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  1. Puts: Bag/Slot: Marca: Box Code: Points: Bag 1 Slot 1 HDM Epicure #2 ABD/JUL/18 2 Bag 2 Slot 2 Sancho Panza Non-Plus SRO/FEB/18 2 Bag 4 Slot 1 Juan Lopez Seleccion #1 EOS/JUL/18 2 Bag 8 Slot 2 Por Larranga Monte Carlo LGR/MAY/18 2 Bag 9 Slot 4 Bolivar Petit Corona MSU/AGO/18 2 Bag 14 Slot 2 Trinidad Reyes MUP/AGO/18 2 Bag 15 Slot 4 Bolivar Belicoso Finos ASR/JUN/18 2 Bag 15 Slot 5 Romeo y Julieta Petit Churchill BRO/MAR/18 2 Bag 16 Slot 1 Partagas Corona Gorda Anejados TMO/MAY/07 4 Bag 16 Slot 2 Montecristo Media Corona OBM/FEB/17 4 Freebies Added: Liga Privada #9 Double Corona from box purchased 2016 Montecristo #5 unknown everything, purchased in Aruba LCDH in 2017 Total Points: 33 (24+9 handicap) Takes: Bag/Slot: Marca: Box Code: Points: Bag 1 Slot 1 Bolivar Royal Corona MSU/FEB/18 2 Bag 8 Slot 2 Trinidad La Trova*** MUP/ABR/18 12 Bag 14 Slot 2 H.Upmann No. 2 BRE/NOV/18 2 Bag 9 Slot 4 Partagas Presidente UBM/SEP/18 2 Bag 2 Slot 2 Cohiba Maduro Secretos TOS/JUL/16 6 Bag 4 Slot 1 Montecristo Open Eagle MUE/MAY/09 4 Total Points: 28 thanks to @FatherOfPugs for all his help and work getting this done! Much appreciated to everyone else participating as well!!
  2. Everything has been approved, will post everything later tonight and get the box out in the morning
  3. What is there to say really? It's a beautiful Bolivar. I prefer the belicoso, mostly just personal preference. I didn't have the time needed for that so I went with it's younger cousin. Deep earth tones with slight pepper to begin with. Excellent construction that maintained throughout. The earth seemed to get deeper as time went on. Just an absolutely beautiful smoke, day in and day out.
  4. So it sounds basically that duty free might be my best option
  5. Ok so I will be flying into Copenhagen in late June and staying at the Scandic. Are there any shops near there I should stock up on near there or should I buy at duty free? I will be flying through Zurich on my way, is it a better option there? Thanks for any help. I'm trying to not take any with me if possible
  6. The general Phoenix area has tons of options, with lounges, bars, resorts that are all cigar friendly or cigar specific. Very easy to fly into.

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