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  1. How do edmundos evolve when they are at that age?
  2. @JohnS it seems that overall you were not particularly pleased with the way these cigars have aged
  3. I have a plethora of super exciting aged boxes in my collection that I managed to acquire at reasonable prices. how does one decide whether to crack these boxes open and smoke them, or flip them for a large profit on bond Roberts? (under the assumption that we don’t have multiple boxes of the same cigar)
  4. How are these smoking right now? please share your opinion can somebody link me to @JohnS reviews of these? They are always very detailed
  5. What can expect in terms of flavour? ive never tasted aged examples and even fresh don’t have much experience
  6. Question for the members would you rather have a box and smoke now Monte 2 from 2020 with PSP grading Monte 2 from 2015 PCC aged
  7. Lost it for 4 months due to COVID... be patient it will come back to its full capacity, in the mean time smoke less special cigars once every two weeks or so to see where you pallet is holding
  8. I remember smoking them around their initial release In summer 2017, they were a lot more herbal and spicy, I’m happy that examples I have smoked since then Have been a lot more true To the montecristo brand.
  9. Other than the Linea 1935 the Monte I consistently reach for is the petit edmundo. I’m a big believer that montecristo is a brand that demands a darker shade of wrapper in order to deliver optimal smoking experience.
  10. Don’t give up on this cigar, as I mentioned, I’m not even a big monte fan This cigar just really does it for me.
  11. In my experience this is very much a milk chocolate dominated cigar, so much so that it’s difficult to find another CC that is so rich with one distinct flavour, from what i remember I believe rob and kenny had A similar Experience with it in the sense that they found it very heavy on the chocolate aspect, in my opinion if you are a milk chocolate fan this is a MUST purchase.
  12. I do believe the the RASS or jl2 are for sure better value, i have found the dumas to be very consistent and one of the richest cuban cigars. Dumas is my favourite in that line, most intensity and concentrated flavour, i do enjoy the leyenda, just not as much.
  13. This weeks review challenge coincided perfectly with this box just reaching over it’s two year mark. This is a cigar that I enjoyed frequently upon release, became a favourite in my rotation in 2019 and in 2020 solidified its place in my books as one of the absolute best a high quality regular production blends. The montecristo Dumas is my favourite of the 3 new Linea 1935 releases (followed closely by Leyenda). I believe that due to its size, the Dumas provides the most intense and flavourful experience of the three sizes. Now, I have To confess, outside of the petit Edmundo I am not the
  14. Exactly bang on about what I taste from those aged examples
  15. Currently working through a 2008 box (i should really try to stop myself they are insanely good) interested to hear however how the current production are smoking? Is it generally a consistent cigar? How are aged examples smoking i.e 3-5 years?
  16. Despite owning a lot of Diplomaticos no 2 in my collection, it is a cigar I had never actually tried prior to this weekend. I have always been particularly intrigued by this cigar and always felt I had a great desire for it, which probably explains why I strangely have purchased so many without having tried them. This example was from a box I picked up in auction a few months ago. The first third had a delicious bread note followed by a creamy batter taste with a slight spice tingle on the finish. In the second third, the bread note evolved to a more specific deep coffee sponge cak
  17. I love to refer to members of the forum whenever I have a lack of experience with a cigar. I am fairly familiar with the fuerza and have smoked a multitude of them from 2016-2019 box codes. However I have never tried the punta, I do love a belicoso size. How does it differ in flavour profile from the fuerza? Also if people have tried any vintage versions from the early 2000s of either the fuerza or punta what are your thoughts?
  18. I sampled my first one this week as part of the weekend competition, interested to hear what people who have more experience than me with this cigar think. What is the flavour profile? what wrapper colour suits them best? I have an opportunity to buy a 2007 box, how do they age?
  19. After attempting to smoke a plugged sancho panza belicoso (one of my favourites) I figured I’d give the weekend review my first crack since being a member of This forum. This ALSO happens to be my first crack at the ERDM Choix supreme. The age on this cigar really showed, it displayed plenty of pronounced airy creamy Notes with some honey intermingled. The finish was capped off with a distinct hay note. This in my mind was cubas version of a “Connecticut” wrapped cigar. Lovely for a mellow smoke but not a ton of punch or complexity. Being as this is my first example I would be curious if

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