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  1. At my cousins wedding handing mananitas out and voila! A sign like this is always welcome.
  2. I know it was surprising to me as well. @TheGipper is correct in saying I already have a distaste for cedar. Unless I’m smoking a RnJ wide Churchill, or a rass is some other fruit forward smoke, I like cedar then, but not in my bolis. Thanks for chiming in gents
  3. Ya I have 65RH humi packs In there, I just find it’s so arduous and slow to lower RH, but it’s going in the right direction.
  4. Ok then let me rephrase this. my top NCs of the past few years: wise man Maduro, my father opulenica, rocky Patel edge maduro 60, Alec Bradley estelli, Fuente opus x lost city, fuente hemingway work of art, annnnnnnnnd I found them all great BUT all one note flavours throughout the maduros, and the others, they don’t evolve like Cubans do over the course of smoking them. IMHO. I summed it up with the estelli because that’s what was in my hand at the time I posted. Would love to hear some NC recommendations from you.
  5. 71RH 75C. Took the cedar shims out and am recalibrating my Boveda butler
  6. the Boli petit Corona is ULA JUN 14 the PLPC, im not sure but most likely 2018, purchased from my local B&M
  7. I’m halfway through enjoying one of my Boli Petit coronas from 2015 and it’s just cedar overload. Not in a nice way. I take the dividers from my various now empty dress boxes and slip those in my humi’s with my sticks. Is that creating this cedar overload? Had the same overloaded cedar aroma in my mouth from a PLPC. Both sticks have been in the humi less than 2 months
  8. Mine are almost 5 years old and I feel like they need much longer.
  9. La Opulencia is nice too. If you like Nic Maduros try the Wise Man Maduro
  10. I’ve never had an outbreak (even after I return home from vaycay to see my temp spiked to 78 for a few days) As I’ve always purchased from proper sources, but I just picked up a Cuban “no name” petit 2 from my regular B&M. Is it safe to believe that HSA freezes even these no name brand sticks that are blended specifically for B&Ms? Or should I be freezing this stick?
  11. Sipping on a distinguido. Never had a bad one. IMO cuaba should do like Diplomaticos and only make this one cigar
  12. Just had this Alec Bradley black market estelli. Good price and Good smoke! But like the rest of NCs. One flavour thru out the whole stick.
  13. I got a 2015 box off of the auctions, and I think they could use even longer. I’ll get halfway thru great carmelized sugar notes and they start getting a bit spicy. Amazing smoke. First time I’ve seen the forum light up about them, shoot, now they’re a hot topic.
  14. Completely agree with @99call on the Connie 1s and the PLMC and will add Upmann HCs and el principes for the under an hour department Quintero Favoritos would be the king of the basement for me and for the amount of money invested for a stick you want to guarantee to be good I’m going BBF, cuaba distinguidos, Connie B Can’t comment on anything aside from this decade, and only within the last 6 years

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