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  1. Tried to end a 13 hour Friday on a high note with a Cohiba Maduro 5 Secretos. Then half way through I put it down to refill the scotch... next thing I know it flies away to what I fear is a 3 story demise. Luckily a small touch up and I smoke it to the nub while holding the wrapper crack together. I guess I need to invest in a single cigar ashtray/holder. Anyone ever have a similar experience?
  2. I was excited to re-review my first review. This was my first CC box purchase in March and I haven't had one in over a month. Has been sitting in my desktop humidor then dry boxed for 4 days. Construction: Matte wrapper (although it looks better in the pictures) Overall good construction with a few lumps from what appears do be veins below the wrapper Aroma: Hay / Cedar Cold Draw: Hay / Cedar with a sweet finish Pairing: Plantation Original Dark on the rocks 1st Third: Great draw and good smoke output Nutty toasted tobacco at the light. Citrus and cream come in shortly after. The full rest appears to have brought more pronounced citrus since my initial review. Consistent burn and medium bodied 2nd Third: Burn is great and ash holds on till about an inch into the second third and then falls off as I scroll FOH reviews Tobacco twang becomes prominent and cedar from the cold draw comes into play. Otherwise similar flavors to the first third but with the citrus cream muted. Medium - Full bodied now Final Third: There was a large glue patch on the band and after some massaging, a piece of wrapper still came off but did not have a noticeable effect First minor touch up is required as well but still a great burn Smoke output really picks up and flavor is predominantly nutty tobacco and cedar with a citrus cream finish Still medium - full bodied I am very happy with the way these are progressing and glad I grabbed a second box recently. While petit coronas fit my schedule best, the corona gorda is my favorite vitola I've tried. Smoke time was an hour and 15 minutes Score: A / 95
  3. kevpro

    Howdy Hi From Chicago

    Welcome! We just started a club for Chicagoland members, message @Buck14 if you are interested in joining.
  4. Edit: Section 15 explains that while individual people to people travel was removed in 2017, group people to people educational travel has been allowed until now and is being removed 6/5/2019 Additionally, It looks like they have revised Support for the Cuban People to be more restrictive, however still vague in what constitutes promoting independent activity What constitutes “support for the Cuban people” for generally authorized travel and other transactions? This general license authorizes, subject to conditions, travel-related transactions and other transactions that are intended to provide support for the Cuban people, which include activities of recognized human rights organizations; independent organizations designed to promote a rapid, peaceful transition to democracy; and individuals and non-governmental organizations that promote independent activity intended to strengthen civil society in Cuba. In accordance with the NSPM, OFAC is amending this general license to require that each traveler utilizing this authorization engage in a full-time schedule of activities that enhance contact with the Cuban people, support civil society in Cuba, or promote the Cuban people’s independence from Cuban authorities and that result in meaningful interactions with individuals in Cuba. OFAC is also amending this general license to exclude from the authorization certain direct financial transactions with entities and subentities identified on the State Department’s Cuba Restricted List. The traveler’s schedule of activities must not include free time or recreation in excess of that consistent with a full-time schedule in Cuba. For a complete description of what this general license authorizes and the restrictions that apply, see 31 CFR § 515.574. [11-08-2017] UPDATED June 4, 2019. Questions are current as of the dates indicated below.
  5. Great review and a great day for the Cubs! Good to see Lester get back on track!
  6. This was my first HDM, I added it from the FOH INT store as a single to a 24:24 order so I don't know the box date but I assume 2018. Construction: Light Colorado wrapper No major veins, and overall appeared to be great construction Aroma: Cedar / Barnyard Cold Draw: Same cedar / barnyard as the aroma. Unfortunately as I took the cold draw, the remaining cap slid right off. I was able to cut the wrapper and hoped the rest would hold throughout the smoke. Pairing: Knob Creek Rye with Violet Hour old fashion mix 1st Third: Both bands were extremely loose and slid right off. I actually prefer the nudie look as I am not a fan of double bands, especially with regular production. immediately after lighting I got cedar and roasted tobacco flavors and fortunately the cap seemed to hold up well. There was good smoke output and the burn was great. Not razor sharp but as good as you can expect from a habanos. After the first inch I got hay and mild cocoa notes, but not Monte cocoa. This was on the mild side of medium body. In hindsight, I should have gone with a milder pairing but I did like the contrast with the rye spice. A retrohale brings white pepper, but again on the mild side. The end of the first third brings a sweetness I initially attributed to honey like flavor but not overpowering at all. 2nd Third: A slight crack in the wrapper at the burn line, but it was able to burn through with no issues as the ash stays well beyond the first third. Peppercorn notes come in, but also sweet peppers as the previously honey sweetness comes through as vegetal. The cedar / hay finish continues and it's still mild - medium bodied. The ash finally falls off onto my face and shoulder as I tried to keep it holding on by smoking up in the air. A white shirt was a bad idea and I don't think I'll try this again! Final Third: The peppercorn intensifies, but otherwise still the same flavor profile but now medium bodied. I smoked this one to the nub and did get a nicotine hit, but not too much. The cap thankfully held on throughout the smoke. I really enjoyed this blend and will be looking to try the Epicure No 1 as I prefer the corona gorda vitola. Overall, I'd give this a 94/100 as the flavor and great burn outweighed the cap issue.
  7. Received these RyJ Mille Fleurs from a 24:24 2 box deal. Now the question is which to smoke first? I kind of like the idea of putting the older box away and having 2 years on them for quick winter smokes.
  8. I was actually thinking about this the other day as I’m planning a week and 1/2 trip later this summer. I’m hoping to finally have time for some double Coronas. Lusi’s RA Gigantes Punch Punch Monte 2 PSD4
  9. This was my first Monte No 5, thank you to @inter4alia. I was excited to try one with almost 3 years of age on it! Pairing: Drink - Dewar's 12 Year Music - Buena Vista Social Club Took El Prez's recommendation and really enjoyed the full album Construction: Light Colorado wrapper with a firm box press and overall great construction Aroma: Cocoa and leather Cold Draw: Cocoa and hay Due to the size I figured reviewing in two halves makes more sense. 1st Half: I enjoy the box press on these smaller smokes and this one had a great draw as well. Immediate chocolate and sweet cream. A very sweet finish, the only thing I can compare it to is the foam on an Irish coffee. There was a decent smoke output but required minor touchups as the ash seemed to pull away from the bottom of the wrapper. It was medium to medium full body and medium strength. The sweetness begins to fade after about two inches and brings more intense chocolate and raw tobacco which was welcomed. 2nd Half: The second half continues with the same chocolate / raw tobacco with hints of the sweet cream but much more mild. Near the band the sweetness completely fades and it is predominantly dark chocolate. I smoked this one down to the nub which brought some nutty notes near the end. I didn't time this smoke, but it lasted until the second to last song in the Buena Vista album. So about 50 minutes which is impressive for this little cigar. The Dewar's paired well, but I think a rye spice would have offset the sweet notes better. Overall I'd give this 91/100. The beginning was a little too sweet for my tastes but the second half was great. I would definitely pick up some more of these.
  10. Congrats! Happy to hear everyone is healthy!
  11. Unfortunately I haven’t tried the petit 2 so I don’t know but I’m sure others on here could answer that. I have a different full box of Monte 2 that I’m hoping just needs some time down b/c they aren’t as complex and have a bit of an ammonia taste. If you haven’t had a quality Monte 2 I’d recommend trying the one in the box.
  12. Came from our host! They look great but trying to let them rest before I smoke one. That Monte 2 is smoking fantastic though. It’s from a PSP quarter box and I wish I bought a full box.
  13. I wish! With my limited points I wanted to try as much new stuff as I could. I really enjoyed seeing all the different vitolas in person and varying wrapper shades. I will have to keep building my stock so that I can contribute in future years as a vet!
  14. Thank you again to @FatherOfPugs for managing this box pass. Not only is everything you could possibly need included in the box but I now realize he was responding to emails from the hospital! Congrats and I hope the delivery goes well for both your wife and baby. Now for the stogies, today was a great mail day as not only the box arrived but so did my 1997 Kramer Cigar Aficionado magazine that will go up in my bar. Takes Bag 2 Slot 5 Hoyo de Monterrey Double Coronas UGO JUL 2018 - 4 pts Bag 5 Slot 2 Romeo Y Julieta Churchills OBM DIC 2016 - 4 pts Bag 13 Slot 4 Quai D'Orsay Coronas MSU DIC 2018 - 2 pts Bag 11 Slot 5 Ramon Allones Superiores LCDH*** ETP ABR 2017 - 6 pts Total: 16 pts Freebies: El Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme Fonseca Cosacos Puts Bag 5 Slot 2 - Partagas Lusitanias BUP MAR 2018 - 2 pts Bag 2 Slot 5 - Montecristo No 2 SMA NOV 2018 - 2 pts Bag 13 Slot 4 - Punch Punch REG AGO 2018 - 2 pts Bag 11 Slot 5 - Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure No 2 - 2 pts - (Purchased singles from the FOH Int Store on 4/10/19 - assumed 2018 box date) Bag 14 Slot 1 - Bolivar Royal Coronas A/T ETP OCT 2015 - 4 pts 12 pts + 5 newbie pts = 17 pts Freebies: 2 - H Upmann Coronas Minor BRE JUN 2018 Non-Cuban Hamlet Tabaquero - Saloman Non-Cuban Hamlet Tabaquero - Bala @inter4alia is currently on the way to pick up the box!
  15. Box just arrived! I did a quick check and everything looks great. I'm preparing for a presentation at 3 but will post approved puts / takes and pictures after. Then off to @inter4alia

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