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  1. X2 on Wayne’s Smoke Shack. I attend lunch every week with a few people I used to work with. This is one of our favorite spots!
  2. Smoked one of these at JJ Fox in London when they came out. Loved them. I bought one box with the intention of getting a few more a bit down the road. Unfortunately they disappeared fairly quickly and I never was able to get any more. Thanks for the review.
  3. The Carol Burnett show was filmed before a live audience. They would do each show a couple of times for different audiences and edit in the best of the shows for airing. If you ever saw the show you know that the cast would often not be able to contain their laughter during their skits. One of the reasons is that Conway would often times deviate wildly from the script. When this happened, no one knew what Conway would do. Both of these skits were ad-libbed by Conway.
  4. Shelby07

    Tactics for meetings

    That depends. How deeply is your company invested in “why do I feel the way I feel today” classes?
  5. Shelby07

    Tactics for meetings

    This has already been done. I remember attending a 3 day seminar on the results.
  6. I really can’t tell the difference between the two unless maybe if I’m doing an A/B comparison, but there is something visually satisfying about watching a vinyl record being played. The cleaning, handling, storing and potential wear and damage make vinyl an event. Even so, if I could only choose one of the two choices it would have to be CD. Luckily, I don’t have to choose.
  7. Shelby07

    Tactics for meetings

    Have a meeting on how to have a meeting.
  8. I was wondering the same thing. Nevertheless, seems like a pretty safe risk/reward, especially if you don’t inhale.
  9. Many years back before I started smoking cigars a couple buddies and I would rent a cabin up in Wyoming for 3 weeks. One of the first things we’d do is go into Jackson hole and buy the longest, most expensive cigars we could find. The cabin we’d rent had a front porch with an old covered barrel on it. During the day we’d take day trips to Yellowstone, Jackson hole, the Tetons and anywhere else that was within striking distance. We’d get back in the evening and sit outside and have a couple of puffs on the cigars then put them down until the next night when we’d relight and have a few more puffs. The cigars would last us damn near the whole 3 weeks.
  10. The Illuminati are suing the masons for the book and movie rights.
  11. Wow. This surprised me. I’m one of those guys who doesn’t like the lavender perfumes but the mag 50 and D4’s are two of my go-to’s.
  12. Here’s your daily reminder. 😂
  13. Shelby07

    Man Cave Build

    Looking good!!
  14. I instinctively try to defend my fellow man, but I got nothin’.
  15. Currently have apple iPhone and iPad. They play well together. Wouldn’t mind replacing my windows pc with apple.

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