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  1. Out of an original dress box of 9 cigars number 7 was my first one! All the others had been given away as a bit of novelty to friends. Its wonky shape and odd presentation always seemed to draw interest and the keen price point meant if it was chucked I wouldn't be too upset. Turns out I underestimated this cigar. Why hadn't I had one sooner! The initial draw was a little easy but those first few puffs rewarded me with a dry dense smoke spiked with elements of cream. The burn was spot on although the ash was weakly held - this cigar needed ashing often or run the risk of burning a hole in your shirt. I guess that was down to its twisted shape. The first third was full of baking spice, creamy notes and wood. A little bit of a perfumed quality came into play on occasion almost like the taste of strong black tea. As the second third kicked in the smoke became denser and noticeably dryer. It lost the sweet perfumed cream notes instead picking up some salt on the back. I started to pick up notes of salted Almonds. In the final third some of the sweetness returns and combines with a salty dense buttery smoke. Almost like a sweet and salted popcorn. I have been enjoying Green Spot as an easy drinking everyday Irish pot still whiskey. Unfortunately it is a little too light a pairing with this cigar which probably would have benefitted from something with a bit more body. Perhaps a meaty single malt like Mortlach would have been a better choice. The mid strength smoke picked up in the final third giving me a little bit of a headiness as I finish up. Laurence on the Sautter YouTube channel however doesn't seem phased... Overall a solid smoke - the other two won't be getting handed out!
  2. All comes with time and experience I think. I am much better at pulling out flavours from Whisky than I am Cigars. But that makes sense to me. I take part in regular Whisky tastings from multiple clubs I am involved in which are normally comparing multiple drams from the same or different distiller at once and I often make notes. Compare that to Cigars where I only smoke one or two a week (less if its cold out) and I have not been to many enthusiast events to learn (but slowly starting to). I quite liked this video from Boveda & Davidoff on tasting Cigars - getting similar formats but different blends and comparing at the same time is something I plan to try to improve my palate. .
  3. Yeah Seville is known for its pottery/ceramics - I think these jars are made by a company in Seville that supplies the Spanish Royal Court. At the retail price they are well worth picking up. Chuck a few Boveda in and they look after themselves.
  4. I brought one of the Jars in Seville this year and a couple of singles. As others have said they are just aged regular production P2s. But like other aged P2s very nice. If you can get a jar at a good price then go for it!
  5. 😂- Good to be back! Despite missing London I am loving more space at home for less money. Being WFH I won't need to commute to Manchester thankfully but I used to commute from Liverpool Lime St. to Stockport daily. Nightmare. Public Transport needs to improve throughout the UK. It is over capacity and lacking investment. God knows how many times I have been asked to move down on a train to make standing room when I'm already intimate with a strangers armpit. Yet TFL want more money for the tube... no sorry - mainline trains need it more. In a post COVID world do we really need to get to London super fast?! I doubt it.
  6. Having recently moved back to the North (Liverpool) from London I can certainly see both sides. It does take the majority of gov funding and being back in Liverpool now highlights that. A rebalance in spending between cities would certainly be a good thing and perhaps post COVID we might see it - at least privately. Many people have left the city during this pandemic and in some cases like mine took the good job with them. But I do miss London. The tube is frustrating and people are often too busy for basic manners. But it is (by stealing all the money) in a different league to other UK cities. Liverpool feels small to me now. It doesn't have the same world class theaters, bars, restaurants, parks and so on. I miss being able to walk into JJFox or Dunhill 1A and sit with a smoke. However one day Liverpool like Manchester will reopen and perhaps I can feel more at home. Moving in a pandemic is a strange experience. First stop shall be the Puffin Rooms (a local cigar & jazz lounge)!
  7. +1 For ProjectCarbon. Mine was just delivered yesterday and it is great. I got mine in a seconds sale (which come up time to time on the site). Apparently some small permanent marker stain on it meant a big discount. Took a chance... I can't find the stain yet... looks good to me!
  8. I do prefer a good lounge to home. It is obviously cheaper at home and yes with better drinks/snacks but I like chatting to other cigar smokers who I often find enjoy the same. But it is expensive here in the UK so it needs to be a really good setup for me to go in and spend my cash. My favourite in London at least is 1A St James Street. Not a large lounge but done very nicely and the staff are lovely.
  9. Nice review. I have a box with same code and year. Not had one for a little while but like you just a sweet tobacco, a bit of nuttiness here and there. Really nice... I should go grab another one out the box! Great value stick.
  10. Close between one and two for me but number one edges it.
  11. The bottom shelf draw of my humidor contains special occasion sticks. Customs from my first (and so far only!) trip to Havana, a few ELs, a Talisman and a couple of 20+ year old SP Gran Coronas. Everything else I tell myself is for any occasion. While in the Davidoff London store Mr Sahakian gave me a Davidoff Special 53 which was very generous of him. I recently turned 30 so will be lighting it the next quiet moment I get to celebrate!
  12. My experience is similar to @StewartSVT - it has helped balance out humidity but I don't think it has made a huge amount of difference. I may even remove the fan in the future and just accept that the bottom of the humidor might be a slightly different humidity to the top.
  13. I have been reading Around the World in 80 Cigars: The Travels of an Epicure by Nick Hammond. You might have come across some of his writing before in Cigar Aficionado or other magazines. The book is part travel part stories and very good. You can also get a digital copy of another one of his books Cinco Decadas, the Rise of the Nicaraguan Cigar for free at the moment. A lot of nice pictures / information about Nicaragua.
  14. Don't have a space to smoke at home (no garden / balcony) and with everywhere I usually have one shut... one or two a week down to none. Could go for a walk in the park with one I suppose but its not the same as sitting down with a drink and a cigar. Doesn't stop me making the occasional order. Stocking up for when I can finally have one in comfort again!
  15. Same - I wouldn't want to be disrespectful to those who have definitely had it as I do not know for sure if I did but in January I might have. Like you it was similar to flu. The main difference, non stop coughing - at night even worse - I couldn't sleep for days. Also, I had a tightness in my chest which made it quite hard to breathe at times. I am 29. Worst "flu" I have ever had by a long way. Probably should have seen (via video) my GP.

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