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  1. FireMedic

    Your last 90 days "go to"

    My go to for a few years and still hasn't changed is the BBF, I force myself to smoke others but for some reason that smoke does it for me!
  2. FireMedic

    None Cubans

    Have you tried the foundation tabernacle in lancero? It's a fantastic stick
  3. FireMedic

    None Cubans

    I'll give them a go, thanks
  4. FireMedic

    None Cubans

    Never had anything from HVC, crowned heads is legit
  5. FireMedic

    None Cubans

    The monster series has been something special
  6. Lack of confidence, training, skill or D all of the above?
  7. FireMedic

    You Can Always Go Around

    That was spectacular
  8. FireMedic

    australian brandy - sullivan's cove. thoughts?

    I have family currently visiting Australia, is it worth them trying to find some? If it's even available
  9. It is very easy to get from point a to point b, my biggest issue is the security lines, not necessarily the security, just the absurd wait times at certain airports
  10. Looks like we are in the same mud
  11. FireMedic

    weird drinks

    I'm good with sticking to the "normal" stuff
  12. Awesome shirts!!
  13. That Air France flight was the first thing I thought of when this all took place
  14. FireMedic

    None Cubans

    The bands have gotten somewhat ridiculous from some of the brands

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