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  1. And the end retail price is showing it. Just like the rest of the world playing catch up.
  2. why not? Simple....not all leaf is EL cigar worthy. Desperate or not, the path to fast, easy money is easily followed.
  3. Makes perfect, easy money in the pocket. Don't need to pay workers to roll or clog up the pipe line trying to get finished product on the shelf.
  4. Not amazon but a good seller. If I leave them or loose them or break them, no big deal. It's just a cheap tool to the ends mean.
  5. Who's that old guy in the white shirt? 🤭 Happy B-day! 🤠
  6. The real question does your defense allow darn near 40 yards of ball movement IN 2 PLAYS AND 10 SECONDS that allowed them the chance to kick the FG? 😵 🤠
  7. My tupperware came with a plastic grate in the bottom. I add some distilled water with Boveda and lock it closed. Forget about it till I need them. Rotate with others that need charged. They never touch the wetness in the bottom. Reload with water as needed. Been doing this for years. 🤠
  8. Recorded the All Madden special that just aired this past weekend and finally had a chance last night to sit down and watch it. Very well heartfelt put together show. There will never be another John Madden. RIP John
  9. 66 yrs old Had all 3 pokes so far. Not a single negative thing to say or feeling to talk about it. Never had a flu shot in my life but this is different, IMO. I still can't believe the idiots out there spewing crap about chips in the vax and the government being able to watch and track you because you now took a jab in the arm. 😵 If you have a cell phone, you are on ANY social media or forum platforms (like this one) you are already being watched and tracked. Everyday you go for a ride in your car, your picture is taken several times in just a short ride. People are so paranoid and freaked out about this crap all I can do is laugh. 🤣 My feeling is if you don't want the vax...that should be 100% up to you and no one should be forced to take it for any reason. But if that's the case....stay home, don't travel, stay out of my grocery stores and restaurants that I eat at until you're done being paranoid about "the government" You should be more scared of your wife or your girlfriend! 🤠
  10. For the love of God, shave those legs before your next post! 😅 Gotta love a newspaper with a hidden gem inside. 🤠
  11. I've gotten nicotine poisoning from any V series I've ever smoked.🤢 Tried around 4 or 5 of them and never again for me! Give me a Melanio anytime, anywhere over the V. 🤠
  12. picked up a couple boxes of D 4's JUN EOL... Both boxes really nicely constructed and wrappers looking pristine.
  13. Not really. The stuff I have is a powder so I can mix as little as I need. Couple drops of distilled water at a time, stir and appy with a toothpick.
  14. OMG That is so freakin cool! I'll take it. Where do I sign up?

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