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  1. StalinisBallinn

    Could you have a Rat as a pet?

    I have a hedgehog so it might as well be a rat lmao
  2. I had the same stick. Great review!
  3. Decided to treat myself with a Cuban tonight. Picked out the only Bolivar Petit Corona in the humidor. Decided to pair it with a dram of Makers, neat. This stick smells amazing. Used a punch and has a tight, spicy cold draw. First third Spicy & leathery right out the gate. Fantastic. Clean easy light and good burn line. Surprised with the thick clouds of smoke that pour out. And it smells delightful. Second third It's burning faster than I'd hoped. Maybe my fault, maybe the cigar. Either way, going down smoothly. The spice intensifies and the leather seems to fade, being replaced by some earthy tones. The spice is becoming more peppery, which I find enjoyable. It compliments the bourbon too. Final third Not quite a pepper bomb but I did get a really peppery draw. More earthy tones, laced with a little bit of creaminess, rounded off with some pepper. The burn has slowed down to normal pace, so I'm able to enjoy it for longer. Smoked it down to the nub. Final thoughts Quite enjoyed this as a start to the weekend. Would smoke another given I get more. 8/10
  4. Got this box last year, most of those I've smoked out of it had been a bit of a disappointing experience. From what I've read that can be case for Reyes, when they're young they get an ammonia aspect which is certainly something I picked up on those from last year. Added to that this stick has quite a loose draw so if you're not careful they'll heat up quickly. Thankfully though I think they've turned the corner, this one was a cracker, a mix of sweet tobacco and dark caramel, absolutely delicious. Trinidad when done right really is a treat. 7/10
  5. Do they require some age on them? Or are they good right out of the box
  6. Are they any good?
  7. Nice pictures!
  8. First Impressions: Damn these things are hefty, 55 gauge glory sticks made of pure Cuban greatness. Great construction and a very strong smell of tabacco at the foot of the cigar. Easy to light and very quick to get going... even amongst the rain and wind. Love the nice smooth texture of the cigar with some nice lines to break it up, double band sits comfortably on the cigar with the “WIDE CHURCHILL” being wrapped very tightly (I have yet to remove one in one piece!) First Third: As I said, Lit very easily with no need for a good toasting, very good draw and lots of white smoke bellowing from the foot after every sweet puff. Lots of great tastes for peanuts and what I could swear was cashews, maybe even walnut? Second Third: Started getting some uneven burn, but after learning a few things from you guys I soon got that under control... from what I understand this isn't anything unexpected on such a large cigar? Still retained some of that really strong nutty tastes and towards the end of this third I could certainly taste some leathery after-tastes from each puff. Really enjoyed this part the most! Last Third: Can't really change my review of the last third as she kept going out and I lost the tower of ash that I'd be cultivating for a good 45-50 minutes at this point! Strong leathery tastes as well as the all the way through nuts. Got a strange and almost overpowering raw-tabacco taste as I neared the nubbing section with the stick finally dying quietly as I forgot to move my finger and now have a lovely burn mark. Id recommend this stick to anyone, Definitely a 9/10 for me.
  9. A couple people mentioned that it will probably be a 15 pack of epicure no 2 based on price .
  10. StalinisBallinn

    Some dark clouds in my horizon

    Hope to see you around! Good luck to you my friend.
  11. I bought the mystery box off an online vendor, crossing my fingers for something good!
  12. These sticks are packed solid, with a decent triple cap. After a perfect straight cut, The cold draw was extremely tight. Uh-oh. The cigar lit well, but the draw didn't improve and remained that way for the duration of the smoke. The burn was wonky at times and required quite a bit of attention, enough so that I was becoming annoyed. The cigar needed a relight about an inch in, then again at the halfway mark. It went out again about 2/3 of the way in, but I had had enough and just stopped. There was some smoke, but I feel the potential for lots of smoke is there if the draw weren't so tight. The flavors were predominantly grass and wood, with some cocoa on the retrohale. Maybe some spices? Purging didn't help the draw or flavors change at any point. Maybe the relights negatively affected the flavors? Who knows. The band refused to come apart cleanly, so I basically had to rip it off. The cigar is so solid, all my messing with the band didn't affect it at all. The dark colored ash stayed on pretty well, dropping in half inch chunks. Overall, slightly disappointing, and certainly not deserving of the hype. There are much better cigars at this price point. Then again, I could have gotten a bad box. Id rate this cigar 7.5/10.
  13. StalinisBallinn


    My wallet is crying but will be ready. Thanks guy!

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