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  1. Great review! Same stick I reviewed and I agree 100% with what you put.
  2. StalinisBallinn

    HSA Price Increases

    Stock up on those behikes boys!! 😂
  3. StalinisBallinn

    24:24 MONDAY

    Picked up some Cohibas and a couple single sticks to get to 100$
  4. Great, well thought out review my guy! I love these sticks very much!
  5. This is a beautiful cigar I got as part of a trade. Near the beginning there was a wonky burn issue but with one touch-up it went away. This was a super smooth cigar, definitely no stronger than medium-bodied yet it was full flavored. Right from the get-go it is meaty and full with strange tastes I don't believe I've ever experienced in a cigar, It's very complex from the beginning. Finally the strength picks up to the point where there is a nice, even-tempered black pepper finish following the warming baked goods and general nutiness. I nub it at the end and enjoy every second, even as my fingers burn into nothing. I'd say the main flavor was cedar but I could also taste a light coffee with cream and a hint of sweetness. There was a smooth, warming spice with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. Overall this was a wonderful cigar with a ton of flavor and a great burn (besides the first inch). I would gladly smoke more of these any day and I really did enjoy more than I expected to. Overall Rating:90
  6. StalinisBallinn

    Davidoff advice needed

    Davidoff 702 is a personal favorite!
  7. Good write up! Just bought some monte Edmundos from 24:24 the other day. Can’t wait to try!
  8. I am pretty new to the CC world but very much enjoy the ones I have smoked.I received a couple no 2s from a friend of mine who had previously brought them from Cuba. It seemed like the burn was wonky along the mid point through the band. There were a couple of transitions subtle and no so subtle, the pepper popped at one point. It never was out of balance however and I'd definitely like to get more of these to form a comparison. Straight cut and pre light draw brought on a sweet tobacco flavor. First third lighting continued a bready/nut sweetness with a creamy mouth finish that was pretty long. Smoke output could have been better but wasn't horrible. Burn line was a bit off but did not require any attention at this point. Finish is like a razor thin hunk of dilute sugarcane dissolving on the back of my tongue, quite pleasant. Mid stick the burn started to ease somewhat but it might have been the slight breeze. Seems like the sweetness started to back off just a tad and there was a increase in pepper that was a great transition. These two played well together. Perhaps a bit of cocoa. Final third didn't bring a lot of changes other than some slight bitterness that didn't stop me from finishing. I'd rate it 85/100.

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