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  1. It is bad on their part. I mean now, once the cigars are finished, you can turn the cab over and use it as your new vacation home. 😉
  2. Sounds like lesson forthcoming…Bush Wrapper Repair 101… Strangely this happened tho:
  3. Glad to say neither are regular rotation and equally glad to have the stock we have… should remain the special occasion cigar they have been for a long while.
  4. Damn, how many folks’ Reyes just embedded a “For Sale” sign in the lid….? ✋
  5. Saying 5-10 simply based upon Habanos inability to act on anything in a timely manner.
  6. Did. Thought was high humidity and shavings causing the discoloration once removed.
  7. Looks like cedar & paper shavings from the box?
  8. Comes to mind: Winston Spencer Churchill has been the subject of many a piquant anecdote based on his personality, robust wit and felicity of phrase. The story is being told of his encounter with a politically minded lady who, after failing to shake him in an argument, broke off with the petulant remark, “Oh, if you were my husband, I’d put poison in your tea.”“Madame,” Winston responded, “if I were, I’d drink it with pleasure.”
  9. Did we not get treated to a necro post meme by @Fuzz due to this thread being pertinent to the other polls running? Feeling unfulfilled.
  10. Definitely a function of the market. Seems like they’ve popped up on other retailers at an inflated price ($400/500/600) just before the pandemic. $190 would surely be lower end value at that time. So, the item given in return would need comparison. Would a box of La Trova been a fair trade at the time? Yes, if you’re going on strict enjoyment, but as an investment, no. In any event, that’s all hindsight 20/20. Look at MDO4 BR prices…or even the fact that many boxes available in Havana at then Cuba prices…market swings and supply. How many of those were on BR for 1/5 the latest valuation…? Sunk cost is just that, bringing your chips to the table with markers of the past on them leads to further “poor” decisions.
  11. Thinking the same thing. Take a torch toward a touch up and you’ll get white ash as cane be. Seems more a function of complete combustion. Smoldering ash tends to taste like soot/ashtray IMO, too. Interested to hear more opinion as burning hot tends to cone then go acrid.
  12. Context is everything. $100 release Cuba RE two years ago being $800 now is a possible reality. Only way to know if this is perception versus predation is viewing the full scenario.
  13. At least 90 days. Variety alone allows the wait with no issue. Prices being what they are, it seems counterintuitive to not give them time to acclimate for the best smoking experience. Same goes for the drybox, prefer a 62 rh environment for the on deck humidor and let them go for 90 or longer.
  14. “Harlan, what did you do with my six pin!!!!”
  15. Had this happen with one box from an LCDH pre-pandemic. Always best to open and inspect after purchasing.
  16. Another peaceful day for reflection. Time is short indeed. No time like the present.
  17. One could certainly argue relevance to an Aussie Cuban Cigar Forum…agreed. however: The topic was brought in levity in the sense of “if we didn’t laugh we’d cry.” Definitely agree with the ‘big picture’ and how it relates to the narrative. Hollywood gossip has long been a distraction to relevant world events. In reality, nothing said here is relevant to the big picture.

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