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  1. Interesting comments! I tried the dannemann first. Extremely good construction and burn. I agree with your comments Orito about the experience (drier in mouth). I found the flavors to be a bit one dimensional, but had a strong kick.
  2. After hearing about the Brazilian government trying to stop Cohiba sales I thought I'd take a look at some domestic Brazilian cigars. Wondering if any of you have tried them? What are your thoughts? A friend brought me a little sampler.
  3. "Sir, will HQ do, or do you still require PSP?" So glad I don't do the 24:24 shopping myself!
  4. Behike 56, so you can fund rebuilding the house.😄
  5. Just because they might be expensive doesn't mean Behikes will be the endgame cigar. Just means that it wasn't to your taste.
  6. What about the 5 volume book set with the bamboo case I've had a chance to read, that's not regarded as the 2nd edition?
  7. Decided to go horse riding through some tobacco fields near Pinar del Rio. Was hot (as usual) so was riding shirtless. We picked up a farmer rolled cigar and contined the smoke while riding the rest of the way. It doesn't take a vintage LE Cohiba to have a memorable smoke. This was an experience I won't forget.
  8. I started to get to the center of the PLPC bunch from our host. What I discovered is that a number of the cigars have a gold dust, most likely from the gold used on the labels. On some of the cigars, it's quite a generous sprinkling. Is this a common occurrence with PLPCs or is it what I should expect from PSP 😄
  9. Those Lusis sure look good, too bad I can't get rid of current stock fast enough
  10. PSP PLPC, got a whiff of Havana breeze when I opened it up.
  11. Picked up some boxes during my business trip, most are MSU
  12. I stepped up to the bluetooth hygrometers just recently. I got myself a Xiaomi Temperature and humidity sensor since they are cheap here. I like how it has a display and bluetooth. I don't think you can calibrate them with the app, but the readings I got were not off by more then 1%. It's Chinese so the app sometimes might be tricky to use, but you can monitor that way. Its meant for smarthome applications, so i might get it connected to wifi at some point (there is a Xiaomi hub you can get). I'd say it does the job for $12

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