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  1. I have been reading Around the World in 80 Cigars: The Travels of an Epicure by Nick Hammond. You might have come across some of his writing before in Cigar Aficionado or other magazines. The book is part travel part stories and very good. You can also get a digital copy of another one of his books Cinco Decadas, the Rise of the Nicaraguan Cigar for free at the moment. A lot of nice pictures / information about Nicaragua.
  2. Don't have a space to smoke at home (no garden / balcony) and with everywhere I usually have one shut... one or two a week down to none. Could go for a walk in the park with one I suppose but its not the same as sitting down with a drink and a cigar. Doesn't stop me making the occasional order. Stocking up for when I can finally have one in comfort again!
  3. Same - I wouldn't want to be disrespectful to those who have definitely had it as I do not know for sure if I did but in January I might have. Like you it was similar to flu. The main difference, non stop coughing - at night even worse - I couldn't sleep for days. Also, I had a tightness in my chest which made it quite hard to breathe at times. I am 29. Worst "flu" I have ever had by a long way. Probably should have seen (via video) my GP.
  4. An extra box of RyJ Churchills from our host 😂. Some extra beers before the craft shops shut. Shame I have nowhere to enjoy the sticks with a drink at the moment!
  5. Thanks for the review @nKostyan - I quite like the H Upmann No 2 but have never tried these. If you were picking between the two where would you put your money?
  6. Wish I tried a few when I was in Cuba. Planning to go back for honeymoon so will have another chance. How do you typically buy them?
  7. Had my first No 1 a couple of weeks ago. Really good and just shows what new world tobacco is capable of. Not full of pepper like so many new world sticks if I didn't know it wasn't Cuban tobacco I would be fooled. The draw, burn and construction were spot on. Creamy, a bit of almond and some subtle spice. Nubbed it. 👍
  8. Are you referring to not sharing details about shipping? If so would a post like this count? I could look up someone's profile and find location information... Not meaning to be sarky... Just unsure.
  9. My limited experience of Res and GrRes is based on the London market... they seem to go up in value here! Either way I was going off the double your money on Hunter Bond option. I still would prefer $4000 worth of Sir Winnies. One day I suppose I will have to try one of them. But I don't think I could ever bring myself to a box... but then I have never tried so who knows!
  10. I honestly don't think I could smoke them - as much as I would want too... not when I could flip them five years later and buy how many boxes of regular production to put away. 5 years later and $8000 richer should buy a lot of Sir Winnies... I hope 😨
  11. I know they are a bit expensive but I love the tins. Like @Lotusguy I will probably get a tin and once the cigars are done put some other PCs in it.
  12. After a few disappointing cigars recently I am looking forward to trying a N1 ... maybe this weekend. Thanks all for the reviews
  13. For me best bang for buck... HUHC RyJ Mille Fluers PL Montecarlo All of them are cheap and It is also a nice mix of vitolias - only thing missing to round it out is a Churchill / Double Corona. So I would add in the Partagas Lusitanias.
  14. +1 - I did a tasting night last year going through the core expressions of Old Pulteney. The best one of the bunch (in my opinion at least) was also the cheapest, the 12 year. The wood in the older expressions imparted too much influence on the spirit. Much like cigars just because it costs more doesn't make it better!
  15. Agree with everyone above Dutch Cigars is a great youtube channel. I visited Maastricht once but it was before I was into cigars. Such a shame to miss out on this place! Need to go back...
  16. It is getting quite busy. Munich (March), Tallinn (June) then Aus to see family (Sept most likely - I wanted Dec but the heat will kill me) and backpacking Asia after (Oct - Nov)...
  17. I have used Gum Arabic in situations like this applied with a fine paintbrush. Sticks everything back in place every time I've tried with no flavour impact I have noticed. It's cheap and available in any art store.
  18. Lovely cigars - a well deserved winner. Shame they are so bloody elusive! Thanks for running @benfica_77 look forward to seeing the dataset.
  19. Indian and Mexican for me. I love eating and making curry and the fresh vibrant flavours of Mexican food keep me coming back. Better still both are surprisingly easy to cook yourself.
  20. I have been reading this thread worried about my humidor hitting the winter months in the UK. I found this surprising so went googling. Here is a video with Edward Sahakian owner of Davidoff London where he talks in a bit more depth on the subject.
  21. HdM Petit Robusto like @Bucky McSwensen I am a big fan. Also the HUHC and RyJ Mille Fleurs. The RyJ Mille Fleurs I have are hitting the 5 year mark now and they have lovely (if a bit simple) sweet typically RyJ flavours. For the price you can't do much wrong with any of those three.
  22. Best probably the Sir Winnie. The cigar is delicious and the packaging is a nice touch but they are pricey. So considering cost either the No 2 or Half Corona for me.
  23. I haven't had a No 1 but I have found the Petite to be fuller than the No 2 - given the size they have to hit the ground running and usually do! The Petite has a bit more sharpness to it, the No 2 is definitely the milder of the two. Apart from the change in body the flavours to me are about the same - creamy and woody.
  24. Vienna had many places you could smoke indoors and generally smoking outside was fine. Loos American Bar although small allowed smoking indoors with many cigar smokers and great drinks!

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