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  1. I watched Nicholas win it in 1986. This was every bit as good.
  2. I am prone to sinus infections, and have given up retrohaling completely. The *only* time I've ever had any issues with cigars is after a bunch of retro.
  3. I've been slacking on posting this. Long time lurker, just recently made an account so I could score some 24:24. I'm a computer geek in Austin, TX with a moderate case of CAD. As of this morning, 21.97% of my stash is Cuban according to my spreadsheet (mix in some OCD with the CAD). This place has a nicer vibe than some of the other spots on the net, I look forward to becoming more active here. TW
  4. Austinite here, guitarist, saw him more times than I can count. I still wear black on Aug 27. Great video.
  5. They wanted an “experience”, they got one....

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