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  1. For our educational purposes.... all who say counterfeit, can you point out the detail of what you are looking at for our future experiences? With the counterfeiters sharpening their game we all need to be right on their heels.
  2. Was handed this as a gesture of appreciation by a legit shop owner in Havana after making a purchase at his place. Was told later it is a fake. It matches everything I believe to be in a Sig VI. [burning it will be the final tell tale] My feeling is, if it is a fake, we are all in for some big trouble. 👀 But I am by no means any type of a cigar expert.
  3. Just make sure you keep around 40-50 cuc, in denominations of 10's, in your pocket (not all in the same pocket either) when leaving and you should have no problems. 😉
  4. Pre light ritual..... check to see if band is loose enough to slide around with very minimal pressure.... if it is...the first two things that go through my thoughts are this. 1. The torcedor knows what they were doing and didn't make a kindergarten project out of the cigar......2. The cigar has rested long enough for it lose enough moisture to shrink down a bit. If it is loose enough I'll slide it off before the flame. If not, I'm probably making a mistake putting a flame to it.
  5. I read today where they are gathering for a BBQ at his place with a supposed 3000 participants showing up. Think her nostrils were ruined before? Wait till that cloud engulfs her entire house. 🤣
  6. Can you expand on this a bit. One thing I've noticed is (in some of mine) a box can have that examplatary, fresh squeezed, aroma when first opened at an early age and some, but not all it seems, can dissipate from this after a longer period of time. Is that just luck of the draw?
  7. Wow I looked and didn't see before posting. Good thing we weren't doing 20 paces turn and fire!
  8. BY MELISSA LOCKER SEPTEMBER 3, 2019 To crib a line from psychoanalysis, sometimes a cigar is not just a cigar and sometimes a barbecue is not just a barbecue. That was the feeling of an Australian woman who sued her neighbor for barbecuing in their own backyard. Cilla Carden, a vegan massage therapist from Girrawheen—a suburb of the Western Australian city of Perth, believed that her neighbors were using a barbecue as a new front in a long-running war between neighbors. “They’ve put [the barbecue] there so I smell fish, all I can smell is fish. I can’t enjoy my back yard, I can’t go out there,” Carden told Nine News Perth. Carden believes the barbecuing is not just a family preparing their supper, but part of a campaign to irritate her, which is why she filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court of the state of Western Australia, claiming that her neighbors, Toan Vu and his wife and children, breached residential laws. “It’s deliberate, that’s what I told the courts, it’s deliberate,” she said in the local news interview. While Carden claims all she “wanted…is to live my life in peace,” the lawsuit she filed also alleged that it was than just the smell of grilling fish that was disturbing her. She also took issue with cigarette smoke in their garden, because the fumes waft over into her yard. She is also frustrated by the sound of the neighbors’ children playing basketball and making noise in the yard. The legal saga has dragged on since August 2017, according to The Guardian. While Carden sought relief from the onslaught of smells and noise in the courts, her case was thrown out by a tribunal and a Supreme Court judge who sided with the neighbors. “What they are doing is living in their backyard and their home as a family,” said the State Administrative Tribunal of Western Australia, according to the Evening Standard. Carden wasn’t ready to give up yet, though, and filed an appeal. That too was dismissed by the court. While Carden may not be satisfied with the outcome of her legal case, according to Australia’s News, her neighbor removed the barbecue from his yard and banned his children from playing basketball. Carden, though, plans to continue her legal fight.
  9. I've seen them where all looks good on the outside but looking very suspect once the lid is opened.
  10. I actually prefer smoking alone but enjoy the company once in a great while. Cigar Relax 3 fingers of scotch or bourbon depending on my tastes for the eve Play online poker
  11. Weather permitting.....a 30-45 min minimum bike ride at least 5 times a week. For generally only permits Oct to May...otherwise too hot!
  12. Hard to hate any............voted cohiba, more for being overpriced than flavor.

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