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  1. Not the global view you are after but yeah it’s a bit off putting... I try my best to look past it 😂
  2. The welcome video had more dramatic music than a Christopher Nolan film - but enjoying it all so far 👍. Those special boxes... 💸 💸 💸
  3. I know it is the thin end of the wedge but how I would love to have that tax rate in the UK. But then I am grateful not to have the AUS rate...
  4. I have pulled off the unthinkable and finished my meetings on time! It’s not a Cuban but been meaning to try one for a while...
  5. Not sure I care about comprehension at this point 😂- I am on mute for the all day one (observing & making notes...) maybe there is a chance to light a cigar to make it all better...
  6. Recently changed jobs myself - lots and lots of meetings now. This week I am somehow in an all day meeting everyday + meetings on the side. I am unsure how to clone myself.
  7. Absolutely - really enjoy the cigars in this format although I haven't tried all of them yet... I know so little about Wine - I buy it in a very unscientific way - from the supermarket and in a certain price point 😂. But much as you describe it was crisp, and the soft and tropical fruits seemed to work quite well. If I go for wine with a cigar I usually go for Riesling instead but this was a nice change. Whisky is my usual go to but it does make reviewing the cigar harder sometimes I think due to the ABV and strong flavours competing. It is not impossible to pair well but certainly m
  8. I haven't had a Lusi for a while the weather has been too cold. While I love the DC/Churchill formats it would be a shame to ditch one prematurely due to blue fingers. So, I have great admiration for members from truly cold countries! But the weather last weekend got a little warmer so it was the perfect excuse to break one out: This was from a 10 count box picked up from Habana Libre a few years ago. A really delicate and glossy medium grained wrapper. The draw was firm but in a good way - so all signs are looking good so far. I get settled into my pairing for the cigar - a Chenin
  9. Me too - although maybe I am just a poor reader but I did struggle to follow along at times. He goes through names, places and dates at a pace! But once I gave up trying to follow to closely it was fine.
  10. Your best memory of those early years? My first proper not glass top boxed cuban while relatively sober. A friend brought me a HdM Epi 2 from the humidor at Soho Whisky Club, London. Even to my inexperienced palate I could pick up the cream, the marzipan/sugar coated almonds. It was a cracker! I have been chasing another Epi 2 experience like it since (with mixed results ?) Your biggest regret? I am sensing a theme... I am still in the early years relative to some members but I wish I had brought more samplers & just thought a little more about what I was buying instea
  11. H.Upmann Mag 50 for me this month by a long way. Reviewed it here:
  12. I’ve recently come round to the opinions being shared here. Good quality regular production for me. Buy a bit more each year than you need and build up a surplus of your favourites. One exception I do have - reasonable(ish) price Regionals of countries I actually visit. It’s a nice souvenir of the trip and better than a fridge magnet.
  13. Great review - I have had a couple of each so not really enough to form a solid opinion yet but so far the A is more to my tastes. The B's I have had I have a little boring. Not bad just a bit dull.
  14. Yeah the same reasons - I am also in the UK. My collection is starting to outgrow my two humidors and for now I have been using vacuum packing which is fine but I am starting to think about the effects of temp swings on longer term storage: I buy much more at the moment than I smoke (for lots of reasons... you never know when buying internationally will become harder being one!) - so plenty of scope for ageing boxes in my personal collection. From what @Elpresidente replied it looks like these units can be quite resilient. Out of the ones I listed it is a close run thi

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