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  1. I’ve been so so on this box of el principe TOS MAR 17 but finally today this one was a star. Had the distinct aftertaste of cinnamon hearts giving my tastebuds a buzz for long after it nubbed.
  2. Upmann 2. Wow. First one for me. It’s like hazelnut wafers. I’m so pissed I missed the 2424 a few weeks back I need more of these in my life
  3. I hate my box of Monte 3s so much I’d never pass that burden onto anyone else. But there’s other sticks I know are great, and not just my thing. Cool idea!
  4. I love my upmann HC's like everyone else does, and I have a delicious box of them (UEB ABR 18) but even from such a great box code I get a plugged one from time to time, even with a bit of a dry boxing. I've noticed that if after you clip and the draw feels super tight, let it sit in your dry box till you can get a decent draw through it.
  5. STUD: QD 50 SMA JUL 18 DUD: Monte 3 ASU DIC 17
  6. I splurged on some opus x lost city and now prize my single Sir Winston over it. In 8 years it’ll be this little batch of Connie Bs I have aging away. I think for me, hype aside, it’s gotta be an amazing smoking experience at the end of the day for me to really cherish something.
  7. Hoyo rio seco was the creamiest I’ve had this year so far
  8. Little montecarlos to take the edge off I don’t know if the PL is making my coffee taste better or the other way around. Caramel smoke for breakfast.
  9. Down in Windsor my guy is saying the same things. That he’s probably out of the business before the years out. He’s got a lot of great sticks but Canadian taxes are absurd.
  10. Upmann HC. UEB ABR 18 such a little treat when your on the go
  11. It’s funny because a cigar after a meal is such a satisfying thing and the satisfaction is most likely born from me feeling ghastly if I smoke on an empty stomach.
  12. I had an 898 a few days ago that gave my mouth that low voltage hum that Sichuan pepper has
  13. I had a thing happen when I was first properly getting into cigars, I had a PSD4, and its peppery edge made me crave a thick ribeye steak with a bottle of good red wine to boot. It stuck with me until finally, I ended up with that stick in my hand after a steak dinner and now I can't smoke anything besides that when I have a steak. its turned into a ritual. Whats that one meal where you know exactly what you'll be smoking after dinner?
  14. i'm reading this thinking why the hell did I pass this up. next yearrrrr

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