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  1. On overaging - I definitely think there is a point where older doesn't equal better. It's not just limited to the high end of the age scale either - to my tastes some distillers spirit is better with less time in wood. I did a tasting of Old Pulteney recently and Old Pulteney 12 seemed better to me than there older expressions which took on too much influence from the wood which took away from the briney tastes of the 12. Like cigars older doesn't always mean better!
  2. Ah I didn't realise the trunk was 200mls! Thanks
  3. They do it in a series called The Family Casks but I'm not aware of a bottling from single cask at different ages or in mini bottles. But it would be a great idea!
  4. Also got round to watching it last week. I thought it was pretty good - nice to watch a documentary that is positive about cigars for a change! I found the Cuban debate interesting - I do prefer Cubans but there is no denying the construction and value that can be found in new world sticks. Overall detailed, interesting interviews and the production value was high. Worth a watch.
  5. Boutiquey seem to have become mega popular recently. I do like independent bottlers, some unique bargains to be had at times. Every Kavalan Soloist I have sampled has been wonderful. I have been lucky enough to attend two tastings led by Ian Chang. He is clearly passionate about his whisky - well deserved award to add to there long list!
  6. Having been with my redheaded partner for nearly 10 years.... it is still a confusing feeling 😂
  7. Because they are long and skinny I have always found finding a more traditional leather case for the vitolia difficult. For me a xikar case is the way to go for these sticks. In anything else I would worry about them rolling around and being damaged.
  8. Firebird V Cutter from Colibri. Can be had for around £8 (~$10) and it cuts really well. I have one clipped on my keys. I tend to use it for most cigars now.
  9. I had one of the competitors (forget which) patties at work a couple of weeks ago. You could tell it was different but it tasted a lot closer to the real thing that any other vegan burger I've had before. I preferred it to the cheap patties they usually serve tbh! But agree with others nothing beats the real thing for me yet. Fascinating tech. Hope it succeeds.
  10. Petit Corona. Flavours wise I found them a bit meh young - they were ok but nothing special. But with some age on them (~4 years) they blossomed. On the sweet end of RyJ not particularly complex but some of the cherry profile is there, sometimes floral as the name would suggest. They are not the greatest cigars but they are well worth the price to me. I think they are one of the most popular cigars in France (but I could be making that up...). Alongside the PLMC I think they are a bargain.
  11. Nice review . The ones from my box so far (TSM 06-2017) have had a strong finish compared to other HdMs, definitely a full medium as you note. Love the sweet, creamy coffee notes. I have prefered these to an Epi 2 recently. Hopefully the quality persists.
  12. It's a toss up between a HdM Petit Robusto earlier in the month or the HdM Du Maire I reviewed for the weekend comp. Enjoyed both plenty but it does pose a question... which one to stock in the humidor? They are both a similar ish smoke time and price. Currently leaning towards the Petit Robusto which seems a slightly better smoke to me. But it's a close run thing.
  13. Robusto: HdM Epi 2. A good one! Petite: An aged RyJ Mille Fleur Torpedo: Upmann No 2
  14. My first Cuban ever (excluding a few fake Cohibas) was a Hoyo and many cigars later I still enjoy the Marca. But I haven't really strayed from the Epi 2 so on my lunch break I'm trying the Du Maire. It's a small cigar! Tiny. There is something about the size I quite like. The draw is firm but in a cigar this size that's no bad thing. The first half is a bit peppery and sometimes bitter on the first few puffs but once it opens up it hits that typical Hoyo cedar and cream. Lovely. The final half starts to concentrate on the creaminess. Similar to the Epi 2 but slightly more almond / marzipan to it which is really smooth and a little kick at the end. Paired with a espresso sat in the Dunhill sampling lounge in London it's a wonderful lunchtime smoke. I can see myself having many more.
  15. Also went through Dubai Duty Free recently. They had great stock in terminal 3 and in the connections terminal. Although on both occasions I was rifling through boxes on my own! Ended up with a box of QdO 50 (for a bargain price) from the connections humidor. And a box of RA La Palmera UAE Regional from Terminal 3. Although like @RDB I had to open quite a few boxes before finding a good one. But no one was there to stop me!

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