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  1. Brisket stall usually occurs in the 150 -160 range. Waiting out the stall can be frustrating. For me the stall seems to last about 3-4 hours on average, although I had one stall for over 6 hours once. This is the reason I generally smoke hot and fast. Foiling the brisket helps power through the stall. If you aren't on a specific time frame and can allow to wait out the stall then low and slow will do you good. Smoking it hot and fast you can expect it to be done cooking in 5-7 hours and 2-3 hour rest. Hot and fast makes planning when we will eat a little easier. If I'm going to do a low and slow smoke I usually put the brisket on the smoker at midnight and let her smoke all night. A 15-16 lb brisket will finish up early afternoon generally.
  2. I overlooked the part on the original post about the grill. I've never done a brisket on a grill. I think it would be very difficult to do on a grill.
  3. Good advice above. Your method of cooking brisket can vary greatly depending on a lot of factors. Get a packer brisket if possible, test for bend when you are handling it. I haven't really noticed much difference between smoking a brisket graded at prime vs. a choice brisket. I usually will opt to buy a prime brisket because the cost isn't usually much higher for prime. Select one where the meat of the flat is as thick as possible. Lots of good videos on YouTube on trimming a packer. For seasoning I prefer kosher salt and cracked black pepper. I use an UDS (Ugly Drum Smoker) and always get great results. I use the minion method for cooking using lump charcoal for heat and 6-7 chunks of hickory or pecan for the smoke. I've cooked briskets both ways low and slow and hot and fast. Low and slow, (225 degree cook with a cook time of around 15-17 hours) definitely develops a better bark. However, I tend to cook brisket hot and fast. I smoke it at 300 degrees for 3 hours. After the 3 hours in the smoke, I put it in an aluminum pan with a couple splashes of beef broth and seal with foil. Continue cooking at 300 degrees. After a couple hours you can check it to see if it is done. This is more by feel than by temp. When you insert your meat thermometer into the point of the brisket you want it to feel like the consistency of inserting the thermometer into room temp butter. Internal temp will vary here because each brisket will breakdown differently, but in general somewhere between 205 and 210 degrees internal temp is the range when the thermometer inserted feels right. I remove the brisket from the smoker and wrap the pan in moving blankets. Resting is critical. I rest my brisket for 2 -3 hours once removed from the smoker. After the rest period slice and enjoy. Sorry for the novella, happy smoking!
  4. Ferrari really pulled a rabbit out of the hat today. Plagued all year with a lack of pace in the slower sections, I sure didn't expect to see them gain so much pace through the slow corners. I don't think anyone anticipated them to have the qualifying pace that they did. It'll be interesting to see if their race pace can take the fight to Mercedes and Red Bull. I still have doubts that they have found a way to manage their tires and have competitive pace in the slower sections. Leclerc once again is showing why he is the future of Ferrari. Another inopportune error by Vettel probably cost Ferrari the front row lockout.
  5. I prefer Old Havana cigars over the LCDH in G.C. Juan is a stand up guy.
  6. Chicago. A couple roster spots of concern, especially place kicker, but overall the roster is pretty sound.
  7. I figure with all that profit pouring in from his own clothing brand that maybe Alonso might sign at discounted rate.🙄 In all seriousness though, I'm all for Bottas to Haas. I figure Mercedes promotes Ocon to avoid him being poached by other teams. If Haas ditches both Grosjean and Magnussen I'd seriously consider Checo Perez if he is not resigned by Racing Point.
  8. I almost suggested this very thing after the Haas meltdown at Silverstone. Haas signing Bottas would be a huge move for the team. Team principal Steiner when talking about the proposed 22 race schedule stating that Haas couldn't financially justify the additional races unless engine allotment stayed at 3. Would Haas be willing to spend the coin to secure Bottas? With all this talk of Alonso returning to F1, my fear is that Haas desperate to replace Grosjean attempts to lure Alonso back to F1.
  9. Finally a great suspenseful race thanks to mother nature. A well deserved podium for Toro Rosso. Vettel from P20 to P2. More Grosjean/Magnussen drama for Haas. It was satisfying watching Stroll fade out of podium contention. I thought Leclerc had a legitimate shot at his first win until he beached his car at turn 16. Up to that point, Ferrari had nailed his tire strategy which was shocking in comparison to the mismanaged strategy of races past. Gasly proving once again that Kyvat or Albon would be a better choice for the parent team. Kubica gets Williams its first point of the year after being outraced by his teammate all year. Poor pit strategy doomed George Russell.
  10. F1 should ditch the hybrid era. I think the effort to lessen the carbon footprint and promote hybrid technology has been lost with the increasing popularity of Formula E. The cars now are so overweight, yet can't follow a car in front of them without totally loosing the front end aero. They just need to go back to naturally aspirated engines. Deregulate F1 instead of further restricting it. Focus on cost savings to teams, and for god sakes let the drivers race each other.
  11. You are spot on in this assessment, and I couldn't agree more. This has been a very disappointing year for Haas, and the lack of results brings all aspects of the team further under the microscope. Both drivers shortcomings have been on full display. It is time for a change.
  12. I haven't seen a Puros Indios for a few years. They were somewhat popular in the late 90s/early 2000s. I never cared for them. They did make an 18" cigar called "The Chief". If memory serves, I think Puros Indios was a Honduran tobacco blend and not Brazilian. memory of those is going back 20 years or thereabouts.
  13. I'm no Verstappen fan, but he had the inside line at turn 3. Leclerc didn't defend the inside line to turn 3 which allowed Verstappen to gain inside advantage on a very tight corner. While I was pulling for Leclerc to finish the race P1, I feel that the pass was legit. The contact, while fairly substantial, was a racing incident that doesn't warrant a time penalty. Leclerc drove a hell of a race, but Verstappen was a man on a mission the last 15 laps of the race. He deserved the win every bit as much as Leclerc. Leclerc will get his F1 race wins eventually. If I was in his position, I wouldn't want my first F1 win to come after the fact because of a time penalty. For me, it would be very bittersweet to see a driver miss the celebration and excitement of their first F1 victory, because it was awarded post race.
  14. Neither one of you missed anything. It was basically 53 fast paced parade laps.

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