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  1. I posted in "Cuban haul". I have to say that the Jolanda Pyramids are my new favorite smokes! Now to make them last...
  2. 150 Torpedos from Yolanda! They are much better looking in person. We tried four different custom rolls and Yolanda's were my favorite. We hooked up with Hamlet at The Big Smoke (Yolanda was his teacher) and that was fun too.
  3. LCDH in Havana (Jolanda). Lots of cigars! I picked up 150 Jolanda custom Torpedos.
  4. What a fantastic trip. Two full days with Jorge was just perfect. He took us to places and we smoked so much!
  5. Getting ready for our trip with the OG Cigar Society based out of Folsom CA. We are all going to the big smoke in Florida then hopping on a cruise that includes two days in Havana. We are all set up with Jorge and two cars and will probably hang with him for both days. My wife and I are bringing two large rolling duffel bags of stuff for the people. We are bringing five miles of 20/25 LBs fishing line, three hundred hooks, four soccer balls with pumps, a bunch of jeans/shorts, tooth brushes, tooth paste, reading glasses, razers, and hair scrunchies. Should be a lot of fun! I love this site and want to thank all the posters for the great information. Vince
  6. I have been lurking for a few weeks and really like this place. Heading to Cuba next week and have Jorge lined up already! Vince

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