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  1. Both dosed and enjoying a well deserved beach trip on a resort bubble. No issues at this point from the jabs. Masks continue to be necessary; we are not looking to infect others if we are carrying. News from the South African strain are disconcerting. Antibodies may be less effective against this new mutation 😔
  2. Look at that beauty with the cigar...
  3. You mean that cardboard piece isn’t a cigar...? And here we were thinking Cuba being Cuba meant we were getting an extra in each dress box...😂
  4. What variety of mansplaining’s afoot here?! 😂 Looks like a very entertaining evening; one that I would fully expect to go blind from, though... Transiently.....or...permanently.🤣
  5. How’s the BHK 52 not on this list? 🤔I call foul on the statistician!
  6. My thought: Is that a boonie hat? Cigar Chauvin may be about to catch an ice pick...
  7. Thanks for the info. So conflicted committed to landing in Cancun but then...?
  8. Looking for some recommendations for the Isla Mujeres area. I see several have recommended and El Pres made a trip to the area. Looking for recommendations on where to light up and where to relax. Feel free to PM if you’d prefer not to post. Could you give us some recommendations about the place? We are still kicking around where to stay for a week. Where is the cigar shop you visited? Would you say the cigars would be ready to smoke or over humidified? Thanks in advance!
  9. Haha 😆 not a fence post....Something like the 54 but 60 RG is what I’m thinking. Not for us. 👎
  10. Better half was in the bed with aches and a bad headache for 24 hours or so the day after the second shot. Several coworkers reporting the same experience. It seems that it is more common in females with the Pfizer vaccination on the second dose. This is anecdotal evidence (before I get a lecture about study design, blinding, statiscal significance...yada) While I was working at the vaccination clinic last week, I heard no complaints of this sort about the first shot from the masses we were about to give the second dose.

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