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  1. how can I get my name on waitlist for 24:24?
  2. the flor de cano robusto re for holland? anyone tried it? what wrappers should i look for? what flavours coming from it?
  3. what flavour profile are you guys getting?
  4. smoked my first punch 48 today, beautiful smoke, reminded me in a weird way of the club allones LE 2015. if i look into getting a box does anyone know how they age or what wrappers to look for? Dbenhamou Sautter cigars finest
  5. i got to inspect the boxes. came away with a 2016 d4 box, club allones box, a couple trinidad robusto t singles and a handful of eye of the shark.
  6. especially since @Elpresidente likes his D4 with three years on it
  7. definitely picking up a bpx of club allones from 2015 those are smoking great right now
  8. getting killed for calling them vintage, shouldve called it "slightly aged"
  9. what should i look for in the wrapper and aroma?
  10. Have the opportunity so pick up some of the following: royal robustos 2015 D4 2016 Royal coronas 2013(at a much higher price point) petit edmundo 2014 0r 2011 give me advice guys

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