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  1. Despite my better judgement, I decided to pull one of these bad boys out of the humidor for the purposes of this review. I picked this box of 10 up locally a couple of weeks ago after hearing all the rave reviews. The store keeps the humidity in their humidor much too high for my liking so I've been trying to dry these out a bit before really digging into them. This is my second one from the box. This one is already considerably more dry than the first one that I tried right after purchasing, but still more more humidified than I prefer. I can't really break this review down into 1/3rds, because, like the previous one I smoked, I didn't really experience enough evolution to report. The cigar has an almost grassy, hay-like flavor which I find very enjoyable. There's a lot of toasted tobacco notes and just toast in general. There's a little bit of leather hiding in their somewhere as well. There was also a little bit of pepper poking through at times. The construction is very good albeit slightly under-filled. The burn is razor sharp until about halfway through when the wind started picking up and wrecking havoc on how well it burned. As I entered the final 3rd, it's youth really started to shine and there was some slightly tannic notes and it became more difficult to keep properly lit. The flavors where consistent and enjoyable throughout, but it's far from what it's capable of being in a few years time, I imagine. All in all, an enjoyable experience. I do think these are quite nice smokes and I'm still trying to decide whether to go back and pick up the remaining box at my local store. I would probably give this an 86 or 87. I think in a few more months that might be up into the 90's.
  2. I hate to be the voice of dissent here, but there’s a lot of dangerous misinformation, anecdotal evidence, and flimsy correlations in this thread. We all love cigars but let’s not pretend like the health risks are nonexistent or negligible. And to a previous poster, yes, cigar smoking increases your risk of colorectal cancers. You can find studies in many medical journals documenting this link.
  3. Managed to track down a box of Du Prince from 2016 and an October 2018 box of QDO 54. Contemplated picking up a box of QDO 50’s as well but that’ll have to wait for another day. Can’t wait to dig into these sticks tomorrow.
  4. Because I’m gluten for punishment and seem to get some perverse enjoyment in torturing myself, I decided to pick up some Hoyo Du Prince recently knowing full-well that it had been deleted by Habanos. I was perusing the website of my local store and noticed that they still had some boxes and singles for sale and decided to pick up a single to, at least, know what I’m missing out on once they permanently disappear. Classic mistake. First 1/3rd: The draw is much tighter than I would define as enjoyable. The cold draw has a nice fruity aroma, almost berry like. I light the cigar and away we go. The taste is quite underwhelming with few definable notes. The smoke is lighter than I enjoy. I’m actually quite disappointed in the cigar, which coincidentally I’m super stoked to dislike since I’ll never feel that familiar twinge of regret for not buying more every time they’re mentioned on the forum. Second 1/3rd: The cigar is burning well. It feels nice and natural in the hand. The taste is still underwhelming and the draw still much too tight. It feels slightly…Wait! What is that? Suddenly the cigar exploded into life. The flavors are bold and commanding. The smoke more full and pleasant. The draw has completely corrected itself and now nothing short of perfect. I literally can’t believe what I’m experiencing and may or may not have let out an audible gasp. Final 1/3rd: The only word I can use is: perfect. The fruity, berry flavors are there. Maybe there was some cream. I have no idea. I quit analyzing it and just sat back and soaked in everything it had to offer. It was absolutely sublime. I smoked it down to the nub and offered up the health of my fingertips as a sacrificial offering at the throne of the Du Prince. Within less than an hour of finishing the smoke, I ordered the last box they had in store. If they’re even half as good as this one, I might try to track down some more boxes before they’re completely extinct. Sometimes I hate myself for getting hooked on things I can’t have. Thanks for reading! Now I’m off to nurse my aching fingertips.
  5. Hello! This is my very first post on the forum and I'm excited to share my review of the Montecristo Petit Edmundo. I'm fairly new to the world of cigars and began smoking on my first trip to Cuba back in 2013. I throughly enjoyed all of the cigars I smoked and was excited to dive in deeper, but never really got around to it. However, after returning to the island in 2017, I was thoroughly and unrelentingly hooked. Much to my girlfriend's dismay, I spent every spare minute perusing different LCDH's and trying to find which brands and vitolas suited me best. It was definitely a steep learning curve, but after buying my first Petit Edmundo in the Hotel Nacional, I knew I had found something special. Before leaving the island I picked up a box of 25 PE amongst other favorites that I had sampled in the previous few weeks (shoutout to Sancho Panza!). For today's review, we have one of those original PE's, that have been aging beautifully in my tupperdor. I put on some Cannonball Adderley, grab a beer, and light up the cigar. First 1/3rd: The cigar immediately has that classic Monte profile that I've come to absolutely love. It has elements of coffee, chocolate, and roasted tobacco. I can tell already tell that this is going to be another great smoke. The smoke feels full and heavy with a just a slight hint of spice. Oddly enough, there is some saltiness that I've not really experienced with this box before. Second 2/3rd: The cigar has some slight burn issues. It doesn't necessarily burn unevenly, but requires some slight touchup to get back on course. The chocolate profiles are starting to peek through the other flavors a bit more. The saltiness is completely gone and has been replaced with a smooth cream. The flavors are all starting to feel a little more full and front and center. Last 3/3rd: The chocolate flavors are now the star of the show. I've noticed that in this whole box, the last third of each cigar is really where the chocolate is on full display. It's a beautiful milk chocolate flavor that really feels like a nice dessert in a three course meal. There are still slight coffee hints here and there and the ever so slightest spice poking through, but it's a beautiful end to another great cigar. I always feel slightly sad once these come to an end. Thanks for reading!

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