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  1. PSP PLPC, got a whiff of Havana breeze when I opened it up.
  2. Omnipus

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    QdO 54 - MSU Sep 18
  3. Picked up some boxes during my business trip, most are MSU
  4. I stepped up to the bluetooth hygrometers just recently. I got myself a Xiaomi Temperature and humidity sensor since they are cheap here. I like how it has a display and bluetooth. I don't think you can calibrate them with the app, but the readings I got were not off by more then 1%. It's Chinese so the app sometimes might be tricky to use, but you can monitor that way. Its meant for smarthome applications, so i might get it connected to wifi at some point (there is a Xiaomi hub you can get). I'd say it does the job for $12

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