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La_Tigre's Feedback

  1. RedLantern left Positive feedback   

    Excellent trade & communication!

    La_Tigre was Trading

  2. PuroDan left Positive feedback   

    Great trade with Stephen and Emily. Will trade more with them soon

    La_Tigre was Trading

  3. Webbo left Positive feedback   

    Traded with Stephen and Emily and it was a real pleasure. Many thanks to both.

    La_Tigre was Trading

  4. captaincaveman left Positive feedback   

    Great BOTL and SOTL here! Did a multiple stick trade with Stephen and Emily. Cigars look great! Thanks again!

    La_Tigre was Trading

  5. mwaller left Positive feedback   

    Thoroughly enjoyable transaction with La_Tigre! Great communication and very generous trading partner. Thanks so much!

    La_Tigre was Trading

  6. ElJavi76 left Positive feedback   

    Traded with Stephen. Great transaction. Great communication. Thanks S!

    La_Tigre was Trading

  7. Astar20 left Positive feedback   

    Nice smooth trade, great communication! Would trade again!

    La_Tigre was Trading

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