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  1. Is there an option to have only the top drawer? That seems most efficient for stacking boxes and then 1 drawer for loose singles.
  2. Punch Punch from the first box of Cubans I ever purchased and courtesy of our host (June 2018 box code I think). Finally warm enough to smoke outside comfortably. These are the ugliest sticks in my humidor but have all smoked great. Greenish wrapper hue and water spots but the best Punch I’ve had. Only 2 more left I’ll probably save them for awhile and hope my other Punch hit their stride.
  3. Great view! Glad you’re enjoying it! I’m definitely ready for another Herf whenever it’s feasible again.
  4. We just found out this little guy is a Schnauzer / Jack Russel mix. He loves hanging out on the balcony and is indifferent to the smoke which is nice. My last dog always barked at me if I was smoking.
  5. I tend to prefer original packaging of brands I enjoy more for nostalgia of the product than quality of the packaging. For instance I repurpose cigar boxes of my favorite marcas and appreciate they don’t typically change. Similarly I love the original Budweiser & Marlboro packaging/ logos and don’t like any updates or limited editions. With premium products like a watch, I appreciate quality packaging that doesn’t come off as cheap but at the end of the day I’m buying the product inside and that’s what I care about. I have amassed a significant collection of Lululemon bags though. I think that’s genius marketing that they continue to get free advertising by giving me free reusable bags.
  6. Welcome to the forum finally! I've been happy to share many sticks with @Jbcurrin12 but it's probably about time you start buying your own haha
  7. This has always been my favorite car. Right before they took away the chrome rear bumper. Since I have no use for a car except for recreational driving, I'm still hoping I can own one of these someday.
  8. It was great seeing everyone again and meeting some new members! Thanks @Buck14 and @inter4alia for organizing this. Can’t wait till the next one!
  9. As others have said, the income and racial segregation by neighborhood is a huge problem. However, as someone lucky enough to live on the northside and work off Michigan in the Loop, I have never felt unsafe in Chicago including walking home several blocks from the bar at 5am (Our bars close at 5 on weekends). For tourists the city is very safe and has an amazing food / cocktail scene as well as architecture, but bleachers at Wrigley will always be my favorite.
  10. We ended up having a band too! Although that setup looks much more thought out than our impromptu space. Sounds like a great time with the FOH community. I definitely recommend the house, I think it’s on Airbnb.
  11. It was a great spot, I couldn't figure out the address but it's close to the Riomar restaurant
  12. @moy71 it’s a CoRo. They had a box is singles at Melia Habana

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