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  1. It was the first to received them in poland for sure i heard
  2. Anyone have saw them in shop I can’t find them anywhere?
  3. I hope to find some especial ..the size is so enjoyable
  4. Yeah maybe its because of that.cannot find any cab or boxes. i smoke one last week and fell in love haha
  5. Yeah ok thanks its what I saw cannot find them.
  6. Lot less problem with lower rh except trini reyes that seem to be a caracteristic: 3 plugged boxes all from francisco donatien factory ARS
  7. Anyone have seen them available recently .?? Or its a covid thing since lot more time to smoke.:)
  8. Its sad that they are discontinuing all these packaging size but better for me haha 😂 i like to keep them full.. but wondering if they selling badly that much or if its another hsa marketing strategy..
  9. For me it also hard to return on non cuban and enjoy them as begore..even if still lots of good its better to enjoy an el and partagas maduro that remember good nc haha
  10. I wanted a box but now..haha since upmann have only 2 vitola for now that I liked (connie b and connie 1).
  11. If only I was able to find some 50 cab of slr..sad day they are almost all discontinued
  12. Maybe we micro fermenting it can change a little but cannot confirm..

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