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  1. La_Tigre

    Melia Habana Hotel

    I ended up going both routes. They limit the amount you can order online for delivery. So I had to order and pick up too. Did I mention YouTube videos...? Close. 😂
  2. Fresh ground all natural. I guess that’s still smooth
  3. La_Tigre

    24:24 WEDNESDAY

    ⬆️ Lost 😢
  4. On my list and none to be found. Plenty of Culebra everywhere. Speaking of which @El Presidente has the Culebra PSP graced 24:24 before and can we expect 5’s of Monte A anytime soon?
  5. La_Tigre

    Tactics for meetings

    Do the work everyone else would be doing whilst wishing the arrogant pee pee sheath would choke on brain matter during his hour long hoo haa monologue.
  6. Perfecdraw before lighting. Done.
  7. I don’t have a boat in the race but everyone makes logical and valid points.
  8. La_Tigre

    USA usd currency exchange in Cuba

    I think it depends on the amount. If they brace me for only a single 50£ note, that will wipe out the 2% savings on a 2500£ bank exchange. It was random that the exchange for £ was better than € after I’d been watching for a couple weeks. I didn’t consider the number of bills at all until reading this thread. 500€ is the way to go based solely on the Cadeca thievery. I had this done at the ticketing in the hotel for one of the shows. 50CUC short somehow...even though I just counted at the exchange. Chalked it up to the cost of doing Cuban business but the violation aggravated me.
  9. La_Tigre

    LCDH Grand Cayman

    What prices compared to YUL?
  10. La_Tigre

    USA usd currency exchange in Cuba

    Semi-rookie mistake:, I’m now regretting changing to £ even though I beat the exchange value by about 2% vs € time. Maybe have the wife film as I double count on my side of the window before handing off?
  11. This investigation should be turned over to @PigFish...🤔
  12. La_Tigre


    All those post-win fighters over the years monologuing about the extraordinary chess match.....😂
  13. I wasn’t going there on the descriptors...😉😆

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