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  1. Belated birthday , and last cigar of the season...here’s to pipe season! #CohibaRobusto #BloodOathBourbon
  2. DC Monday Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Thought it would be a great time to get these guys open. First review here on FOH, and glad to be a part. 72 degree, 63 % , Prosecco upon opening these, a distinct Monte aroma greets my nose. More almonds and light cocoa, without the cedar or cinnamon though. my lack of experience can’t accurately explain this, but maybe because of the 3 per cardboard that it was stored in. very easy draw. expected draw for the age, unexpected for non-aged cuban in an avg ring gauge. First toast and 1/3: 28m familiar characteristic of vintage/aged leather undercurrents, with a top current of cocoa and liiiiiiiiiiight nutmeg. Love the coating/dusting left after retro before my swig of Prosecco. Highlights the cream and nutmeg left between draws. avg. smoke output 2nd 1/3: 40m the dark cocoa/chocolate and perfect coating mouthfeel give it a creamy texture, and seems to enhance the cocoa in the second third. only thing that seems to be missing is the medium strength I’ve experienced in newer Edmundo’s, as well as the nutmeg-cinnamon-twang with the cedar undertones. might be down to the age, cardboard, Prosecco combo? Thought? I’m all ears. Still perfect draw, and razor sharp burn after the second third. last 3rd: 40 almond that was found on the cold draw is very discernible in last 3rd...playing tag with the dark cocoa. Still no sign of medium strength imo, but the bright notes of citrus are coming through just before the band, and continue until the nub. Still dusty mouth feel, that brings cream for me, and stays until my drink of presecco or next draw. Score: 92 Total smoke time: 1h 48m Final thoughts : I’ve always thought, but never had the courage to share; that cigars in general reward the smoker for a good plan or set up. And in my humble opinion aged Cubans maximize this tenant. If you have the uninterrupted time, choose from the box/humidor wisely, deliberately and slowly toast, and don’t speed through the draw or exhale...they reward the smoker. And in my opinion, Cubans avoid the ‘earthy, spicy, or vegetal’ flavors generally found in marcas from other countries. And these Monte’s can really shine imo under these circumstances. Silky creme, almonds, citrus and dark cocoa danced along the leather undertone.
  4. Little Por Larranaga and some Wathens on the deck. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Greetings, was introduced to FOH through videos...specifically Washington Redskins videos, and whoala. FOH and Ken’s rants show up! HTTR First cigar was from my uncle, around the age of 12, next came pledging my fraternity in college( theta Xi), then smoked 1 per year after that. Only recently have I picked back up, and been introduced to Cubans. I’ve only got around 180 sticks, various vitolas and marcas. Some boxed and some 5’ers. Look forward to gaining insight into a great hobby. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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