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  1. Noticed when you checked the draw you drew from the foot. Is there a reason? Does it make a difference in what you were looking for? Thx.
  2. My God, man. Burn a couple. All of your questions will be answered.
  3. My first thought was “this is bull$#!+”, but then I thought about it and my second thought was “this is bull$#!+.”
  4. Can’t take credit. Got it from a friend in Parker.
  5. Yesterday I posted that I don’t post reviews because my taste is different. This solidifies it. PEPSI all the way!
  6. I have spoken to a couple of cigar shops about this. They usually only follow customers around if they don’t know them. Once you are known to a shop they leave you alone. Too easy for people to nick product. They typically have to sell 3-4 cigars to make up for 1 stolen stick because of high tax rates
  7. I’d add a couple of things to these 2 excellent suggestions... 3. Learn to take a single long, easy draw instead of puffing like a locomotive. This takes some initial discipline but soon it becomes a habit. 4. Don’t draw too often. Take some time between puffs. If you form a consistent method, your smokes will be more consistent. Edit: maybe I’m extremely lucky but I rarely have a bad cigar. Maybe one or 2 a month and I typically smoke anywhere between 2 and 4 a day.
  8. Bad ventilation dark room (not just dim, but dark) temperature variations from cold to uncomfortably warm in short periods people who have to pick up and handle every cigar in the humidor before deciding what they want to buy
  9. Agree 100%. A cigar is either good or bad. Sometimes from the same box. I don’t like to do reviews because many times I’ve disliked something that most others like, and vise versa. I don’t think it’s because others like a particular taste that I don’t, but I don’t believe we taste the same flavors. Besides, trying to discern different flavors sort of ruins the overall experience. Too much effort. I do read other’s reviews and look for similarities across them. But my biggest consideration is whether it was generally liked or disliked.
  10. This was mentioned above, but is worth a second round. CC’s should be smoked at a much lower humidity. Don’t know what you are smoking them at, but I have found that storing at a lower humidity (60-62%) is much more important than aging a cigar. There are several threads on dry boxing. Search for them and try it if you haven’t already.

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