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  1. I have tried some from this period and completely agree with the pronounced stone fruit element they offer, I have an unopened box in the collection, are they really hitting peak now? should I sample to find out or wait a little longer?
  2. I have never smoked a serie A, let alone an example from that sort of year. An opportunity has arisen to purchase a box from that year at a reasonable price what flavour profile can I expect? I’ve had other vintages of such years only to find the flavours were boring and muted. Will this be the same?
  3. CORO OTL NOV 15 I have a light wrapper and dark wrapper box, wondering which will smoke better, this was lighter shade if the two not a whisky guy but I enjoyed this MacAllan
  4. There will never be a straight answer for This because it’s Down to preference but: how much aging time do you essentially save with lighter wrappers?
  5. Both cracking boxes, which do you prefer? What are the differences in profile
  6. “Once in a while you get that one cigar that just gives you faith in what you do”
  7. Which would you keep? are they both special?
  8. How do edmundos evolve when they are at that age?
  9. @JohnS it seems that overall you were not particularly pleased with the way these cigars have aged
  10. I have a plethora of super exciting aged boxes in my collection that I managed to acquire at reasonable prices. how does one decide whether to crack these boxes open and smoke them, or flip them for a large profit on bond Roberts? (under the assumption that we don’t have multiple boxes of the same cigar)
  11. How are these smoking right now? please share your opinion can somebody link me to @JohnS reviews of these? They are always very detailed

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