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    Do you agree with the tactic of not going full out to try and be deceptive? Just curious on your thoughts. Yes, Redbull I think are the underdogs no one is giving a fighting chance to. They seem to fall 3rd to Ferrari and Mercedez and because of that are often overlooked. Sidenote: I live Bottas helmet design the best and found him explaining the steering wheel very interesting.
  2. Cigar_83


    Seems like Mercedez has the upper hand at least from the practice sessions - (Love this thread BTW) Cannot wait for qualifying tomorrow not to mention the race itself.
  3. Oh really, that says a lot about the FOH system considering how close to Cuba you are. Thanks for the heads up and info it is greatly appreciated.
  4. Great information, thanks for sharing. seems like I'll have to try and find a mule since I'm not heading out for vacation for some time. Also great information here, thanks. I did read up on the 24/24 or 24/72 sticky post. I am quite happy with open boxes as I prefer them to be inspected and graded so I at least have an idea what im receiving quality wise.
  5. My question is how do we know the value $ wise of cigars when purchasing, and ensuring we are getting a deal/face value rather than being taken advantage of?
  6. Cigar_83

    My cabinet

    Wow, they both look great. And the number of cigars wow jealous lol
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    I think there has to be someone who will step into his role as a tempory position, someone who has been with the team for a number of years and it trustworthy.
  8. Cigar_83

    Hello From Canada

    Thanks a lot...
  9. Cigar_83

    Hello From Canada

    Thank you.
  10. Not quite 50 years. More so information passed on by my parents/grandparents who migrated here. They specifically recall the winters being much much worse in terms of snow fall.
  11. Cigar_83

    What Coffee are you drinking?

    Coffee - Lavazza Creama Espresso - iliy dark roast
  12. IMO its real even though this winter has been brutal. But compared to 50+ years ago winter was much much worse. There's so much data to suggest we are continually warming up year after year, its actually quite scary.
  13. Cigar_83

    Hello From Canada

    Thanks! Thank you. That didnt take you very long at all. What do you plan on doing next?
  14. Also, what would a beginning stage of beetle infestation or even in a single cigar look like, a pinhole? The photo on the first page is really obvious but what about in the initial stages?
  15. Today we just got another 15+ Cm of snow dumped on us. Apparently, we broke our own record for snowfall on this date... Im so over winter (Toronto, CDN).

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