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  1. For the love of God, shave those legs before your next post! 😅 Gotta love a newspaper with a hidden gem inside. 🤠
  2. I've gotten nicotine poisoning from any V series I've ever smoked.🤢 Tried around 4 or 5 of them and never again for me! Give me a Melanio anytime, anywhere over the V. 🤠
  3. picked up a couple boxes of D 4's JUN EOL... Both boxes really nicely constructed and wrappers looking pristine.
  4. Not really. The stuff I have is a powder so I can mix as little as I need. Couple drops of distilled water at a time, stir and appy with a toothpick.
  5. OMG That is so freakin cool! I'll take it. Where do I sign up?
  6. We both here consider ourselves, our lives, very, very fortunate in 2020 with all that has taken place. We both have worked from our home before all of the crap hit the fan. Other than a few inconveniences that have changed our lifestyles we have continued to do our best to stay in a positive frame of mind. My partner in crime has been the best source of making sure I don't veer too far either way. The one thing I have learned the most is to dislike the media and not trust what is being read anymore thru any news outlet. It's a sad state of world affairs when the media has taken advantage
  7. Yea, one more vacation and I'll need a vacation from the vacation that I've been on since since this vacation started last March.
  8. I figure by the time they get around to me everyone else will be vaccinated and the virus will have no host to attach to so I should be safe!
  9. Many have been doing that for 3 plus yrs now IN the US. I felt the same until I made the trip. Happy, joyful, adventurous, educational, relaxing, welcoming, friendly, sad, exciting, all not necessarily in that order. Sure I could have traveled to N Korea and had all those same emotions but I heard they only smoke cigarettes there.
  10. Yep...we get out of here as much as possible June July Aug Sept. In a few more years for a month or better at a time is the plan. ?
  11. It's kind of funny but where I'm located I can't wait for winter to arrive so I can start back on the larger sizes ? My summer....your winter Partagas shorts Mille fleurs Hup half corona Monte media corona These are some that get the torch all summer long here.
  12. Says "Guaranteed fresh" pop them buckos open and grab the torch!

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