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  1. He's a great guy as well. On two different occasions, he has come to his shop on his day off just to visit with my friends and I. He is truly interested in his customers, and what WE like in a cigar.
  2. There have been widespread fuel shortages, especially in the areas outside of Havana. It’s only going to get worse if October’s crude & fuel shipments remain at port in Venezuela. Right now, two PdV tankers with a combined 700,000 bl of gasoline have been cleared out of Amuay and are expected to set sail anytime now. That’s only a portion of Cuba’s October allotment of 3mn bl that’s expected to be delivered in the month. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  3. I have a driver if you need one. Let me know. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  4. The "regular" Cuban people certainly do believe in helping each other out.
  5. Rob, Will these be sold through the 24:24, carts, or ????
  6. My two cents. And I’m telling you this from my limited (9 trips now, comprised of about 50 nights total) time in Havana. Seafood dishes have been either very good or horrible. There has been no in between. And I’ve eaten at fifteen or twenty places that all had good reputations for their seafood. So I now tend to stay with what Cubans do really good...pork & chicken, with a little beef mixed in here and there. And you know what...I have been really pleased with each and every meal since I’ve started this “practice” last year. I think that the skill is there. But the quality of ingredients is the problem. Now...back to the original topic. Fakes. I have seen scattered fakes in more than a few LCDH’s, but the Libre is the most shady, IMHO. Buyer beware. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  7. Nino, I was just thinking the same thing re: "customer service". The only bad experiences that I have had were at government enterprises. The workers at private and joint venture enterprises have all been superb.
  8. My advice is to go to Cuba for the history, the cigars, the rum and the people. And leave the hunting for elsewhere.
  9. I always get factura's (written receipts). You legally do not need them for up to 50 sealed, boxed cigars, but I just always do. Libre has acted shady towards me before, so I will not be going back. You did the right thing IMO.

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