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  1. In-A-Gadda-Davidoff


    Merc showing they are in a class unto themselves. Watching Hamilton in Q3 almost go off track twice and still post a P2 shows just how dominant Mercedes is. Bottas was blazing fast and untouchable. It's nice to see Haas maybe starting to figure out their issues with tire temps and finally are showing some pace. I think F1 and Pirelli really miscalculated the tires this year. Too many teams have had an issue keeping heat in the tires thereby reducing grip which results in poorer lap times. F1 ran the thinner tread at only 3 venues last year, and based on those races changed the tires for all 21 races in 2019. I think they should have left the blanket temps alone for 2019. I feel the change to thinner tread to combat tire blistering for all events in combination with reduced blanket temps has been counterproductive for the sport.
  2. In-A-Gadda-Davidoff

    LCDH Grand Cayman

    My experience echoes Cayman17. Friendly knowledgeable staff and generally well stocked. I've stopped in every time we have visited Grand Cayman and always find some product to part me from my $. Enjoy Grand Cayman it is paradise.
  3. In-A-Gadda-Davidoff


    I'm extremely disappointed with the showing of Haas this year. They aren't the only team struggling at keeping the tires up to temp. However, it is frustrating to watch Haas fail to even get their cars into the points since Melbourne. Coming into this season I had much higher hopes for the team, and so far the results have been pretty dismal.
  4. In-A-Gadda-Davidoff

    So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    Stagg Jr. Nice find indeed.
  5. The SLR DC was always my favorite of the DC offerings due to its complexity. For me, I'd call it a medium bodied cigar. Always had honey and floral notes upon lighting through that first 1/3 to first half that would morph to cocoa and coffee notes (maybe I could call it mocha). Sometimes I'd get slight notes of mild tree nuts in that last third like almonds or pecans. When I think of the cigars that have wowed me. The SLR DC is tops for me. Love the aroma, love the flavor profile, love the complexity, and the strength is perfect for the length of time it takes to enjoy it.
  6. In-A-Gadda-Davidoff

    "high roller bourbons"

    I don't understand the pricing on some of these bottles. Most of the list is relatively spot on, but the E.H. Taylor is not accurate to my area and Weller Antique is grossly inflated. I can find the E.H Taylor small batch routinely for just under $40, and Weller Antique for $30. When I can find Weller Antique in 1.75L it is $55 although it is much more difficult to find than 750ml bottles. Blanton's is $60 in my area when you can find it, but finding it is a whole different story.
  7. In-A-Gadda-Davidoff

    "high roller bourbons"

    Great stuff. Give the Old Grand Dad 114 a try. OGD bonded and 114 are the best value on the shelf in my eyes. I love the high rye mash bill.
  8. Theismann and Smith's Tib/Fib breaks are nasty indeed. I think Marcus Lattimore's knee dislocation against Tennessee in 2012, and Johnny Knox's back injury against the Seahawks in 2011 are the two American football injuries that will forever stick in my brain. Just brutal.
  9. In-A-Gadda-Davidoff


    Agreed. Ferrari didn't have anything to challenge Mercedes. Leclerc and Vettel were turning almost identical lap times. After Leclerc ceded the position to Vettel it was very frustrating to watch Vettel hard charge corners and tire lock lap after lap. Alexander Albon had a very good race after his crash is fp3. To manage a p10 after starting from the pit lane was very impressive. Nice to see Ricciardo settling in to his Renault, but the team better figure out the MGU-K issues. Going into the fourth race of the season and Hulkenberg may already be looking at possible grid penalties because of MGU-K failures is unbelievable. For a team that was hoping to close the gap this year to the top three teams so far it has been ugly.
  10. In-A-Gadda-Davidoff

    **** Montecristo No. 4 FOH PC Sampler ****

    Good review. There is a reason #4s are so popular. Cocoa and coffee in spades. When you get a chance try a #3. The #3 is a personal favorite.
  11. In-A-Gadda-Davidoff

    Cigar-themed boat names

    Smoke on the Water.
  12. In-A-Gadda-Davidoff

    El Blunto

    Grass under glass.
  13. In-A-Gadda-Davidoff

    buying cellophane wrappers.

    In my opinion, selecting a box for your experiment should focus more on brand and vitola consistency rather than specifically selecting based on blend changes related to aging. If you plan on smoking one of each every six months and the box selected isn't consistent from stick to stick, you'll have a hard time determining if the cellophane has had any effect. Over the course of 5-6 years there are a lot of variables, other than the cellophane, that could contribute to variances in the smoking experience between the two samples. I say go for it. You'll never know the outcome unless you give it a shot. Worst outcome would probably be that there is no observed difference.
  14. I've was planning on getting an Aristocrat in the next couple of years and since that is no longer an option I've been looking around. In addition to Avallo and Vigilant I have found J.C. Pendergast in Milwaukee and American Cigar Cabinets in Indiana. I'm also looking for a furniture style cabinet and Pendergast and American Cigar Cabinets look pretty nice, but I plan on investigating those options once we get closer to relocating.

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