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  1. does it have the sancho dna? what kind of flavours was it offering?
  2. Not smoking in this awful London weather. Throwback Tuesday to Monaco BBF- one of the stars of 2019, a cigar that I had not enjoyed until this past year, now I can’t keep my hands off them.
  3. This seems like the cigar of the day for everybody... LGR DIC 18, I’ve noticed a lot of members have been enjoying this code for the Fuerza, I concur this was a cracker cigar.. look at the sheen on that thing!
  4. Thank you is the difference between 68 and 65 very drastic?
  5. I’ve been steady at around 68/69%. could be as a result of warmer weather in London recently but they are in a dark closet.
  6. i have noticed only recently that a few of my boxes are developing tiny white dusting?mould on some of the cigars, why is this happening and how can i prevent?
  7. Of the three new releases, I am still yet to try the esmeralda (which I hear is amazing), I purchased a box from a recent 24:24 listing. must say I was particularly impressed with the topes, nothing like the LE but a great cigar in its own right full of doughy, creamy sweet notes. I enjoyed it in the four seasons hotel in Miami before corona hit the fan, was quite the experience.
  8. QD 54? SP beli? My wife is Late on my anniversary present, so il buy myself one.
  9. blown away by results...if we factor in that you can get two of any of these robustos for the price of one cohiba robusto..its a no brainer where my coin is going
  10. I keep reading people freeze their cigars...when should this be done? how long for? i assume this is to get rid of any potential beetles but is this only when purchased from Cuba?
  11. Missed on the SP belicoso tonight, will more be coming up?

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