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  1. Not being given enough time to browse before being treated like a lost lamb! I don't pick up many sticks from B&Ms because of the price but its a nice thing to do now and then. When I do it I want to take my time walking around the humidor as I rarely go in knowing exactly what I want. For some B&Ms this seems to be a signal that they should push whatever random cigar they want on me. A discussion about flavours is fine but this pushy behaviour is not!
  2. Made this over the weekend. Poached eggs, smoked salmon, pan sautéed peppers and mushrooms with basil, avocados and topped with Sriracha sauce. Fast to make and quickly gone!
  3. Agreed - even non-cigar smokers have heard about RyJ. I don't think the breath of the marca helps really, makes it seem like they are churning them out. As @99call pointed out why so many petit coronas! But I do enjoy a good RyJ. Got some millefleurs with a bit of age on them and they are such good value! The short, wide and regular churchill are also very good although the regular churchill does face stiff competition from other marcas.
  4. I have a ten count I brought I Cuba I haven't broken into yet. But (and I know a few on the forum will agree) I just seem to enjoy every Upmann I try. There are duds in a box like all Cuban cigars but the I just love the flavours Upmann bring. Nice review 👍
  5. I think they could do with something a bit more special about them. Quite like the idea of foot bands. I know not everyone is a fan but protected feet and a slight differentiator sounds good to me.
  6. Perfecdraw - it's an absolute must. It has saved every plugged cigar I have put to it and allowed me to adjust the draw of other cigars to my liking.
  7. Is that likely do you think? I have had a couple of these and really liked them. Might just bite the bullet and get a box. I don't think the price will come down personally these look like one of the latest hits from Habanos... Then again with there logic maybe they will be canned for a 60rg Connie C 😂
  8. If the tubes are just cardboard (which I think these are) I would remove them and put them in my humidor without packaging or if I had spare tubes which they fit in I would put them in the tubes sealed.
  9. Nice review - I picked up some cardboard packs from 18 - they are ok as you say but not great yet. Going to let them sleep to see if it helps.
  10. I have a few Partagas singles and a box of RyJ. Both are great - the RyJs are about four years old now and are really starting to develop the classic RyJ flavours and just a nice Cuban creaminess. There not complex cigars but for the money they are great value.
  11. First class with Bill for me. Good drinks, Bill on form, space! Yes, please.
  12. The pictures in this thread. It's like a mega box of the day. Cannot really add much more to what others have said. But when you find a box of cigars you like with a great sheen on it like that $$$ buy buy buy!
  13. 1. HdM Petit Robusto 2. H Upmann Half Corona 3. Partagas Lusitania 4. H Upmann Connoisseur A 5. RyJ Wide Churchill

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