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  1. Nabil

    New from Chicago

    I will say this though, tobacco tax in the city is insane. If you want non-cuban cigars get out of Cook County
  2. Nabil

    New from Chicago

    Iwan Ries on Wabash has a lounge, never been in it though. Out in the suburbs there a chain of them called Humidor, closest I think is Lisle but you can only smoke what you buy there. I got a balcony but it's been cold enough I've just been standing next to the door and blowing the smoke out haha
  3. For the samplers offered in the store, are those cigars all ready to smoke now? Or do they need to age a bit? For example I've seen in the 24:24 the recommendation to age a box of Cohiba Robustos for 3-5 years, but the new to Cuban cigars sampler pack and the robusto sampler pack both have a Cohiba Robusto. Is that cigar ready to smoke or does it likewise need 3-5 years?
  4. Nabil

    Hello from Chicago

    I just ordered a pre-fab wineador haha, could quickly see that I need the room if I want to be able to get even a fraction of things I want
  5. Nabil

    Hello from Chicago

    Thank you very much, and yeah I'm already seeing I need a bigger humidor lol Thank you!
  6. Nabil

    Hello from Chicago

  7. Nabil

    Hello from Chicago

    Hi everybody, I signed up a few days ago as I have started to seriously consider spending all of my money after rent on cigars and figured this is where I should learn a bit as I transition from Black & Milds to real cigars. In all seriousness, I went to Cuba for the first time this past December and obviously enjoyed more than a few cigars with the never ending 3 CUC mojitos. Brought back a box of CoRos without really understanding ageing and storage and have been trying to learn as much as I can since. I've started to try to figure out what I like, but being in Chicago that, until some of my purchases from the store make its way here, have been mostly limited to non-Cubans. Having lurked around the forum for a week I thought it was time to say hello. As far as my set-up, still pretty modest. A single 65 cigar humidor (more like 50 I think but they say 65) with the aforementioned box of CoRos in it and a handful of NCs that I've bought here (the one I've liked the most so far has been the My Father La Opulencia if anybody has any recommendations based on that I'd love to hear it).

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