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  1. I actually love this idea to shine a light on the trading abilities, plus obviously we respond well to dedicated time-dropping events, cause 24:24 barely gets noticed. Like @El Presidente said buy the seller
  2. These beauties arrived today, the west coast is back open!
  3. Pulled another one out after my last one 6 or so months ago, to see where we stand now. It seems to have a bit more of a ripe apple flavor now with the standard tobacco undertone. I feel like it has become more pronounced at this point. Very consistent all the way through, fantastic color and construction that I've seen throughout the box. A little bit of a toast flavor at times but it just might be the tobacco I'm tasting. Overall for me these need more time down, but when they're ready they will be a great Robusto type smoke for me. Overall 85/100 just not quite there yet
  4. Me too, only have one left from my last box, hanging by a thread
  5. See after reading responses after my vote I realized something, I should have voted Cohiba. I voted RyJ because there are a fair amount of misses from them for me, but there hits are solid. Somebody said reduce the offerings to 4 and they'd be money, I agree. Cohiba for the ridiculous price does not find value for me, I've had great Cohiba but the cost is absurd. Anyway my 6 cents
  6. My normal in-between day or 6 day work out is 8 minutes on the stair machine at 60 steps a minute with a 75 lb weight vest. After 8 minutes remove 25 pounds, and then immediately into 45 second intervals with 50 lb weight vest of presses, pulls(technique to simulate pulling hose), sledge hits, kettle bell swings. 4 reps of that circuit, takes just over an hour. On shift days much more gym focused and time permitting.
  7. Smoking this pretty fresh FEB/2019 Ramon Allones Superiores. All the fantastic flavors coming through. @El Presidente said he's been impressed with recent production and this is absolutely evidence of this. Superb.
  8. My journey started approximately 20 years ago when my dad gave me a macanudo while golfing. I basically fell in love with the cigar that day. Over the years due mostly to where I lived and cuban cigars not being available, I either smoked Dominican or Nicaraguan cigars. I had always wanted to try cubans for a bunch of reasons; history, mystique, tradition amongst others. It wouldn't take but a year or two before, while traveling abroad, that I would have that opportunity. I was in Puerto Vallarta on a trip when I was told of LCDH. I went the first chance I had. I remember feeling a bit like Charlie from Willy Wonka, when he sees inside the factory for the first time. I had never seen one in person, let alone an entire store. The salesman tried to sell me on cohiba but I wasn't interested. I had done some research and wanted my first to be a Bolivar, mostly due to the reported strength. I decided to go with a belicoso finos. I smoked it when I got back to the hotel. Sitting on the beach, drink in hand, waves crashing in the background. I was hooked. The way that the flavors were delivered were like nothing I had experienced before. It was a small sample size obviously, but I was ready for more research. Over the years my cuban purchasing remained much the same, buying a few while on vacation. At this point I was probably 80/20 NC to Cuban. Over this time I was able to sample some of the bigger marcas, the classics if you will. I then began buying boxes while on vacation instead of the self-made samplers of my past. Slowly began creeping to around 70/30. I like to call these years before the forum, or BF. Then I found FOH, and things were never the same. I was buying from home, from a beyond trusted source, with all things considered quick turnaround and exceptional customer service. I now sit at 10/90, quite the change. I still have NC that I love, that I purchase and that I smoke but it isn't what it once was. The way that Cubans can change over time, subtle delivery of flavors, complexity of flavors, is in my opinion different from NC. I have found the journey through both Cubans and NC to be amazing and wouldn't want to have it any other way. My feeling is the desire to explore led me to Cubans. The only thing I wish is the Cuban marcas would take a page from NC and give me more lancero options. The NC market is very diluted with tons of options and new brands popping up every day it seems. Happy to be where I'm at currently! First Cuban to blow me away: HDM DC My advice to newcomers: variety, variety, variety. Sample the goods, as many as possible. Be your own detective.
  9. I would take the Joya de Nicaragua Antaño 1970 and blend it with the partagas lusitanias. You get the floral, sweet with the lusitanias mixed with the strength, leather and wood of the joya. Perfection to me!
  10. First I would start by saying, this stick experienced a blow out, not the sticks fault. Conditions were not optimal and this is the only one from the box to do that. Pre-light construction was fantastic, great color and aroma. Cold draw was a touch of cedar with cocoa. This pyramid is one of my favorites. Very consistent flavor. Very balanced, not one flavor dominates or overshadows another. Cedar, cocoa, just a touch of coffee and spice throughout. Very enjoyable smoke. 88/100
  11. Love the time needed to smoke these little beauties. Perfect morning smoke, with coffee, delicious. Little bit of cinnamon and cedar, touch of cream. Best for me in the morning, may be psychosomatic, may not. Just a touch under 45 minutes. Perfect draw, solid construction. Box is getting ever lighter. 88/100

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