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  1. Nabil

    24:24 THURSDAY

    In for a box of 54s on my 20th try 😁
  2. Nabil

    24:24 THURSDAY

    Wow the site was getting crushed today, and with this lineup it makes sense
  3. I was let down by the season as whole, but it was mostly because everything was so rushed. There should have been more of a build up to Daenerys going crazy, more of a build up to Cersei's final moments, and Bran was just used as a plot device at random times, including the end. There were too many holes, too many jumps this season, and if they had built it up through two years I think they would have had time to fill those holes. The pace of the show quickened dramatically in the end and I think it suffered for it.
  4. Breaking Bad and The Wire the two that actually satisfied me. Dont think GOT is going to tbh
  5. Nabil

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Had work in the Bay last week and along with it a free weekend there so I took off for Yosemite and got some of my favorite shots there yet. This is the first time I've stacked images for star trails, this is 291 shots over one hour and 13 minutes. And for good measure, Valley View earlier in the day:
  6. Has anybody seen any source on when this all takes effect?
  7. Nabil

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Chicago finally warmed up, and when the April showers clear just before sunset like they did last night we get some fantastic sunsets
  8. Nabil

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    That's a glory (
  9. Nabil

    Worst Airports?

    LGA is so astonishingly awful. LAX had been right there, but they've been renovating it and last I was there in January it was decidedly out of its former third world status. LGA, and then maybe PHL right after that, are just amazingly bad. ORD's (my home airport) problems have always been weather related, the actual airport I've always liked.
  10. Brilliant, I just went and asked them for an empty Churchill box for my cardboard packed Espies. They wouldnt even take a dollar for the box, said it saved them the hassle of recycling them.
  11. Nabil

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    It was Chicagohenge this past week, where the sun sets down the middle of the east-west streets shortly after the spring equinox.
  12. Nabil

    New from Chicago

    I will say this though, tobacco tax in the city is insane. If you want non-cuban cigars get out of Cook County
  13. Nabil

    New from Chicago

    Iwan Ries on Wabash has a lounge, never been in it though. Out in the suburbs there a chain of them called Humidor, closest I think is Lisle but you can only smoke what you buy there. I got a balcony but it's been cold enough I've just been standing next to the door and blowing the smoke out haha
  14. For the samplers offered in the store, are those cigars all ready to smoke now? Or do they need to age a bit? For example I've seen in the 24:24 the recommendation to age a box of Cohiba Robustos for 3-5 years, but the new to Cuban cigars sampler pack and the robusto sampler pack both have a Cohiba Robusto. Is that cigar ready to smoke or does it likewise need 3-5 years?

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