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  1. Amsterdam has a great casa inside a hotel and prices are pretty reasonable for Europe. I would definitely check it out. Also, Cigaragua is a really nice shop dedicated to Nicaragua. It had a great lounge in it which I didn't have time to stop in but the selection is huge. Both are must visits for me.
  2. It is nice - quite spicy to my taste with notes of red fruit. But for me the 15 year old is better and cheaper. I did learn at a tasting however with one of the company reps ( that the Cigar Malt was designed to go with a Party D4.
  3. Got caught out on a few fake Cohibas when visited - thankfully not many. Luckily didn't get any issues at the airport. I did see some Cohiba Talismans in the Habana Libre casa but they were only available in singles and I decided not to chance it. Glad I didn't now...
  4. What a nice thing! I picked up a slightly damaged victorian (so I am told) cheroot cigar holder. Its amber at the top on the mouth piece with silver and wood at the other end.
  5. Maybe the official casa ones? I did see a nice looking hotel national model one in there casa but it was expensive.
  6. Thought I would share a recent project with you guys. I went to Cuba last year and thoroughly enjoyed it as expected. But I did one of the things many people say not to and brought a humidor from a local market. I didn't mind. It was cheap and the design was nice even if it was a bit rustic. It would never be used to store cigars as it was clearly poorly made but it seemed nice enough to store accessories in. But over time bits of the wooden flag came loose. It lost some of the little gloss finish it had and just didn't look great. So out came the paint. I am not a handy person but thought how hard can it be! So after sanding it down the painting began. I first coated it in a primer spray paint to try seal up the wood a bit and help the paint stick. Doing it outside the wind occasionally made things difficult but I have now ended up with this... Kept the old hydrometer as I quite like how clearly awful it is - keeps it closer to how it was. Although putting it back in involved much struggle! Overall I am quite pleased with how it turned out even with my imperfect painting skills. So, have any of you ever tried to rescue an old humidor or even built your own?
  7. Great video 👌 - nice way to start the morning commute.
  8. I do sometimes. If I'm at a pub or bar. Sometimes you get people looking and whispering... Not as quietly as they think sometimes! I still do it but I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel self conscious.
  9. On overaging - I definitely think there is a point where older doesn't equal better. It's not just limited to the high end of the age scale either - to my tastes some distillers spirit is better with less time in wood. I did a tasting of Old Pulteney recently and Old Pulteney 12 seemed better to me than there older expressions which took on too much influence from the wood which took away from the briney tastes of the 12. Like cigars older doesn't always mean better!
  10. Ah I didn't realise the trunk was 200mls! Thanks
  11. They do it in a series called The Family Casks but I'm not aware of a bottling from single cask at different ages or in mini bottles. But it would be a great idea!
  12. Also got round to watching it last week. I thought it was pretty good - nice to watch a documentary that is positive about cigars for a change! I found the Cuban debate interesting - I do prefer Cubans but there is no denying the construction and value that can be found in new world sticks. Overall detailed, interesting interviews and the production value was high. Worth a watch.
  13. Boutiquey seem to have become mega popular recently. I do like independent bottlers, some unique bargains to be had at times. Every Kavalan Soloist I have sampled has been wonderful. I have been lucky enough to attend two tastings led by Ian Chang. He is clearly passionate about his whisky - well deserved award to add to there long list!
  14. Having been with my redheaded partner for nearly 10 years.... it is still a confusing feeling 😂
  15. Because they are long and skinny I have always found finding a more traditional leather case for the vitolia difficult. For me a xikar case is the way to go for these sticks. In anything else I would worry about them rolling around and being damaged.

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