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  1. I haven't needed the PerfecDraw for a NC (though I smoke way more Cubans) but I have certainly needed the PerfecRepair.
  2. Just smoked mine, tasted some grassiness at the start and then nada. The burn was however perfect throughout. No clue, have a sneaking suspicion I am going 0/5 (that has to be impressive in its own right, right?)
  3. Habana 61 and 5 Sentidos were my favorite spots
  4. Have no chance of picking anything correctly, but down for a 5 pack anyway
  5. Hope you don't blink when they go up cus you'll miss them there too.
  6. Thank you for the very unique review.
  7. Nah, there's always another cigar to cheer you right back up
  8. Yes, I know I should let these age a bit more, but they're just so tasty I couldn't pass it up for this review weekend. Beautiful wrapper, well constructed. Cold draw had a touch of sweetness to it. From the start it had a perfect draw, in the first third I tasted a bit of honey leading into a grassy taste. Silky smooth, the flavors mingle together without any one overpowering the other. Second third a bit fuller with some oaky notes, a leathery taste starts to build up. Burn still perfect with no corrections needed. Final third stayed on the medium side of medium-full, with more oak and leather in the mix. The honey taste is mostly gone at this point. This has been my favorite Cuban on my admittedly still short list of cigars. I know I need to let these sit, but it's going to be hard not lighting up another for 6 months. Overall the adjective that comes first in my mind about this cigar is smooth. Never once felt overwhelmed by it, an incredibly pleasant way to spend 90 minutes or so on a Sunday afternoon. Score: 93 Cheers!
  9. Be prepared for storage and bank account shortages is my advice

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