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  1. Hi all, a friend of mine will be traveling through Brussels on his way to Rwanda in November. He asked me to reach out to the folks on the forum for suggestions for good cigar bars/lounges. He usually goes through London and is hoping he didn’t make a mistake in going through Brussels. He will be there for 2 days. Thanks!
  2. Don’t know if this will help you, but it has helped others. Use a single flame torch and light the edge of the foot all the way around. Make sure the entire edge is burning (white). Then light the center of the foot. The other thing you might try is dry boxing, but use a low humidity boveda pack if you’re in a location with high ambient humidity.
  3. The night before the Rocky Mountain cigar fest is always crowded at our cigar shop, so I invited a group over for cigars, bourbon and some food. Here’s the offerings. I was going to take some after pics, but the camera didn’t want to focus at the end of the night.
  4. One other thing I’ve learned over time. If you take a single long draw rather than puffing a couple of times when you take a puff the cigar seems to not require purging as much.
  5. I purge when the cigar gets bitter or I have to relight. From what I understand, there is tar buildup at the foot as the cigar burns. Purging burns off the tar and other impurities. When I purge a cigar, the first thing I will do is knock off any excess ash. Then I will relight. Once the cigar is lit (or if it never went out) I hold the flame up to the foot while blowing gently into the cigar. This creates a flame at the foot. I keep blowing gently until the flame turns clear or goes out.
  6. Yard work E3B38C5D-446E-4CF8-A98B-6C02BE6561C1.MOV
  7. Boveda makes a 49% high absorption pack that might work well in a travel humidor.
  8. Noticed when you checked the draw you drew from the foot. Is there a reason? Does it make a difference in what you were looking for? Thx.
  9. My God, man. Burn a couple. All of your questions will be answered.
  10. My first thought was “this is bull$#!+”, but then I thought about it and my second thought was “this is bull$#!+.”
  11. Can’t take credit. Got it from a friend in Parker.

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