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  1. We ended up having a band too! Although that setup looks much more thought out than our impromptu space. Sounds like a great time with the FOH community. I definitely recommend the house, I think it’s on Airbnb.
  2. It was a great spot, I couldn't figure out the address but it's close to the Riomar restaurant
  3. @moy71 it’s a CoRo. They had a box is singles at Melia Habana
  4. It was awesome! We did a tour around Havana and the El Morro castle and was able to smoke Cohiba shorts the whole way.
  5. Finally getting around to posting some pics from my Cuba trip. Can’t wait to go back!
  6. Maybe they didn’t let me in because there were Sir Winston’s? Ha I asked for those and La Trova everywhere I went and no luck. They had Vigia singles at Hotel Nacional but the only boxes were Reyes at Melia Habana and Coloniales at the airport on the way out.
  7. It probably did not help that we went at the end of the day, but it was just my group in the Hotel Nacional shop and the woman working there had to keep going back into the humidor / fielding questions about what they had and for what price. It would have made her job a lot easier if we could have walked in the humidor.
  8. I had a great time at the CHS Herf! Finally had time for a Lusi and it didn't disappoint. Thank you to everyone who showed up for generously sharing great cigars and drinks. I actually found 5 CUCs from my Cuba trip while doing laundry yesterday and my only regret is not using it on more Havana Club for the next Herf! ha
  9. The humidor at 5y16 was pretty full but other than 2019 LCDH boxes there was nothing hard to find. I was there at closing so didn't spend too long but there did seem to be a decent variety of marcas. Not much large format cigars outside of the Boli Libertadors. I also had a hard time finding any boxes of Trinidad. The restaurant / bar did seem like a cool spot to hang out though.
  10. I was there a couple weeks ago, but just now getting around to posting pics. I went to the LCDH on 5 y 16, Hotel Comodoro, Melia Habana, Hotel Nacional and airport. I was able to enter the humidor in all locations except the Hotel Nacional and airport which I didn't have any $ left for anyways. Hotel Nacional had great customer service but wouldn't explain why I couldn't enter the humidor. Customs are Alex coronas and I was excited to find UEB SEP 17 Partagas Shorts which were for the house and we smoked the box in 4 days. Cohiba shorts and cigs were also for the house and I'm a big fan of the shorts now. Punch Punch and RA Superiores were picked up for others in the group, so I ended up taking home around 60 with no issues after smoking way to many while there. I'm not sure if it was just the atmosphere, but the smoking the Vigia after dinner on our porch while listening to the La Floridita band was the best cigar I've ever had.
  11. The flight down was exactly like a domestic flight. You go through customs in Cuba. The flight back 2-3 hours should be good but you’re not allowed to enter more than 3 hours early. I wish I knew that rule as I had the latest flight in the group and was denied entry with no explanation. After a stressful 20 minutes though they finally explained and security was only 30 - 40 min going through later
  12. Just got back from a week in Havana, most of my group flew through FLL with Jet Blue and no one had any issues with buying the visa in FLL or customs either way. I brought the most cigars back of the group, about 55, but was never checked. They only asked if I had less than 10 bottles of rum. One piece of advice is bring more $ than you think you need. I had planned on bringing back more cigars but was out of $ by the time I arrived back at the airport for my return flight.
  13. Tried to end a 13 hour Friday on a high note with a Cohiba Maduro 5 Secretos. Then half way through I put it down to refill the scotch... next thing I know it flies away to what I fear is a 3 story demise. Luckily a small touch up and I smoke it to the nub while holding the wrapper crack together. I guess I need to invest in a single cigar ashtray/holder. Anyone ever have a similar experience?
  14. I was excited to re-review my first review. This was my first CC box purchase in March and I haven't had one in over a month. Has been sitting in my desktop humidor then dry boxed for 4 days. Construction: Matte wrapper (although it looks better in the pictures) Overall good construction with a few lumps from what appears do be veins below the wrapper Aroma: Hay / Cedar Cold Draw: Hay / Cedar with a sweet finish Pairing: Plantation Original Dark on the rocks 1st Third: Great draw and good smoke output Nutty toasted tobacco at the light. Citrus and cream come in shortly after. The full rest appears to have brought more pronounced citrus since my initial review. Consistent burn and medium bodied 2nd Third: Burn is great and ash holds on till about an inch into the second third and then falls off as I scroll FOH reviews Tobacco twang becomes prominent and cedar from the cold draw comes into play. Otherwise similar flavors to the first third but with the citrus cream muted. Medium - Full bodied now Final Third: There was a large glue patch on the band and after some massaging, a piece of wrapper still came off but did not have a noticeable effect First minor touch up is required as well but still a great burn Smoke output really picks up and flavor is predominantly nutty tobacco and cedar with a citrus cream finish Still medium - full bodied I am very happy with the way these are progressing and glad I grabbed a second box recently. While petit coronas fit my schedule best, the corona gorda is my favorite vitola I've tried. Smoke time was an hour and 15 minutes Score: A / 95

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