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  1. kevpro

    article on international blending of whisky

    I would definitely try a glass of this but doubt I'd get a bottle. I've had a few Nikka and thought they were okay but not great. However, I am excited to try the Yamazaki 18 at a tasting this weekend.
  2. kevpro


    I’ve had a few from the box I bought on 24:24 due to the price as well. I was surprised at how smooth/ medium bodied they smoked and got a lot of cream and nutty flavor. I also really like the Corona Gorda vitola. I’d recommend picking up atleast a 6er but I’m glad I have the box.
  3. Wow! This is an amazing selection! Thank you again for putting this together.
  4. Not exactly one box, so let me know if I need to re-do this. These were both boxed in Nov 18 as well which surprised me (different factories)
  5. While I wasn’t smoking when I tried the whiskey, I’d definitely agree you need a full bodied or peppery cigar to stand up to such a strong flavor.
  6. kevpro

    Booze run

    Based on your description I’d recommend Casmigos. It’s likely available at any ABC store and definitely available at any online distributor. Clooney says he and his friends developed a tequila with no bite / hangover. While I’d obviously take that with a grain of salt, it’s certainly amazing neat and your wife should enjoy with ice and a few limes or lime juice for a simple margarita w/o all the sugar. Id recommend the respsado for best value and the Anejo if you can afford it.
  7. I ended up at a bar tonight with Balcones Brimstone. What an amazing American whiskey. Thank you for introducing us to the brand.
  8. kevpro

    C&C for windy conditions

    Sounds interesting. Looks like they come in 3 packs so I'll have to give them a try.
  9. kevpro

    C&C for windy conditions

    Thanks! I just ordered some H Upmann Coronas Minor on the Easter sale which will hopefully be a good size. I'll keep an eye out for shorts on 24:24 as I've heard a lot of good reviews. I hadn't heard of these. Would consider them similar to the Petit Churchills?
  10. As I cannot smoke in my apartment and do not have a balcony, I find the easiest time to fit in a cigar is when walking my pup to the park. The issue is that 20+ mph wind gusts are a regular occurrence coming off the lake and sometimes touch ups can even be difficult due to the lighter going out. Obviously these aren't great conditions for smoking and even worse when it's below 40 degrees, but I am wondering if anyone has a recommendation for vitolas or specific CCs that stand up well to wind. I would think a smaller ring gauge would be be best but I haven't tested this theory as everything in my humidor is 46 - 52. Thanks for your help!
  11. Have you tried this bourbon? I love Irish pot stills (Redbreast, Green/Yellow Spot), and am interested to see how a bourbon distilled through the same process would taste. Win or lose I might have to pick up a bottle ha
  12. @FatherOfPugs Congrats to you and your wife! My guess is 5/28 at 11:45AM
  13. I didn't think of singles, that's a great idea. I was so late I went as fast as possible. Ended up with 10 Partagas Lusi's and a box of H Upmann Coronas Minors, both great deals.
  14. Thanks for clarifying. Sounds like I'll just plan on going until I hear otherwise.
  15. What does May 2nd represent? I haven't been able to find any information on when official details will be released or policies implemented.
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