best bet for quality and authenticity is through a reputed source. 😉 😉 😉
  9. Hmmm…a lot pomp and circumstance for rum that we show no affinity.
  10. That makes it a definite nope. Not a fan of how it looks and certainly not the expected limited price.
  11. I wonder if those have a draw problem…. 🧐 😂
  12. Wanna trade LUB 14’s? We’ve not tried the Epicures. Well, haven’t tried these Regalias, yet, either. 😜

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