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  1. We've been using alienstreams iptv through the firestick for a couple years. No complaints.
  2. Agreed 100%. This season has been a total disappointment for me. Team Toto is so far ahead of the game this year it is unreal. Tire strategy is the only way Red Bull can attempt to compete. The rest of the field are also rans. The FIA really needs an overhaul. Inconsistent driver penalties, and the decision to allow Racing Point to continue using brake ducts deemed illegal is crazy. Combine the FIA's inconsistencies with the lack of competitiveness during the turbo hybrid era and it has become a snooze fest. I'm not brow beating Mercedes. God bless them for fielding such superior cars
  3. Agreed. New Riff is a good pour. Just over $30 bucks at my local Sam's club.
  4. Old Grand Dad 114. Best $30 dollar bottle I've found. While I have most of the bottles found on the list, and keep backup bottles for several of them. The OGD 114 is a must have imo. The OGD Bottled in Bond is pretty good too especially at the $20 price point.
  5. Merc proving once again they are miles ahead of any other team. Ferrari looks like a dog chasing its tail. Haas, how's that decision to keep Grosjean going for you? They seriously need to consider putting some all terrain tires on his car. He spent more time in the dirt and grass than a landscaper. I'm not sure I can endure another season, albeit a shortened one, with him behind the wheel.
  6. I agree with your statement completely. Just look back at last year. Verstappen went as far as calling out Ferrari as cheaters and they weren't found of any wrongdoing. Teams will exploit gray areas in the regulations to gain an edge. That is just competitive nature. I have to give Mercedes kudos for developing something that outwardly appears so mechanically simple to alter the tire alignment, yet has the potential to drastically alter tire temperature, tire adhesion and tire life. I'm not discounting the engineering that went into the development, I'm sure the system is complex, but a
  7. Mercedes constantly pushing the developmental envelope with innovations like DAS are exactly why they have won the last 6 championships. While I doubt it gives a noticeable performance advantage, the potential is there to drastically change tire wear characteristics. That alone could be a game changer in terms of race strategies.
  8. Out of all the options they could have stolen and they opted for the
  9. Ferrari made wholesale changes with the front side pod ducting. Ferrari ruled the straights last year, but couldn't hang with Merc or Red Bull in the corners. Last year Ferrari held a 2-3 tenth advantage in sector 1 over Merc, lost 2-3 tenths in sector 2, and 3-4 tenths to Merc in sector 3 at Barcelona. I'm looking forward to seeing how much top end speed they sacrifice to try to compete in the slower, more technical sections of the track. Hopefully this year will be pretty competitive.
  10. I want to see Haas do well, but I'll never profess to being a Grosjean fan. As long as Stroll continues to have a seat in F1, Grosjean will never be my least favorite driver. I'm still not sure how Haas could retain Grosjean so quickly when Nico was losing his seat at Renault. Nico would have been a huge upgrade over Grosjean. I'm still disappointed that Nico won't be at Haas in 2020.
  11. Nice to see Haas return to their colors now that Rich energy is out of the equation. Hopefully they can get the car to operate in a competitive manner. I'd say the arrow is pointing up for this season, but I'll take a wait and see approach knowing that Grosjean remains in the paddock.
  12. I prefer Old Havana versus the LCDH in Georgetown. Juan and Carla are both top notch, and I feel that Old Havana has a pretty good selection most every time I have went. The selection at LCDH Georgetown sometimes has been hit and miss, although I generally stop in for a look every time we vacation there.
  13. Villeneuve actually believes this statement? Relax? Any driver at this level would get very frustrated with the team indecisiveness surrounding strategies. Learn from Vettel? I like Seb, but with the amount of unforced errors he exhibited this year he should not be touted as the teacher and Leclerc the student.
  14. It'll be interesting to see how much development the teams put in to the cars for 2020 with such drastic developmental changes coming in 2021. Haas...What can I say? Abysmal year. Developed a car lacking in downforce and consequently were unable to keep the tires in a workable range. I feel they made a big blunder keeping Grosjean instead of making a serious run at Nico. Hulkenberg is a better driver than Grosjean in every aspect. Ferrari doomed themselves. Straight line speed much faster than anyone. The sacrifice of downforce for blazing fast straight speed was a failure for
  15. Agree 100%. Money talks. It is unfortunate that his sponsers purchased his seat at Williams this year. I'd much rather see young talent gain experience in that seat, instead of Kubica who has no future in F1. It is commendable that he could forge a comeback after such a devastating racing incident. That said, he wouldn't have a chance at driving for any of these teams if his financial backers hadn't coughed up enough dough to buy the seat.

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